About Us

Hello from Nicky

Earth Inspired Gifts, as the name implies, features a broad range of gifts inspired by the Earth. EarthInspiredGifts.com.au features a wide selection of Himalayan rock salt lamps, crystals, jewellery, Amethyst Geodes, ornaments plus other items, which are perfect gift ideas for those you love.

Our family history in working with and dealing with crystals spans over two decades.

We’ve always been excited to bring the joy of these gifts to Sydney, and hence, Earth Inspired Gifts was born.

We only source our products from authentic wholesalers who have travelled the globe and can source the highest quality products available.

Based in Sydney, Australia

We are based in Sydney, with our warehouse located in Sydney, Australia. All our items are available online and are shipped from our shipping agent in Sydney.

Our Vision

Nothing connects people more than the power of a well-intentioned gift. Our vision is to provide a genuinely unique selection of gifts which brings a smile and joy to those who receive a gift from Earth Inspired Gifts. Our gifts are there to have a lasting effect and find a special place in the hearts of those you share them with.

Our Philosophy

To allow the vitality of our products to flow through from Earth Inspired Gifts to your loved ones, resulting in a positive energy exchange. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of a product in combination with high value and originality. We are dedicated to providing a highly personalised service, backed with a professional customer service experience, every time.

Our Values

We believe in the underlying energy of the universe and want to encourage the opportunity for people to experience the positive energy flow. Our top values are:

Customer Service

The highest level of customer service is part of the fabric of our business. We want your experience with us to reflect the passion and energy with have for our products. We’ll do everything we can to ensure your time with us is perfect in every way. We’ll also do everything we can to get your gifts delivered on time, every time.

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