Fluorite Crystals have Truly Spectacular Colours

Fluorite crystals are an example of one of the most amazing gifts inspired by nature. They radiate beauty like no other crystal and are one of the most sought after crystals in the world.

For those who love crystals and are looking for something more impressive than Amethyst, Fluorite crystals are the one for you.

There are a handful of different colours of fluorite crystals with purple fluorite being the most popular.

Fluorite is often hard to come by in Australia and it is often hard to buy Fluorite crystals in Australia. But we stock a range of them as you can see from the images below.

Every Fluorite crystal is a unique one-off piece

You can see from the images below, every fluorite crystal is unique and different. Each piece is a one-off piece. 

Some fluorite is green and purple, some is a combination of darker greens while some are clearly more purple in colour.

Click on any of the images below to see a range of close-up photos of each piece. We have done our best to capture each one in the natural light so you can see the beauty of the fluorite.

We can ship your Fluorite crystal Australia wide at competitive rates so feel free to place an order and we'll send it out to you.