What are Palm Stones and the Palm Stone Meaning?

Palm stones are one of the most popular polished crystals that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, hence the name palm stones.

Palm stones are usually oval or round in shape, smooth and lovely to hold.

People love to use palm stones for meditation, crystal healing and to set their intentions within their crystal of choice.

Best way to use crystal palm stones

You are already aware of the fact that every crystal and every object in existence carries certain energy and a certain vibrational frequency.

As a result, the best way to use your crystal palm stones or reiki palm stones is to meditate with them by holding on to them while meditating.

Some like to use the palm stone as an anchor during meditation to get them to their alpha brain wave level faster.

Others like to program their palm stone during meditation. You can hold on to your palm stone whilst in a meditative state and set your intentions with your palm stone of choice.

The other way to use crystal palm stones is by placing them in and around your 7 chakras. Each chakra has a certain crystal that is perfect to balance your chakras.

Types of palm stones and word stones available

There are so many different palm stones and inspirational word stones available. Click on any of the listings below to find out more about each one. You can also view close up images of each one.