Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps in Australia

Himalayan salt lamps are an amazing Earth Inspired Gift.

As you can see, we stock a wide range of natural Himalayan salt lamps.

You have the choice of a range of size from the low end at 2-4kgs, right up to our large salt lamps, which are up to 35kgs.

In fact, it would be fair to say we specialise in large Himalayan salt lamps but we also do both small and medium sized salt lamps too.

There are a number of excellent benefits of Natural Himalayan salt lamps and we do offer the best price for Himalayan salt lamps in Sydney and Australia.

Only buy salt lamps on an onyx crystal base, NOT a wooden base

Our major point of difference is our salt lamps come on a beautiful crystal onyx base instead of the basic wooden base.

We provide the beautiful Onyx Crystal base (the one on the right). Don't settle for less than the best. The basic wooden base just isn't as beautiful.

Whereas the natural onyx crystal base keeps a beautiful shine and lustre. So much more elegant.

natural salt lamps best base

We truly believe we have the best place to buy salt lamps in Australia.

You will be pleased to know we ship Australia wide at competitive prices. And for those looking for a large Himalayan salt lamp (from 15-20kgs up to 35kgs), local pickup is available from our Sydney display.

Himalayan salt lamp Sydney

As mentioned, we ship our salt lamps Australia wide, but if you are in Sydney (we are in the beautiful suburb of Baulkham Hills) then you can view our Himalayan salt lamps in person.