Orgonites for Energy Healing Now Available in Australia

If you are on this page then you likely know a lot about Orgonites already.

If you would like to know more about Orgonites then visit our Orgonite Australia page for more details. We cover the meaning of orgonite, the history of Orgonite, facts about orgonite and so much more.

Whatever your preference, we have a wide range of small and large orgonite pieces for energy healing. Our new range of large orgone pyramids is spectacular. Click play on the video to see the size difference compared to the medium size.

You can select from a range of orgonite jewellery too, including orgonite bracelets, pendants and pendulums. Plus, we've run some orgonite experiments so you can see the effects of orgone energy visually.

Click on each of the orgonite pieces below to find out more about them. We can ship the orgonite to you anywhere in Australia.