Best Orgonite Jewellery in 2024 With Pendants, Necklaces & More

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Orgonite jewellery continues to grow in popularity in 2024, as more and more people discover the benefits of wearing orgone energy jewellery.

orgonite jewellery pendants necklaces

You like already know from our Orgonite benefits post that Dr Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, spent his life's work focused on the natural energy sources of the world.

Many refer to this energy force as chi, prana or reiki energy to name a few.

We all have access to this energy source, and for many, it has been the key reason for their success in life, relationships and business.

If you have ever noticed how some people seem to use their energy in a way that catapults them to spiritual enlightenment, personal success, greater peace and overall more fulfilment in life.

Many suggest that the orgone energy takes the chaotic disorder around it (such as EMFs, WIFI and radiation) and structures it in an efficient, harmonised manner.

You can see the orgonite experiments we have run to test the effects of orgone energy visually.

Orgone energy connects you to your life force

You will find they are using the pure energy they had as a child and connecting to the life force.

Dr Wilhelm Reich named this divine source as orgone energy.

Between Dr Wilhelm Reich, Karl Hans Welz and Don Croft, the most beautiful orgonite products have been made. These now contain crystals within the resin to capture the energy, purify it and resonate it much more purely for the user.

And it is for this reason that Orgonite jewellery has become so popular as you get to wear it. Or as they call it in the US, Orgonite jewelry.

Orgonite pendants or Orgonite Necklaces

We have a range of orgonite pendants available in beautiful shapes. Let's take a look at the different shapes available.

Many like to be able to wear their orgone energy pendants as they feel the protection is stronger when worn.

orgone jewellery pendants necklaces

Orgonite oval pendants

Some people refer to our orgonite oval pendants as egg-shaped.

For those who love symbolism, you will be aware that egg-shaped carvings are symbolic of new life. The egg is the main symbol of fertility and is such a positive shape.

If you love the idea of your orgonite pendant benefits having both the EMF protection and focus on new life, then the oval or egg shape is perfect.

You will notice each orgone oval shape is the perfect size to hang around your neck. Not too big and not too small.

We have a range of crystals contained within each one including:

Orgonite dome pendants

For those that like their orgonite necklace to be the perfect round shape, the dome pendant is for you.

Each piece has the copper coil at the back and the crystals and metal shavings in the main part.

Your dome-shaped pendants come in the crystals as mentioned above.


Orgonite pendants leaf shape

We call this shape our leaf orgone energy pendant, but some have said it looks a little like the infinity symbol.

If you like the idea of a flowing infinity symbol and you have a bit of an imagination ;-) then this is a great shape for you.

Our orgonite jewellery pieces are polished for you, so they shine at all times.

Each one comes with the copper coil, crystals and metal shavings.


Orgonite pendants teardrop shape

You may like to call these the water drop or droplet shape, but their style is lovely.

They are a great length to wear around your neck and are 50mm in length or just under 2 inches long.

You will find people comment on how beautiful the crystals look within your orgone necklace.

Each teardrop orgone energy pendant comes in a range of crystals including Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Black Tourmaline and Rainbow Moonstone.



Orgonite bracelet

As far as we know, we are the first company to have orgonite bracelets available in Australia.

We worked with the designer to create a delicate and beautiful orgonite bracelet so you can wear it at all times.

Each orgonite bracelet is encased in a lovely polished resin and contains the crystal of your choice plus the metal shavings and copper coil.

You can choose from a variety of your favourite crystals including Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Selenite, Rose Quartz, Torquoise, Clear Quartz, Carnelian, Rainbow Moonstone, Aventurine and more.

You will find it hard not to keep looking at the beauty of your orgone bracelet as they do look stunning.

Harnessing Orgonite's Power: Concluding Thoughts on 2024's Finest Jewellery

As we conclude our exploration of the best Orgonite Jewellery in 2024, it's clear the world of Orgonite pendants, necklaces, and other adornments is rich with both beauty and purpose.

These pieces aren't just about making a fashion statement; wearing Orgonite jewellery is about embracing a lifestyle that values energetic balance and wellbeing.

The unique combination of organic and inorganic materials in each Orgonite piece ensures you're not just wearing a piece of jewellery, but a tool for harmony and positive energy.

The Orgonite necklaces and pendants we've highlighted stand out not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their ability to harmonise the body's energy fields.

As we move forward in 2024, the importance of maintaining a balance in our personal energy fields becomes increasingly evident, and Orgonite jewellery offers a stylish, practical solution to this need.