Crystals for Manifestation - 69 Ideas to Manifest Your Hearts Desires

by Nicky Jessen

Crystals for Manifestation - 69 Ideas to Manifest Your Hearts Desires

The universe wants to help you create your dream lifestyle. By using crystals for manifestation, you can achieve your results faster and create a better alignment with the universe.

You can use crystals to help you manifest your dreams of:

  • wealth
  • abundance and prosperity
  • creativity
  • a new job you love
  • new romance
  • your soulmate or
  • spiritual enlightenment.

The important thing to note with crystals is some are more vibrationally in tune with certain desires, and that is what this blog post is all about.

Plus, as you delve into this post, you'll get to read about a brilliant little book to help create more miracles and manifestation in your life.

Using natural gemstones and crystals to manifest wonder in your life

Natural gemstones & crystals can help you in your efforts to manifest all your hearts desires.

You need to use the right crystals for your specific goals and follow a method to apply and program your intention into each crystal you use.

You will notice I talk a lot about setting your intention with your crystals across this website. And this is for very good reason.

Crystals are one of the best ways to help anchor your intentions, goals and dreams of manifestation when practising the Law of Attraction to help achieve your goals.

Regardless if you wish for the manifestation of new love in your life, prosperity or better health, there are gemstones which will assist it to happen.

What is the Law of Attraction?

According to Esther and Jerry Hicks, in their excellent book 'The Law of Attraction', "The Law of Attraction says: That which is like unto itself, is drawn. Because the Law of Attraction is responding to the thoughts that you hold at all times, it is accurate to say that you are creating your reality. Everything that you experience is attracted to you because the Law of Attraction is responding to the thoughts that you are offering."

Michael Losier, Author of the 'Law of Attraction - The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't', has this definition, "I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative."

Below are a few books you might like to look up, read and devour on helping you attract more of what you want in your life. I'd put a copy of Ecubed, but I own it as an audiobook ;-)

books on law of attraction manifestation

Now we have some useful definitions on the Law of Attraction, let's jump into how crystals work and how we can set our intention to manifest some fun miracles in our life.

How crystals work

Crystals are a useful addition to any manifestation work you want to do.

Crystals are excellent as an anchor for your most powerful intentions and dreams in life.

What I mean here is that once you follow the process and program your intentions into your crystals, that creates an anchor for your intention.

From then on, every time you touch your crystal or pick it up or even view it, your anchor will kick in and set your intention on your goal desires.

But you must understand, Crystals are not magic. They are magical, inspiring and incredible in every way.

But they aren't magic.

Positive intentions combined with crystals, then action will help you manifest your dreams

If you are after a romantic partner and you put a rose quartz crystal in your pocket and sit on the coach, well, you are unlikely to manifest someone to cuddle and hold.

But by focusing your intention and actively telling the universe of your desire for new love, it will help program your mind to remain open when opportunities come your way.

Once you have programmed your crystal with your intention for love, you will find you make subtle changes in your daily behaviours to be more open to exploring new opportunities around love.

There are many other benefits of Rose Quartz crystals, and it is certainly well known as the 'Love Crystal'.

The vibrational energy of Rose quartz is tuned to unconditional love, peace and healing.

The more specific you get, the higher the chance of manifesting a soul mate. Someone who is in tune with your vibrational energy, thereby reducing the probability of getting your heart broken.

The very best way to use your crystals to manifest is to meditate with them every day.

Nevertheless, wearing crystal jewellery or keeping a gemstone in your pocket or purse will enable it to work even harder for you.

E Cubed by Pam Grout - The Best book for manifesting magic in your life

One book that I love and refer to from time to time is E Cubed by Pam Grout.pam grout e cubed manifesting miracles book

If you love manifesting things and putting the power of the universe to work for you, then you must grab this book.

You could say, E Cubed is a simple way to apply Quantum Mechanics in your daily life. But on fun terms.

It is all about having fun by jumping into the vibrational energy that is all around us, in a specific and focused manner.

Of course, the best way to run your experiments for manifesting is with crystals.

You are no doubt aware of the fact that your thoughts create your reality.

You have the power to control your future, your destiny and your life

By tuning your vibration to that of the things you want to manifest in your life, you can get the universe working for you.

Your alignment with the greater flow of everything around you had the power to shape your life in fun and exciting ways.

A lot of people talk about 'how to create magic in your life', but you can't just wish it.

You need to do a few simple (and fun) things that align you with your greater destiny.

Time to get out of your comfort zone

One of the fantastic things about this book is the 9 fun experiments force you to think differently.

They force you to put into action the things you have likely been talking about for years.

You know the ones. You know the power of your thoughts. You know you can manifest wonderful things in your life.

You know you've used this power before to shape your current life.

But you will be amazed at how easy and fun it is when you have a series of controlled experiments to get your momentum going.

