Welcome to our serene Angelite collection, where each beautifully polished Angelite stone is a beacon of tranquillity and spiritual awareness. This collection is specially curated for those who seek a deeper connection with the angelic realms and their own inner wisdom.

Angelite, known for its soothing blue hues, is an exceptional stone for working with the third eye and throat chakras. It is particularly resonant with the zodiac sign of Aquarius, embodying the qualities of insight, communication, and higher consciousness. These Angelite tumbles, with their smooth finish and gentle energy, are more than just stones; they are keys to unlocking a higher level of spiritual experience.

Formed from Celestite, Angelite is recognised as a stone of awareness for the New Age. It is perfect for those who are on a journey to spiritual exploration, including out-of-body experiences to the angelic realms. Its calming energy fosters a deep sense of peace and is ideal for meditation and spiritual work.

Angelite is also a powerful tool for healers, such as Reiki practitioners. It enhances perception, encourages truthful communication, and deepens the understanding of oneself and others. This stone's ability to heighten intuition and clarity makes it invaluable for all forms of energy work.