Welcome to our enchanting Opalite collection, where the serene beauty of opalite is crafted into various polished forms, including hearts, angels, bracelets, and double terminated crystal pendants. This collection is a celebration of opalite's unique charm, offering a range of items perfect for those seeking both spiritual growth and a touch of elegance.

Opalite, known for its milky iridescence that mimics the play of colours in natural opals, is a man-made material prized for its aesthetic appeal. Its gentle, calming energy makes opalite a popular choice for those seeking to foster inner peace and spiritual growth. Each opalite crystal in our collection, from the opalite bracelet to the intricately carved opalite angel, is a testament to the stone's captivating beauty.

Regarded as one of the prettiest stones, opalite has a luminous quality that catches the eye and uplifts the spirit. The opalite heart, with its soothing shape and gentle energy, is a perfect symbol of love and tranquillity. Similarly, our opalite bracelets and pendants are not just accessories; they are wearable reminders of serenity and personal growth. Explore our range of opalite benefits through these beautifully crafted items and find the perfect piece to enhance your journey or to share as a heartfelt gift.