Pyramids have always been linked with the rich and powerful, the mystical and adventurous.

From the ancient Egyptian times, pyramids have captured the hearts of people the world over.

If you are like my husband, you may have a natural affinity towards pyramid crystals and the underlying significance of those ancient times.

While the Pyramids of Giza are one of the most spectacular man-made structures on Earth today, we stock a range of 'slightly' smaller pyramids which you can fit in your home, bedroom, lounge room or living room.

Will my Crystal Pyramid make me rich and powerful?

We don't promise you are going to become rich, powerful or achieve world dominance like some of the Pharaohs, but we do guarantee to ship your crystal pyramid anywhere you like in Australia.

No matter if you like in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth or any other major city, we'll shop your crystal pyramid out with as much care as we can.

We stock all sorts of natural Earth Inspired pyramids including pyramid salt lamps, orgonite pyramids, quartz pyramids, smoky quartz pyramids and even the beautiful and highly sort-after Fluorite pyramids.

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