Orgonite Australia - Pyramids, Crystals & Interesting Facts

In 2018 in Australia, the conversation around Orgonite has started to gather strength. Let's jump in and discuss the things you need to know about Orgonite, Orgone Crystals, their meaning and who invented Orgonite. You will know how to buy Orgonite as well.

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You are already aware there is a being or energy out there that is responsible for our formation. There are many names for this biological energy like:

Ancient cultures from all over the world have their unique name for this life force or etheric energy. It is named in their language, but all of these names indicate the same force that drives living things.

So where does orgonite come into the picture? The history of Orgone

Dr Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, named this same divine source as orgone energy. He proposed that organic materials attracted and held this orgone energy and it was possible to harness this energy to create beneficial effects. He was responsible for a lot of the early orgone research.

Although the eminent scientist died before his reasoning was understood and accepted, his theory was and still is quite clear and logical.

In essence, orgonite is considered one of the energy generators and energy accumulators. We'll discuss in more detail below.

What is orgonite?

Orgonite, in short, contains a 50-50 mix of resin with metal shavings. This was considered an ideal combination of organic and inorganic materials because resin was petrochemical-based or organic and metal shavings were inorganic or metallic.

This combination was based on Dr Reich's research which stated that organic materials attracted the energy while non-organic materials attracted and repelled the energy.

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What is the meaning of orgonite?

Based on his research, Orgonite was coined by Karl Hans Welz. He specifically used the term to signify a material that was based on a variation of Reich's technology.

Who invented orgonite?

It was Welz who discovered that layers of organic and inorganic material could be manipulated to create a structure that would harness and utilise orgone energy for beneficial reasons.

Initially, he used wood, cotton, and metal but later on, he started using metal exclusively in his orgonite structures. Now, although Welz owns the trademark for the term "orgonite," the term can be used to represent any structure made from a mixture of polyester resin combined with metal particles.

Orgonite was further developed by Don Croft who added crystals to the organic matrix. He proposed that crystals would capture the energy, purify it and resonate it much more purely for its user. As a result, many people use them for Feng Shui, energy healing and to increase their energy flows.

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Why are Orgonite Pyramids so popular?

The actual effects of organite tend to vary from person to person, but it is wonderful for healing too.

The real purpose of organite pyramids is to collect destructive organic energy (DOR) and scrub it into a pure source or pure organic energy (POR).

In short, DOR is life energy that does not flow properly. It is rigid and restricted and negative.

What are orgonite and orgonite pyramids used for?

Most DOR is technology created and emanates from devices like microwaves, TVs, and machines. Even violent emotions like accidents and deaths can generate this kind of negative energy.

Everything around you is an energy generator and in an ideal world, you would have as many positive energy generators around you as possible (and within reason ;-) )

However, human beings are energy systems, and we are sensitive to these incoming energies. So it becomes necessary to convert all DOR energy into POR just so that we have a calming and equitable workspace or living area.

An orgonite pyramid is a device that will gather all such energy, transform it and re-emit it in the form of a positive life-enhancing wave.

Aesthetically, orgonite pyramids seem to be the most popular. They are beautiful to look at and contain a range of beautiful crystals.

Below you can see one of our orgonite pyramids we have available on Earth Inspired Gifts. If you scroll lower you will see the full range.

How can orgonite help with EMF/WIFI sensitivity?

Most people use orgonite pyramids or orgonite products to reduce cell tower radiation (and cell phones), reduce EMF and WIFI related problems.

Some people like to refer to the orgonite in terms of cell tower radiation as a tower buster. We'll do anything to reduce the harmful effects in and around the radiation towers.

Orgonite can be specifically helpful for people who are sensitive to EMF and Wi-Fi frequencies and are said to be a form of EMF protection.

It is for this reason many people like to wear orgonite pendants (often called orgone pendants) or some form of orgonite device on their person. In fact, some people like to collect the different pieces of orgonite and place them in their car, handbag and beside their bed.

There has been substantial research surrounding this and the negative effects of both EMF and WI-FI are well known. You may have heard of the EMF transmissions from electronic devices known as 'dirty electricity'.

How to buy Orgonite in Australia

Buying Orgonite in Australia is simple. At Earth Inspired Gifts we stock a wide range of Orgonite pieces.

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Dirty Electricity

Donna Fisher is one of the most widely known authors on the subject of Dirty Electricity. Donna is the author of the book 'More Silent Fields - Cancer and the Dirty Electricity Plague'.

In fact, several studies have shown that EMFs could increase the chance of developing cancer and stunted offspring in mice.

We already know that people living in and around have a higher risk of developing dangerous health conditions.

Thankfully, orgonite seems to be quite effective in absorbing, modulating, and re-emitting these waves.

It actually seems to clean up the disordered flow of energy and cause it to flow much more smoothly.

One of the most prominent benefits seen with orgonite use around EMF and WI-FI areas is better sleep, more energy and definitely better overall health and wellness.

Five Interesting Orgonite Facts

Since we've already recapped a short history of orgonite and how it can help you, We are ending with a few things that should surprise you about orgonite and its effects. 

  1. Orgonite has multiple effects. There have been reports of 'sensitive' people using orgonite as dowsing rods or as cloudbusters (sometimes called a tower buster) to improve energy around a particular area. 
  2. Organite also seems to work on plants and animals. Users have reported faster-growing plants, detoxification of water, repelling of pests and helping food stay fresh longer.
  3. Portable organite pyramids or orgone pyramids are available in the form of lockets, bracelets, and small stands. They work just as well as stationary pyramids. 
  4. Many have reported a tingling or hot feeling when they place their hands on the tip of these orgonite pyramids. 
  5. Some have stated that certain pyramids seem to attract prosperity and influence users. This is one of th reasons there are a variety of shapes and sizes available.

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7 ideas on how you can use Orgonite in your home

  1. To enhance your meditation. If you love meditation and connection, then meditating with Orgonite can be very powerful. There are many dedicated meditation practitioners who meditate with Orgonite.
  2. To place under your bed to help you and your partner sleep better. This is a simple experiment for you to try. If you are having trouble, place the orgonite under your bed at night. Some people prefer to buy the smaller, flat Orgonite's and place them under their pillows.
  3. To help reduce the negative energy in your home. As mentioned above, many people use Orgonite to help reduce the EMFs in their energy fields.
  4. As a beautiful addition and talking piece in your home. Orgonite pyramids are made with absolute care. They are beautifully put together and are stunningly attractive. Not only will you notice an energy change in your home, but many people will comment and ask you about them.
  5. To help improve your energy fields. Like Dr Emoto's famous water experiments, Orgonite pyramids are believed to help clear the energy around you.
  6. Some people notice a connection to earth when they have orgonite on their person while standing barefoot on the grass outside. Take an Orgonite Pyramid or other Orgonite item and stand on the grass barefoot for 10-20 minutes every morning. Start your day connected to the Earth while holding your Orgonite piece.
  7. Space Clearing. Space clearing is such an energising activity. Orgonites help promote a positive energy flow. Don't be surprised if you find yourself getting rid of items in your home which have been attracting and pooling negative energy. You will definitely feel the difference, the freshness and the positive energy flow.

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Summing up the best way to buy Orgonite in Australia in 2018

Hopefully, we've been able to answer all your questions about Orgonite. It is a fascinating and exciting area to be involved in. Definitely one of those 'how far down the rabbit hole' do you want to go type areas.

We have a number of Orgonite pyramids scattered around our house and just put a few in our fridge to help keep our food fresh.

If you have any questions, please get in touch and if you live in Sydney, don't hesitate to book a viewing to see our range of crystals and Orgonite available.