Inspirational Word Stones - Engraved Words on Crystals

by Nicky Jessen

Inspirational Word Stones - Engraved Words on Crystals

Inspirational word stones are one of the best ways to gain clarity with your thoughts around a power word that can change your focus and intention.

You are no doubt aware of the fact that your mind is powerful, but that it needs direction.

How easy is it to think negative words and as a result, negative things happen in your life.

It is the same with positive words. 

Your mind thinks in images.

If I were to say to you, don't think of a pink elephant, your mind likely instantly conjured up an image of a pink elephant.

On the other hand, if you changed your intention and focus to the word strength, then images that represent strength to you will come up.

This is the beauty and simplicity of inspirational word stones.

Click play on the video below to see how powerful the words you use are in shaping your life.

What are inspirational word stones?

Inspirational word stones are crystals, stones or gemstones that are engraved with an inspirational, positive word.

Many people call them palm stones as they fit easily into the palm of your hand.

But they also go by the name of:

  • yoga stones
  • meditation stones
  • engraved stones
  • worry stones and
  • message stones.

They are smooth and can be carried around conveniently in your pocket or handbag.

inspirational word stones amethyst wealth love

Crystal word stones

Crystal palm stones and worry stones have been around for a long time.

Taking word stones up a notch, some smart people decided to engrave inspirational words on these beautifully polished gemstones and crystals.

So instead of having a river stone, which looks like a smooth rock, you have a beautiful polished crystal with your favourite inspirational word.

The difference here is the crystal carries with it the energy of the stone itself, along with the power word on it.

Benefits of crystals and the energy they provide

The use of crystals for their positive benefits and healing goes back hundreds of thousands of years.

Crystal healing is an ancient practice that uses the power of what Mother Nature has created, allowing you to connect to the planet's healing energy and get connected to your true intentions in life.

Many cultures of the world utilise the power of stones and crystals to clear, align, and transform their spirit, physical health, and energy.

Nowadays, people are getting back to the power and simplicity of crystals as they realise how impactful gemstones are to their wellbeing and vibrational energy.

The power of using positive words

It's no secret: words do have power.

You can determine the course of your life just by the words that come out of your mouth.

When you use positive words often, you feel uplifted and energised.

The opposite is also true.

Positive words have an incredible healing effect, perhaps better than most treatments out there.

Words are:

  • relieving
  • strengthening
  • encouraging, and
  • hope-giving.

rose quartz inspirational word stones group

Getting the energy of crystals for your specific intention

Crystals are natural elements that have been around for millions of years.

If you recall your geography class clearly, they were forged during the initial formation of the earth.

In essence, crystals have an innate ability to retain information exposed to them over time.

As science would have it, crystals have an orderly structure with less entropy (a measurement of disorder).

This means they respond well to energies around them as they oscillate and emit specific vibrations.

Like magnets, crystals use energy to attract and repel.

When you hold a particular inspirational stone such as citrine or rose quartz or place it in a particular part of the body, you immediately feel the shift, vibration, and transformation in your energy.

Depending on your intention, you will have a sense of:

  • peace
  • tranquillity
  • nobleness
  • selflessness
  • hope
  • courage
  • wealth, and
  • faith come upon you.

This is why combining a beautifully polished crystal with an inspirational word on it, is so uplifting, energising and simple.

It is about redirecting your thoughts, focusing your intention and changing your vibrational energy to attract positive things in your life.

How to use inspirational word stones

There are many inspirational word stones and crystals out there.

What this means is there is a whole world of power waiting to be unravelled. By you.

The first thing you need to do is find the crystal and word that resonates with your intention.

But in reality, all crystal word stones carry positive energy, so any and all of them are great.

Many like to choose a stone that resonates with them.

As you know, certain crystals carry specific energy. Rose quartz is the stone of love and infinite peace. Citrine is an excellent stone for wealth and abundance and there are crystals for good luck, crystals for manifesting and crystals to raise your energy.

Here are a few methods to infuse the positive vibe of these stones to bring positive change to your life

Carry the word stones around with you

As mentioned before, inspirational stones absorb, transmit and repel energy.

