Lapis Lazuli Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses of This Stunning Crystal

by Nicole Jessen

Lapis Lazuli Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses of This Stunning Crystal

Key Takeaways

  • Lapis Lazuli has been revered since ancient times for its deep blue hue and golden flecks, symbolising wisdom and truth.
  • This blue stone is believed to have physical healing properties, particularly in reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system.
  • Emotionally, blue Lapis Lazuli is said to encourage self-awareness, confidence, and bring about inner peace.
  • Spiritually, it can activate the higher mind and enhance psychic abilities, aligning with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras.
  • Lapis Lazuli can be incorporated into daily life as jewellery or home decor, and should be cleansed and charged regularly to maintain its energy.
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The allure of Lapis Lazuli is as timeless as the stars.

This gemstone, with its signature deep blue hue punctuated by golden pyrite flecks, has captivated civilisations for millennia.

Not just a feast for the eyes, Lapis Lazuli is a treasure chest of healing properties, each facet holding a promise of wellness for both the body and the soul.

Historical Resonance and Modern Relevance

Our ancestors weren't just bewitched by its beauty; they believed in its power.

The ancient Egyptians adorned their Pharaohs with it, the Mesopotamians traded it like currency, and the Renaissance painters ground it into powder to create the finest ultramarine pigments.

In ancient Egypt they used this semi-precious stone as a healing crystal among other things too.

Today, we continue to be drawn to Lapis Lazuli, not just for its aesthetic appeal but for its healing essence that transcends time.

Symbolic Significance and Metaphysical Properties of Lapis Lazuli

Why is this stone so revered?

Well, most importantly, it's a symbol of wisdom and truth.

These are qualities we seek relentlessly in our lives.

The deep blue of Lapis Lazuli represents serenity and clarity, while the golden flecks mirror the stars, guiding us like a compass towards our inner truth.

Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties and How to Use Lapis Lazuli

Let's dive into the tangible benefits of laps crystals and the lapis lazuli metaphysical properties. 

When it comes to physical health, this stone is a powerhouse.

Its healing properties are said to be particularly beneficial for reducing inflammation, which is at the root of many health issues.

But how do you use it?

Simply placing the stone on your body where inflammation is present can help.

Remember, consistency is key.

Addressing Body Inflammation

Whether it's a sprained ankle or a chronic condition like arthritis, Lapis Lazuli's soothing energies are said to penetrate the affected area, promoting a reduction in swelling and pain.

It's like having a little bit of cold, clear water always at your side, calming the fires of inflammation.

Supporting the Immune System

Beyond inflammation, Lapis Lazuli is also thought to bolster the immune system.

Its vibrational energy may help in keeping your body's defenses against illness strong. Think of it as an extra layer of armor in your wellness arsenal.

Assisting with Sleep Disorders

Struggling with sleep? Lapis Lazuli is traditionally used to combat insomnia and is an excellent crystal for sleep.

Placing it beneath your pillow or on your nightstand can create a tranquil environment conducive to a restful night's sleep.

Its calming energy is like a lullaby for the restless mind.

Emotional Balance and Lapis Lazuli

Now, let's talk about the emotional healing properties of Lapis Lazuli. This gemstone is a beacon of light in times of darkness, providing comfort and balance.

It helps in dissolving the fog of confusion and emotional turmoil, allowing you to see clearly and feel at peace.

Fostering Emotional Healing

Carrying or wearing Lapis Lazuli can help in releasing problems in the throat area, such as repressed anger or communication issues, because it's connected to the Throat Chakra.

It encourages honesty with oneself and others, which is the first step towards emotional healing.

  • Wear a Lapis Lazuli pendant close to your throat for clear communication.
  • Hold the stone during meditation to confront and understand complex emotions.
  • Place it on your work desk to promote harmony and reduce stress.

Enhancing Self-Awareness and Confidence

Self-awareness and confidence are vital to our wellbeing, and Lapis Lazuli is a potent ally in this journey.

By illuminating the inner self, this stone encourages you to uncover and embrace your true nature, strengths, and limitations.

As you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings, you gain the confidence to express your authentic self in the world.

Imagine standing in front of a mirror that reflects not just your exterior but the depths of your soul.

That's what Lapis Lazuli can be in your life—a reflective tool that helps you see and accept who you truly are.

Spiritual Enhancement with Lapis Lazuli

The spiritual journey is one of connection—to ourselves, to others, and to the universe.

Lapis Lazuli serves as a bridge to higher consciousness, opening the doors to the spiritual realm and inviting enlightenment and personal transformation.

Awakening Inner Wisdom

Often associated with the Third Eye Chakra, Lapis Lazuli is a key to unlocking intuition and accessing hidden knowledge.

It's believed that this stone can help you connect with your inner wisdom, which is like having an internal guide at your side, whispering insights and nudges in the right direction.

Aligning Spiritual Chakras

Chakras are energy centers within the body, and when they're aligned, we feel balanced and harmonious.

Lapis Lazuli is particularly connected to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, fostering clear communication and a strong connection to intuition.

