Top 5 Crystals for Love - Help Attract Love & Stronger Relationships

You are going to love this post, pun intended ;-) Today we are going to take a look at the top 5 crystals for love and how you can help attract more love and better relationships in your life.

When it comes to love, you probably conjure up the image of Cupid, the God of desire, erotic love and affection.

crystal for love attraction

And you already know that Cupid has a bow and arrow and whoever gets shot with the arrow is filled with incredible desire for that person. Wouldn't it be nice if we could do that with the love our of lives?

But some might say Cupid with an arrow looks off the mark a little. I mean, who wants to get shot with an arrow, even it is filled with love?

Crystal for attracting love and stronger relationships

But you are using loving crystals, ones where the specific vibration is set to attract love and we are talking a wonderful connection and energy.

A crystal of love immediately establishes the love connection. And most importantly, it helps set your intention on the exact desire of your heart.

Your intention, coupled with the energy & vibration of your crystals 'forces' your true love to pay attention to you.

Your outward appearance and demeanour is filled with love energy

The sparkling crystal with its exquisite qualities, beautiful look and strong presence helps shape your personality and bring out your true colours. It is so much easier to find true love when you are you and not trying to be someone else.

Your energy moves up a few levels as you continue to focus your time and efforts on becoming the best version of you.

This puts your best and most authentic self on display for your heart's desire to notice. Suddenly, you will fall into their attention and become more exciting and attractive in their eyes.

Your true love cannot resist the allure and temptation to unite with you as they fell they have found a genuine, congruent and compassionate person.

History of crystals for love and to attract romance

The crystals for love have been used for centuries. Archaeologists have discovered many graves buried with crystals, carvings and jewellery items from ancient times.

If you scan back across the world's history, you will find many examples of crystals being used to attract love and repel negative energy. A few of the most dominant countries include China, India, Japan, Ancient Egypt, South America and many more.

Lovers and individuals looking for love in their life would not have continued to use these special stones for so long if there was no benefit of it.

The crystals deliver on their promises, and this is the reason they continue to be in high demand all across the world among new and old lovers.

Top 5 Crystals to Attract More Love

1. Rose Quartz

This is the most popular crystal for attracting love. It is a powerful stone that restores love and opens the heart centre. You likely already know you need to your heart to be open to receive love. Keep it with you to draw the love of your life. Its soft and beautiful pink colour is useful for holding true love. It will help you build strong and lasting relationships. Your true love cannot resist its temptation. You may like to wear it on you as a crystal jewellery piece or perhaps store it in your bedroom or a place that helps you remember your intention to find true love.

Click here to see the benefits of rose quartz crystals.

2. Rhodonite

Another pink crystal that lets you discover your true self and find the love you always wanted. It boosts your self-esteem and inner confidence. Now you can approach the person you love with full confidence. Unless you are confident of yourself, you cannot expect to get a favourable response. This crystal prepares you for those meetings where your confidence makes the difference. If you have a feeling your true love is seeking a confident person, then use Rhodonite to conquer your love.

3. Malachite

This green crystal resonates with the heart chakra. It will remove all bad memories of your past relationships. Your heart will become pure once again, and you will feel free and flexible to approach new people. You cannot approach a new person if you still carry the bitter memories of your previous relationship. It is time to forget those bad memories and move on with your life. Green malachite is just the crystal that will heal your heart and help you find a new love.

4. Rhodochrosite

This raspberry-pink crystal is also found in rose-red colour. It is perfect for the compassionate heart. Keep it with you for love and compassion. It will heal the old wounds and bring joy in your life. Its unique colours immediately attract the attention of everyone. The person you are trying to make yours cannot resist its attraction. It emits pulsating energies of love. Attract the person you always desired. Welcome the bright future in your arms. Rhodochrosite will also help you recover fully from any old emotional wounds.

5. Lapis Lazuli

It is a legendary crystal that dates back to 4000 BC. There are several myths and legends that surround it. This crystal is very effective for creative individuals working in the fields of art, drama, dance and music. It improves your prospects of finding true love and long term secure relationship. It brings emotional healing, love and wisdom to the person who keeps it close to the body. It can help ensure fidelity within marriage and increase the loving attraction between you and your partner. Lapis lazuli is the crystal you need when you have specific goals to find faithful love.

Other crystals to consider and which are commonly used by those looking for love include smokey quartz, green aventurine and Rainbow Moonstone.

In fact, Moonstone crystals are very popular in India and are said to be a sacred stone to arouse love.

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Setting your intention to attract romance and love in your life

You have no doubt read across many of my posts here of the importance of setting your intention when using crystals for manifestation.

And it is no different when looking to find love. You must program your crystals and get clear on your intention to find love.

There are two crucial things you must do when setting your intention for love.

  1. Get rid of any negative thoughts around past relationships or emotional blocks that are hindering your chances of finding true love.
  2. Program your mind around your new clear focus of finding your exact loving relationship.

You are going to find it an uphill battle if you decide to keep sabotaging your success as a result of negative thinking. So, you must get rid of old failed programming from the past. Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to access your deeper alpha brain waves and make the fastest improvements.

Next, you need to get clear on your everything you want in your new loving relationship.

Once you are clear, you can then cleanse your favourite crystal(s) and program your crystal for love.

Where Should You Keep Your Crystals for Love?

Keeping these crystals close to you is necessary to make them work as per your specific desire, intention and goal.

Being able to see your sparkling stones every day is an amazing experience and helps remind you of your intention set to that crystal.

The crystals should be stored in something that is made of a natural material like wood or cotton.

Some crystals are placed at the strategic spots in the rooms where they are visible clearly.

A variety of storage solutions are available to store these crystals properly and protect their powers.

Where can you buy crystals for love?

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