The best way to use them is to by putting a few amethysts or red jasper love stones in your pocket.

This will help focus your intention on what you would like to create and bring into your life today.

Each time you reach into your pocket, you will be reminded of your power word and focus your mind back on your target thought.

engraved word stones meditation

Place them on your body

This is perhaps the most common technique and one that is quite effective.

If you want something specific and direct, this is the best way to go about it.

Specific crystals help align each of our 7 chakras.

By placing your word stones on your chakras, you can focus your intention to help clear any blockages and release negative emotions which might be holding you back.

Place your word stones on your pillow

How about invoking the magic and power of the crystals when our subconscious mind is at work, aka when you are asleep?

You'd be surprised just how well you will handle fear and doubt, not to mention enjoy pleasant dreams just by sleeping next to some engraved tiger eye stones.

You may like to frame a positive question in your mind before you go to sleep. This will help your subconscious mind work on solutions while you sleep.

For example, let's say your word stone is courage.

Before you go to bed, hold your courage word stone and phrase your last sentence in this fashion:

'I am looking to gain more courage in my life. How can I become more courageous in everything I do to attract more love, respect and success in my life. Help me find ways to triumph over fear and live the life of my dreams. Help me find an answer to get a positive breakthrough in my life.'

nelson mandela quote on courage inspiration

You can meditate with your inspirational word stones

You can also sit quietly while holding an inspirational stone and let it give you surprising insights about your life.

What you focus on becomes your reality.

So, meditate with your word stone and create a small session around visual imagery and thoughts that relate to your power word.

Create affirmations around it as you visualise your new life.

Your stone could be a rose quartz love stone. Hold it as you meditate and then focus your intention on love and bring up all the imagery of your new life with love in it.

Place a gratitude engraved gemstone beside your bed

This will remind you to wake up and go to sleep thinking about what you are grateful for each day.

You can also get your children into the habit of doing the same thing. Gratitude is so powerful and transformative and is one of the best habits for kids to practice daily.

Before they go to bed at night, the word stone with the gratitude engraving can remind them to answer the question, 'What are the top three things you are grateful for today?'.

21 ways inspirational word stones are being used & reasons to gift them to friends and family

  1. To set your clear intention on what you want to achieve.
  2. As a graduation gift for one or several kids.
  3. If you are unwell, carry these with you to focus on your positive intention.
  4. Pass them on to those who are undergoing treatment to remain focused on hope & a positive future.
  5. Place several in a bag as a gift for someone special.
  6. Give one to each of your kids or grandkids.
  7. Are you a teacher and you want something for your students to remember you by? Let them pick their inspirational word stone to remember you by once they have gone.
  8. Place them in common places around your home like the kitchen or bathroom or bedside table.
  9. Give them to someone who needs a little boost and to remind them you are thinking of them.
  10. If you are a yoga teacher, let your new class choose the word that resonates with them and inspires them.
  11. Use it to practice Dr Emoto's famous crystal words experiment.
  12. If you love Feng Shui, place them around your home according to the energy you need to manifest.
  13. Use them as a reminder of your power to manifest what you want in your life through the power of words and action.
  14. You can use these as a way of saying thanks to someone who helped you recently.
  15. Celebrate the love you have for your respective partner.
  16. If a close friend is starting a new job, give them a congratulatory inspirational stone.
  17. If you know someone anxious all the time, give them an inspirational word stone to help them stay calm and relaxed.
  18. Use them to focus your intention while meditating.
  19. Do you have a son or daughter going overseas for work (Navy, airforce or other), then give them this to have on them at all times.
  20. Do you have a family member getting baptised or have a naming ceremony? You could gift one or more to celebrate the occasion.
  21. Are you a therapist and want to set clear intentions for your clients as they finish their session? Use inspirational word stones.

As you can see, inspirational word stones are great tools in the quest for:

  • spiritual
  • physical
  • mental, and
  • emotional healing.

How will you use engraved inspirational word stones to help manifest the life of your desires?

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