What Size Himalayan Salt Lamp for Each Room Size?

You are no doubt already aware of the many benefits of Himalayan salt lamps. But you are likely wondering what size salt lamp is best for each room size.

What Size Himalayan Salt Lamp for Each Room Size

Our customers love to buy salt lamps for their kids' rooms, the main living areas, their bedrooms and hallways.

But each room and area is a different space. So let's discuss what size Himalayan salt lamp you should get for each room size.

Size guide for your Himalayan Salt Lamps

Due to the benefits of salt lamps, such as:

  • Cleansing the air you breathe
  • Purifying the air through hygroscopy
  • Filtering the air more efficiently
  • Excellent replacement for night lights instead of blue lights and great for those who are into red light therapy
  • And to help with sleep

It is therefore great to know the various crystal lamp sizes for each sized room.

best salt lamp size for each room

Salt lamps for the kids rooms

Most kids bedrooms start from around 3x3m and upwards. Some are more rectangle than square and so on.

But for the most part, an excellent size salt lamp for the kids room is a 2-4kg or 4-6kg salt lamp.

salt lamp size for kids bedroom

Of course, some kids do like the sphere or pyramid shaped salt lamp, and they are always around 2-5kgs in weight.

Salt lamps, due to their many health benefits, have become the kids bedroom light of choice. It has such a lovely soft, natural glow about it and the kids love it.

Salt lamps for your main bedroom

For many, the main bedroom is the key room in their decision making. 

The reason being is due to the number of people recommending salt lamps to their friends who are having difficulty sleeping the whole night through.

Time and time again, we get reviews and positive comments about how different customers sleep better with a salt lamp in their room.

Our customer buy salt lamps for their bedroom in two ways.

  1. A large Himalayan salt lamp to sit in the corner of their room
  2. As a bedside table lamp or crystal lamps for their room.

Bedside crystal salt lamps are very popular. But there is definitely competition for the Himalayan salt lamps versus selenite lamps.

By far the most common size for bedroom side tables is the 4-6kg on both bedside tables.

Salt lamp size for your office

Joe Rogan, author of the Joe Rogan Experience on YouTube and his Podcast, feature a salt lamp on his desk when conducting his podcasts.

The other day, an ad for a Forex educator, Greg Secker, jumped up on my husband's PC and it was just Greg and a salt lamp in the background.

salt lamp size for office study

Having a Himalayan salt lamp in your office is more common place now than ever, especially when many celebrities are showing theirs on their desks or at home.

Let's face it, most office desks are limited by their desk size, so a 2-4kg salt lamp works well.

But if you have a space in the corner, then you can get a salt lamp according to the size of your office.

The bigger your office, the bigger the salt lamp you can get.

Salt lamps for the reception at a chiropractor, yoga studio or wellness centre

When people walk into our Sydney showroom, they always light up and say 'Wow'. Now, it could be due to the beautiful Amethyst Geode Caves but it is also very likely to be the many salt lamps we have turned on too.

I found this image of a massage therapist in the US, who uses a salt lamp in her rooms when massaging. But also does salt lamp foot therapy where clients receive their upper body massage while seated with their feat on a sphere salt lamp.

salt lamp for massage room

Likewise, when people walk into your wellness centre or Yoga studio, seeing a salt lamp is always a lovely thing.

We have a number of Chiropractors and wellness centres we have supplied many salt lamps to.

A lot of remedial massage places have one 2-4kg or 4-6kg salt lamp in every room.

And reception will often have a larger one. This always has a calming effect in every office for both staff and clients.

In reception, you might like to have up to a 4-6kg salt lamp.

Salt lamp size for a hallway and night light

For most people, getting up once per night to go to the toilet is pretty common, as annoying as it is.

Having a salt lamp in the hallway or living area leading up to that is ideal at night.

To get the benefits of the salt lamp, you need to have it on.

Having a Himalayan salt lamp on all night to light up the areas you and your family might walk through each night makes a lot of sense.

For this size area, you might like to have anything from 4-6kg or multiple 4-6kg salt lamps.

You may also like to have a carved salt lamp like a fire bowl, as they always look beautiful.

carved salt lamps fire bowl salt lamps

Best salt lamp size for your loung room or living area

The lounge room is where you can usually go as big as you want.

We are Sydney's biggest suppliers of large salt lamps on onyx crystal bases. You used to be able to get salt lamps up to 40kgs to really light up your living room area.

We used to sell 2, 3 or 4 large salt lamps for people to position around their living areas.

They are truly amazing when lit up and when you see them on, you know you must have one.

You cannot buy a salt lamp that is 'too big'

The good news is, no salt lamp is ever 'too big'. The bigger the salt lamp, the more air in the room they can cleanse and purify.

When people first experience sleeping with a salt lamp in their room, they often want to get a bigger one to experience even more benefits.

There are only positives to getting bigger salt lamps.

But keep things in perspective. Keep your salt lamp purchase within budget and focus on the many benefits they can provide for you and your family.

Handy list of salt lamp sizes for each room size

  • 2-4kg lamp - A workstation or small treatment room.
  • 4-6kg lamp - A small bedroom or standard office.
  • Multiple salt lamps are great for bigger areas.

Hopefully, this page helps you determine the best size salt lamp for your home and work place.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to speak with us directly about the best size for your situation.

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