By wearing or meditating with Lapis Lazuli, you may find a greater alignment of your spiritual chakras, leading to a sense of wholeness and well-being.

Decor and Fashion: Integrating Lapis Lazuli Jewellery and Crystals in Your Daily Life

Beyond its healing properties, Lapis Lazuli is a stunning addition to any home decor or wardrobe.

Integrating this stone into your daily life can serve as a constant source of its beneficial energies, as used in ancient times too.

  • Place a Lapis Lazuli crystal on your desk or workspace to enhance productivity and promote a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Use Lapis Lazuli beads in DIY jewellery-making for personalized fashion that carries meaning.
  • Opt for a Lapis Lazuli figurine or bowl as a statement piece in your living area, combining aesthetics with healing vibes.

lapis lazuli crystals blue spec in bowl home decor

Lapis Lazuli Uses in Home Decor

Incorporating Lapis Lazuli into your home decor is not only visually appealing but can also infuse your space with its calming and clarifying energy.

A Lapis Lazuli obelisk or sphere placed in a central living space can act as an energetic anchor, while smaller stones in a bedroom may promote tranquility and restful sleep.

Incorporating into Personal Accessories

As a fashion statement, Lapis Lazuli is one of the most timeless and powerful crystals to wear.

A pair of Lapis Lazuli cufflinks or a stunning necklace can not only elevate your outfit but also serve as a personal talisman, keeping you grounded and confident throughout the day.

Usage Tips: Maximising Lapis Lazuli Benefits

To get the most out of your Lapis Lazuli, it's essential to care for it properly. This means regular cleansing and charging, which helps to clear any absorbed negativity and rejuvenate the stone's natural energies.

Proper Maintenance of Lapis Lazuli Stones

Cleaning Lapis Lazuli is simple but important. You can use a soft, dry cloth to wipe away any dust or fingerprints.

For energetic cleansing, place your Lapis Lazuli under the light of the full moon, or smudge it with sage to clear its energy.

It's also crucial to handle Lapis Lazuli with care to prevent scratches or chips.

Store it separately from other gemstones, and avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.

Effective Placement and Application

When it comes to harnessing the benefits of Lapis Lazuli, placement matters. For physical healing, directly place the stone on the affected area.

For emotional balance, keep it close to your heart or throat.

In spiritual practices, hold it during meditation or place it on your third eye. And remember, even just having it in your environment can be beneficial.

FAQs About Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone shrouded in mystique and curiosity. Let's address some frequently asked questions to help you understand and use this stone to its full potential.

How Do You Cleanse Lapis Lazuli?

Cleansing Lapis Lazuli is essential to maintain its vibrancy and healing properties. You can cleanse it by smudging with sage, placing it under moonlight, or using sound vibrations like a singing bowl. Avoid water as it can damage the stone's surface. After cleansing, set your intention to re-energize the stone with your personal goals and healing needs.

Can Lapis Lazuli be Worn Every Day?

Absolutely! Wearing Lapis Lazuli daily can be a wonderful way to stay connected to its energy. However, be mindful of its delicate nature. Remove it before engaging in activities that could damage the stone, like working out or cleaning with chemicals.

Additionally, wearing it can serve as a reminder of your intentions and support you through your day with confidence and calmness.

What are the Astrological Benefits of Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis Lazuli is often associated with the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Libra. It's believed to bring Sagittarians closer to their truth and wisdom while providing Librans with balance and harmony. Astrologically, it's also thought to enhance awareness and promote mental clarity, helping you navigate life's challenges with ease.

How Do You Tell if Lapis Lazuli is Real?

  • Check the color of lapis: Genuine Lapis Lazuli is found to have a rich, royal blue color with natural variations, including white calcite and brassy pyrite flecks.
  • Examine the weight: It should feel dense and heavy for its size.
  • Look for imperfections: Natural stones will have slight imperfections, while fakes may look too perfect or uniform.

When in doubt, purchase from reputable dealers who can provide authenticity certificates.

Is Lapis Lazuli Safe to Use in Crystal Therapy?

Lapis Lazuli is generally considered safe for crystal therapy. However, as with any complementary treatment, it's important to use it as a supplement to conventional medical care, not a replacement. Always consult with a healthcare professional for medical issues.

For those who are sensitive to energy, start with shorter periods of exposure to the stone to ensure it resonates well with you. Trust your intuition and your body's responses when incorporating Lapis Lazuli into your healing regimen.

Concluding the Lapis Lazuli meaning and uses & how to buy Lapis Lazuli

In conclusion, Lapis Lazuli is a multifaceted stone with a rich history and a plethora of healing properties.

Whether you're drawn to its physical, emotional, or spiritual benefits, or simply its stunning beauty, this gemstone can be a valuable addition to your life.

By understanding how to care for and utilise Lapis Lazuli, you can maximise its potential and enjoy a harmonious connection to its ancient wisdom.

Head over to our Lapis Lazuli Collections page or see below if you wish to buy a piece of lapis or add some lovely jewellery made of lapis lazuli to your shopping cart.

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