Cheap Crystals Online - Our Top 7 Cheap Natural Crystals

Are you looking for Cheap Crystals Online here in Australia? I can almost assure you that natural crystals are never cheap as they are all products of Mother Nature.

cheap crystals online

What you will tend to find though is the cheap crystals you are looking to buy are smaller versions of their larger counterparts.

Nearly every crystal you see in the range below can be bought in either small or large chunks.

A great example is Rose Quartz. Some people put massive blocks or rose quartz crystal around their home, and these blocks can weigh over 250kgs.

A 250kg block of Rose quartz might sell for $8,750. 

But you can also buy a small natural rose quartz chunk for $8 or 1,000 times less ;-)

Top 7 Cheap Crystals Online

1. Amethyst clusters & small amethyst crystals

Amethyst clusters are by far the most popular starting piece for every crystal lover.

People of all walks are immediately attracted to the beautiful purple tones of the Amethyst crystal.

Amethyst has such natural, lovely energy about it.

Amethyst clusters come in all range of sizes and shapes, but you can buy them cheaply for as little as $5.

You can also get lovely amethyst word stones for as little as $10. They will have words like Harmony or gratitude, love and abundance on them. These are a lovely gift idea too.

collection of cheap crystals online

2. Rose quartz chunks and polished gemstones

Rose quartz is the pinkish stone linked to love and romance. 

Both rose quartz and amethyst are the two most popular crystals loved by all.

Every home should have some rose quartz lying around.

One of the most popular ways to use rose quartz, apart from having a nice chunk of it in your bedroom, is to place the larger chunks around your garden.

Rose quartz is by far the most popular Feng Shui Crystal.

You can get word stones as well with lovely engravings of gratitude, Faith and Angel for example.

You can also buy rose quartz palm stones, which are lovely to have in your pocket or purse at all times.

3. Crystal Healing Stone Sets

The crystal healing stone sets are just $10.

And you have 12 beautiful combinations to choose from.

The 12 crystal kits you get to choose from include De-Stress, Friendship, Good Health, Good Luck, Happiness, Healing, Inner Peace, Love, Protection, Purification, Safe Travel & Wealth.

For example, the Wealth Kit comes with:

  • Fluorite polished stone
  • New Jade polished stone
  • Tiger Eye polished stone

Then the Love Kit comes with the following tumbled gemstones:

  • Rose Quartz - Promotes love
  • Aventurine Green - Brings joy, love and happiness
  • Fluorite - Promotes intuition and understanding

They come beautifully packaged and have a sheet to explain the benefits of each crystal.

At all times of the year and especially around Mothers Day, Valentine's Day and Xmas, the crystal healing stone sets are trendy.

4. Premium Healing Crystal Kit - 7 Chakras Set

You may be thinking that anything with the word premium in it is hardly going to be a cheap crystal.

But the reason the 7 Chakras kit made it into this list is due to how well-priced the whole kit is.

Individually, the kit would cost quite a lot as it contains the following crystals:

  • a lovely piece of rose quartz
  • an amethyst cluster
  • a clear quartz point
  • a 7 chakra pendulum
  • 7 chakra tumble stones including lapis lazuli, clear quartz, amethyst, tigers eye, red jasper, carnelian, amazonite

This kit is perfect for those who want a well-rounded starter kit of crystals including the lovely amethyst cluster and rose quartz natural chunk. Plus you get the 7 chakra stones, a piece of clear quartz and a 7 chakra pendulum.


Or if you want to get a gift for a friend who is interested in crystals, this kit is perfect.

You can also get crystal healing jewellery if that is your preference.

5. Palm stones and gemstones

Palm stones and inspirational word stones are some of the top-selling styles of crystals.

crystal word stones wealth gratitude love luck

Everyone loves to be able to hold their crystals and palm stones are perfect for this.

Most palm stones come in around the $8 price point, which is cheap for a natural crystal.

Obviously, as a result of having to polish these into a beautiful palm stone, they are higher in price than if they were a small rough cut.

But it is the number of uses that makes these so appealing.

Given their size, people love to carry them around in their pocket or purse. They are perfect for both guys and girls.

The other primary use for palm stones is meditation.

When it comes to meditation, people love to program their crystals and set their intentions.

So you pick up your favourite palm stone and while in your meditative state, program your affirmations or intentions into your crystal.

This serves as an anchor. So every time you pick up your palm stone, you are anchored back to those intentions you set.

Your intentions could be your goals, your affirmations, your positive energy, your goodwill or it could be an anchor to just to get into your meditative state faster.

6. Selenite hearts, palm stones and mini towers

Selenite is the one stone that is the most highly recommended by energy healers and Reiki practitioners.

Selenite is such a pure energy stone and can even charge your other crystals.

People love the pure white colour of the selenite, and in particular, the energy each piece gives off.

From as little as $13, you can pick up a lovely selenite palm stone or even a selenite mini tower.

The other cheap selenite piece is the polished heart, which comes in around $15.

You can use your selenite in the following ways:

  • Place a selenite tower on both sides of your computer monitor
  • Meditate with your palm stone or heart to raise your energy
  • Place four mini towers in each corner of your favourite room to increase the energy of that room. Many like to do this in either their office, bedroom or both.

Selenite is also the stone to give you peace of mind and clarity in your thinking. The perfect crystal to have around your office where clarity of thinking is very beneficial.

Remember, selenite is an excellent crystal to cleanse your other crystals too.

7. Orgonite Merkaba

The orgonite Merkaba's are by far the highest selling orgonites simply because their price point is just $10.

orgonite merkaba cheap crystals online

The shape of the Merkaba is unique. Each Merkaba is a two-star tetrahedron.

You have one star pointing up towards the guiding light or the heavens. The second star points downwards and is drawing energy from Mother Earth.

"Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body.

They come in the seven chakra stones and many purchase the full set of 7 Chakra Merkaba's.

You will love to have one on and around your desk. The unique shape is great to have in your hand.

Like a fidget spinner, people love to play with these while they are thinking of ideas.

They are helpful in boosting your energy and allowing your mind to focus on the task at hand.

Cheap crystals for sale

As you can see, there are a number of cheap crystals for sale online. Plenty to bring a lovely smile to your face or those you are buying a gift for.

But remember, it isn't that they are cheap, it is just that the cheapest crystals online are smaller than their larger versions.

A stunning amethyst cluster geode cave can be thousands of dollars, whereas a small amethyst cluster from Brazil starts at just $5.

Both of these are lovely Brazilian amethyst crystals but one is a fantastic geode cave, and the other is a beautiful stone you place on your desk or around your home.

Types of cheap crystals you can buy

You have a wide selection of crystals to choose from, and they come in a variety of styles, including

  • Crystal jewellery 
  • Pendants
  • Crystal clusters
  • Palm stones
  • Gemstones and crystals
  • Polished pieces
  • Word stones
  • Crystals for kids
  • And more...

You can then use these crystals for home decor, around your gardens, in your bedroom and to carry with you at all times.

Many love to meditate with their smaller crystals as they fit perfectly in their hand.

Where can I buy cheap crystals online?

The beauty of being online is you can choose your crystals from any online store no matter where you live in Australia.

We even wrote a blog post on how to buy crystals online - Our top 7 tips to help you buy crystals in Australia.

You could live in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns, Tasmania or Coffs Harbour and buy cheap crystals online.

Hopefully, we have done our job with you on our site here, and you love our collection of cheap crystals online. We also hope you like our expensive crystals too ;-)

Scroll back up to the top to see our main crystal collections and then you can sort each crystal from low price to high price.

Peace and love.