Nothing is quite as beautiful as a carved natural crystal angel. Many refer to these as their guardian angel, angel crystal or angel figurine. For many, they are the perfect opportunity to communicate with your crystal guardian angel for guidance and protection.

Angels are the perfect spiritual gift ideas

As crystal angels are very symbolic, giving them as a gift idea is a wonderful idea. If you have friend's or loved ones who are into crystals, giving an angel is a perfect idea.

Each angel is sure to bring a big smile to your friend or loved one as they are such unique gifts. Crystal angel figurines are also lovely to gift to young nieces and girls. 

Some people use them as praying angels, crystal healing and energy healing and refer to the process below as angel therapy. How nice does that sound?

Using your crystal angels in meditation

The most common way to use your crystal angel is through meditation.

Depending on your intention for your meditation session, you can use your angel for inspiration, guidance or for ideas around healing.

Meditation is a great way to relax, quieten the mind and access your deeper brainwave states (alpha brainwave states).

Let's say you are looking for guidance from your spiritual angel. To better visualise your angel, you can hold the angel in your hand.

Once you have entered your meditative state through a slow countdown or something similar, you can start to ask your guidance angel some questions.

Anchoring with your guardian angel

One of the best ways to meditate is through anchoring. Anchoring is the process of using the same process or 'thing' in order to get into your meditative state.

Holding on to your hand-carved angel is a lovely process of anchoring a healing crystal to your deeper meditative states.

This will allow you to get into state faster and longer.

Which guardian angel crystal is your favourite?