Using crystals to manifest whatever you want in your life

Below is a video you will find helpful in how to use crystals to manifest wealth and abundance in your life.

The video below is quite detailed, and for those looking for other things apart from wealth, you can use the principles to attract anything you want in your life.

You will notice most people prefer to use tumbled gemstones when meditating versus raw crystals.

In some of her other videos, Kate talks about is her Energy Vortex including clear quartz crystals, amethyst and black obsidian.

And one of the master keys to manifesting anything in your life is about setting your intention with your crystal. This is critical to your success.

Click play on the video below to find out more.

How you can use crystals for manifestation

In order to get tap into the power of the universe, we are going to use our crystals to meditate and set our intention to manifest certain things in our life.

See the list at the bottom of this post for 69 ideas for things to manifest in your life.

Before you get started with your meditation, you will need to find the crystals aligned with your specific intention.

You will also need to get clear on your intention, as you are going to program your crystal and mind for their attainment.

Before you start meditating, stare at your crystal and state your intention.

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie and begin your normal meditation practice. Do this while holding your crystal, gemstone or tumbled stone.

Once you have entered your alpha brain wave state and are meditating, focus clearly on your intention.

You can set your intention with your crystal by saying things along the lines of:

'I am programming my crystal to help manifest my desire for XXX. Every time to hold my crystal, see my crystal or think of my crystal, it reminds me of my ability to get XXX.'

Get creative and use the words that flow into your mind as you are meditating.

You can also associate as many images, feelings, sounds or tastes that relate to your desired goal. This will make your intention and desire more real in your mind and body.

Another method of using crystals to manifest your desires, dreams and goals

This method is all about using the power of your dreams to help manifest what you desire.

Run through the same method as above, except this time we are going to use the minutes before going to bed to ask questions. This will program the mind to seek answers over the next few days, weeks or months.

Before you go to bed at night, think about your desire in your normal meditation.

You want to phrase your questions in the following manner while holding on to your crystal to program it with your intention.

If your desire is to take your family on a 2-week cruise to your favourite destination with plenty of spending money, state your intention in the following way:

'I want to take my family on a 2-week cruise around Hawaii. I want to open my mind to the possibilities of receiving this cruise or a new way to create the money for this cruise and I need help from the universe. How can I create the money and time off needed so my family and I can go on this cruise?'

You then let that idea float up in a bubble, out of your room, out of your house, into the atmosphere. Then watch it float up outside of Earth and into space and continue so the universe can then get to work on manifesting it in your life.

Do this daily for 30 days or however long it takes for you to feel good about it.

Your mind will work hard to find the best answer to fulfil your dreams

Your mind will then work to find the answers during your sleep. You must remain open to all suggestions and ideas.

And, you must take action on those ideas when they come your way.

Which crystals to use to manifest new things in your life

Almost all natural gemstones can assist with the manifestation of goals, but they're all specialists, so to speak.

Different varieties of crystals help in their very own particular areas.

You will notice we have 12 different crystal healing kits, all with a specific intention in mind.

These healing crystal sets include:

  1. De-Stress
  2. Friendship
  3. Good Health
  4. Good Luck
  5. Happiness
  6. Healing
  7. Inner Peace
  8. Love
  9. Protection
  10. Purification
  11. Safe Travel
  12. Wealth

Some of the sets are great for emotional healing, chakra healing, attracting more wealth or to de-stress and bring more harmony and balance into our lives.

crystal for manifestation

You can create your own healing crystals kits but often it is easier to grab those that are purpose built with the right gemstones in it already.


The truth is, the vibration of each crystal is ideal for specific things. Some gemstones are ideal for abundance, like Citrine, whereas you have some crystals for good luck.

Tiger Eye crystal - Manifest wealth, luck & courage

Tiger eye is a fantastic crystal for manifestation, and in particular, to manifest wealth. But the creation of wealth is one thing but you need to know how to hold on to it.

Tiger Eye is brilliant for helping you to protect the wealth you have gained as well.

Tiger Eye can help you with getting more self-confidence, courage and strength of will. Focus and confidence, important stages in the Law of Attraction, are greatly facilitated with this crystal.

Rose quartz crystal - Manifest love & inner peace 

Rose quartz is among the best crystals for matters of the heart, both emotionally and physically.

This beautiful pinkish gemstone is also specialised in the area of unconditional love, infinite peace and it is a powerful healing stone.

You can find out more about the rose quartz meaning here.

Citrine crystals - Manifest wealth, abundance & financial freedom

Citrine is the stone for manifesting abundance, wealth and financial freedom. Of course, spending less than you earn will help as well ;-)

But what we are talking about here is to get citrine working for you to create the vibrational energy to attract wealth into your life.

Place citrine on and around your desk and office.

