Carved Salt Lamps in Australia

You strike me as someone who wants a premium gift idea. Did I get that right?

I can tell you like the finer things in life because you are viewing the carved Himalayan salt lamp page. Thanks for dropping by.

We are very passionate about our range of salt lamps and in particular, we have chosen the carved salt lamps you see below.

We've spoken to our customers about the various salt lamps available and we've narrowed it down to the top carved lamps you see below.

What is unique about our carved salt lamps?

Very simple. Every single one of our salt lamps come on an Onyx crystal base. NOT your basic wooden sale lamp base. You can view the benefits of our crystal base here. You will see a video halfway down the page.

Click on the image link below to find out the details about each of our carved salt lamps.

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