Agate Crystal Gift Ideas

Agate is one of the most beautiful crystals with a very rich history including Royal families.

We put together a comprehensive Agate facts and agate meanings plus a whole heap of other interesting bits about Agate on our blog.

What most people don't realise is natural agate is brown in colour. But the beautiful agate crystal slices and agate stones you see below have been colour treated. 

The real beauty of Agate are the natural lines and colours within each piece. The agate dyeing process infuses in these natural agate bands, creating the rich, beautiful colours you see below.

What is your favourite agate gift idea?

Agate is a very popular gift idea in Australia and each piece, if taken care of, will last a lifetime. Agate is truly a gift to last forever.

So whether you like Agate butterflies or Agate wind chimes or even our new agate pendants, we know you'll love it when it arrives at your home.

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