You may want to have a small citrine crystal on you at all times to affirm your intentions around generating new wealth. The citrine crystal below is a good start.

Carnelian crystals - Manifest motivation, creativity and business success

You are going to want the benefit of Carnelian crystals in your life. To create wealth and manifest business success, you are going to need motivation and creativity.

The energy around Carnelian crystal is all about high energy, vitality, motivation and creativity.

If you run a home business or are looking for to manifest career success, then Carnelian is a wonderful addition to your life.

Clear Quartz crystals - Manifest anything with the highest vibrational crystal

Quartz crystals are the ultimate energy amplifier. If you are looking to manifest anything in your life, then amplifying your intention with clear quartz is powerful.

Quartz can help you improve your luck, emotional balance and put out positive energy into the universe.

As they say, what you put out, in terms of words, feeling and energy, gets multiplied back.

Ideas on creating intentions with crystals

Here are 69 ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

Some of these will be a perfect starting point for you and others can wait until later.

  1. Bring more love into your life
  2. Find the ideal soul mate
  3. Bring more clients into your business
  4. Receive more good luck in your life
  5. To find and secure your dream home
  6. To increase your sporting performance to win a championship
  7. To gain more confidence in social settings
  8. To become a better public speaker
  9. To get higher grades at school or university
  10. To increase the amount of happiness in your life
  11. Become more social
  12. To be a better networker to grow your business success
  13. Take you and your family on a 5-star holiday
  14. To take the family to Disneyland
  15. Set a new personal best in running or swimming or some athletic performance
  16. Upgrade your car to a modern, safe and efficient supercar
  17. Write a book
  18. Learn a new language
  19. Start an amazing family
    manifesting your dreams
  20. Increase your energy
  21. Meditate better
  22. Create a retirement fund
  23. Complete a specific online educational program & gain a diploma, certificate or degree
  24. Start a new business
  25. Become an inspiration to a family member, group or society
  26. Learn how to type faster
  27. Get your body fat percentage down to a certain level
  28. Attend a fire-walk session and complete it
  29. Become a better photographer
  30. Meet certain celebrities like president's, singers, actors or your heroes
  31. Visit a new country
  32. Attend and graduate from a leadership program
  33. Create an emergency cash fund
  34. Quit alcohol for 1, 3, 6, 12 months or more
  35. Stop smoking
  36. Double your income
  37. Start learning about Transcendental Meditation
  38. Be an inspiration to your kids
  39. Create enough money to hire a cleaner
    dream holiday destinations
  40. Take four full weeks off every year
  41. Get a hole in one or new lowest score in golf
  42. Read five all-time classic novels
  43. Learn how to do professional massage and apply to my partner
  44. To watch and apply lessons from my mentors who give TEDx talks
  45. Start a YouTube channel to drive more leads to my business
  46. Meditate daily for 30 days
  47. Take cold showers every day for 30 days or at least 30 seconds each shower
  48. Learn a new dance style
  49. Have a better relationship with my kids, partner, husband, wife, parents, grandparents
  50. To have my passive income more than my expenses
  51. Live in a new country for 3-6 months
  52. Complete the Course in Miracles 12-month book
  53. Attain my ideal bikini body by working out and following a healthy eating plan
    bikini body goals health goals
  54. Help out my favourite charity or donate $XXX to my favourite charity
  55. Adopt a dog
  56. Learn how to invest wisely and control my financial destiny
  57. Take one of the silly photos of holding the Eiffel Tower
  58. Visit the great pyramids of Egypt
  59. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
  60. Go skydiving
  61. Go to the next Olympics or favourite sporting event final
  62. Surprise my partner with one week of cooking or daily massages or something that would deepen our connection, love and bond.
  63. Swim with dolphins
  64. Become a better player at Pool (Billiards)
  65. Attend a MasterMind group in line with what I am focused on achieving this year
  66. Find an NLP course near me, attend it and pass all the training to get my certification
  67. Read to my kids every night
  68. Get a regular column in a magazine or major blog in my industry to boost my credibility
  69. Learn to play the guitar so I can play songs for everyone on our next holiday

Hopefully, you are now buzzing with ideas on how to manifest a wonderful, inspiring and passionate life.

Now is your chance to power up your intentions with crystals to accelerate the opportunities that are waiting for you in the quantum field. The field of endless possibilities.

I can't wait to hear the inspiring stories of the wonder you have created in your life.

Nicky Jessen
Nicky Jessen


Nicky is the proud mum of 3 beautiful girls and Owner of Earth Inspired Gifts. Earth Inspired Gifts is an online retail store specialising in gifts inspired by Nature, such as Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps, Geodes, Crystals, Jewellery and other beautiful items. In addition to running Earth Inspired Gifts, Nicky has been building and managing many websites, including some of the largest online stores in Australia. Feel free to reach out to Nicky via her Facebook page or Twitter.