Beautiful Crystal Agate Wind Chimes in Australia

If you know a family member or friend who loves crystals, then you will be a massive hit if you buy a crystal wind chime for them as a gift. Our agate crystal wind chimes are made out of agate slices, and we stock a wide range of coloured wind chimes, including:

  • Agate slice wind chimes
  • Star and moon wind chimes

Most wind chimes in Australia are not made of earth-inspired crystals. Instead, they are made of metal, wood, or something common. None of these sound as nice as an agate slice wind chime. Each coloured agate stone in our gemstone wind chimes is picked to create a ring and tone that's as peaceful as it is pretty.

Our range is made to move gently with the breeze, bringing soft energy to your home. From the soothing sounds to the stunning looks, every agate stone is a piece of nature's art, waiting to make your day better. Click on your favourite agate slice colour and see for yourself how unique and beautiful they are as a gift idea.

Also, each agate wind chime is compact and lightweight, so shipping is inexpensive. The best way to order your agate wind chime is to add your wind chime to your shopping cart, then put in your postal address to complete the sale and any notes you need us to know.