Step into the world of energy and intention with our Crystal Points collection, a diverse array of beautifully crafted crystal points that serve as powerful tools for channeling universal energy. Our collection features an extensive selection, including the serene Amethyst point, the purifying Selenite point, the balancing Fluorite point, the clarifying Quartz point, and the energising and wealth attracting Citrine point.

Crystal points are more than just aesthetically pleasing objects; they are dynamic energy tools that help harness the positive energy of the universe. The pointed shape of these crystals is ideal for directing and focusing energy. Whether you're meditating, healing, or simply seeking to enhance the energy of your space, these crystal points are perfect companions.

Imagine the energy of the universe flowing through your crystal point, directing its power towards any area of your life that needs healing or support. This can be for yourself, a loved one, or even a pet. Crystal points are also significant in crystal point jewellery, where they not only add beauty but also bring the wearer the benefits of their specific energies. Each point in our selection has been chosen for its quality and vibrational frequency. Add some to your shopping card today.