Orgonite Experiments - Testing Your Orgonite Pyramid & Seeing the Visible Effects of Orgone Energy

Orgonite experiments and tests on orgonte generators

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Over the last few years, there have been many orgonite experiments run by thousands of people who own beautiful orgonites.

The main types of orgonite trials are:

  • the frozen water one
  • plant growth tests and
  • fresh food decaying

Every single one of these is very easy to replicate at home, to get proof your one is working.

Many people like to see if their orgonite is working and some of these will give you a very quick answer as to whether or not you're orgonite is working or not.

Frozen water orgonite experiment

The first one is the frozen water test. This is one of the easiest ones you can run to demonstrate the effects of orgonite. 

In addition, it is easy to see the visible effect of orgone devices.

The frozen water study is where you take a glass of tap water (or distilled) or a container of water and add some blue food dye. Not the most scientific, but a start.

You then put it in the freezer and you either put it on top of your orgonite or in the case of an orgonite pyramid, you would put the pyramid on top of the glass of water or container of water.

You would then leave it overnight in the freezer and then the next day you would take it out and have a look at the pattern that is formed as a result of freezing.

You will want to run another test side by side in the same conditions with the same water and the same amount of blue dye.

You would then just put it on its own in the freezer and then you would see what the result is the next day.

You can have a look at my basic go below where I included the video of the result.

Plant growth orgonite experiment

Another popular trial is to see if your plants grow faster.

orgone energy experiement plant growth

You can do this test for seed germination and with plants like alfalfa sprouts.

Or you can simply place it in your existing pot plants and monitor the results.

There have been hundreds of analyses done by crystal and gardening enthusiasts, who have placed these around their plants and then let nature do their thing.

We are yet to run this (testing seed growth), but we'll be doing it when the weather warms up here in Sydney.

orgonite experiment with plants rapid growth

Fresh food decaying orgonite test

Another popular one you will see online is people testing whether food stays fresher longer.

Here you get a flat orgonite or dome-shaped one and place one or more strawberries on top of it. You then let nature run its course and see how long it takes before your fruit decays.

And of course, you would have the fruit on its own.

Keep it on the other side of the fridge at the same time to see if that will actually, how long it takes to decay.

As you can see in the image below, we keep one in our fridge above the vegetables.

orgonite experiments with fresh food keep fresh longer

What is an orgonite?

Originally, Dr Wilhelm Reich created a 50-50 mix of resin with metal shavings. This combination was based on Dr Reich's research which stated that organic materials attracted the energy while non-organic materials attracted and repelled the energy.

Don Croft then added crystal to the organic matrix as a way to capture the energy, purify it and resonate it more purely for the user.

Don called this a form of powerful energy healing, pulling in the etheric energy and removing the many harmful effects of modern-day life.

Find out more about the 7 interesting facts about orgonites here.

How do you make an orgonite?

You can make all types of these at home and then test your orgonites.

You will need all the relevant material, including:

You can search YouTube to see many examples of how to make orgonites. It isn't easy and each pyramid can take a few days due to getting the resin to set and so on.

You will notice the people who make them are truly passionate about the positive effects and power of orgone.

My first frozen water orgonite experiment results

Recently I noticed many frozen water trials done with these to test whether they are working.

So, I was very keen to run my assessment given how simple it is.

The process was very simple.

  • I took a Tupperware container and filled it with water
  • I put a drop of blue food dye in and put the lid on
  • Then I put the container of water in the freezer
  • I then placed a black tourmaline orgonite pyramid with a clear quartz crystal point on top and wrapped in a copper coil on top of the water container.
  • I then let it sit in the freezer overnight and then opened it the next day to see what the result was.

You can click play on the video below to see the result.

Now, as you can appreciate, this wasn't a controlled experiment as such because, with a controlled experiment, you will want to do this with a controlled version.

So you want to be able to test the blue food dye with the same water entering the freezer at the same time but without the orgonite.

Now, I didn't do this because there are hundreds of these experiments on YouTube where you can see the result between the water without one and the water with one.

Here is my second attempt at a frozen water test using a 7 Chakra pyramid this time.

One thing that seems to be common is it will create a pretty vortex where the water seems to be attracted to the top of the pyramid or towards the orgonite itself.

When I have time, I'll be looking to run more of these experiments using different types so we can see if there's any difference between the result and the different ones available.

What does this investigation prove?

Now you may be wondering what exactly this test proves.

The reality is it's just a fun, simple one that can be done by anyone to test the effectiveness of your pyramid or disc or whatever one you are using.

The bottom line is the water created a spiral effect and a vortex-like structure where the energy in the water, it seems to be attracted to the orgonite itself. 

What many suggest is the orgone energy is surrounds us takes the chaotic disorder around it and structures it in an efficient, harmonised manner.

And this is one of the reasons why so many people are interested in them in terms of concerns around:

  • The harmful effects of 5G
  • EMFs
  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Negative energy
  • Dirty electricity, and
  • WIFI sensitivity.

orgonite emfs protection electromagnetic radiation protection

The thinking here is that the orgone energy does not eliminate this harmful radiation, but instead takes that chaotic disorder and structures it in an efficient way that can be better handled by our bodies.

You might liken it to those dirty electricity meters like the Stetserizer.

What they do, if you have a look at some of the dirty electricity analysis done online, you'll notice from time to time that there are electricity spikes

These are spikes that hit your power grid at home and potentially can cause havoc with your electrical appliances such as a TV or your computer.

And when the surges and electricity come through, that's where the damage occurs.

Now our dirty electricity meter will neutralise that surge in electricity and flatten it out and that's what they're suggesting that the orgone energy is doing as well.

It is taking that chaotic random disorder of the energy around it and putting it in a structure that is efficient and harmonised.

Running your orgonite experiments

So why not grab some water, grab a glass or a container, put some food dye in, pop it in your freezer put your orgone devices on top of it, and a few trials?

It is interesting, if nothing else, to see what your water looks like and whether the stalactites are spiraling out and creating a vortex-like effect.

Also, try growing plants using this strategy and test at the same time without an orgonite, and also see if it will help keep your food fresh longer in your fridge.

So why not grab your favourite orgone device from Earth Inspired Gifts today? Choose from the list below run some tests of your own and see what it does to your energy field.