Crystal spheres are an absolute must in any area you want to turn chaos into productive energy.

You already know how mesmerising looking into a perfect crystal sphere ball is. When you look into them it is hard not to be thinking in terms of infinity, possibility, abundance and creativity all in one.

Smooth out the rough edges in your life with crystal spheres

Do you have any rough edges in any areas of your life you would like to smooth over?

Think of a crystal ball or crystal sphere as the symbol to introduce calmness, harmony and positive energy into an otherwise chaotic area.

Do you have areas in your life that appear 'jagged'?

Place a crystal sphere in that area and focus your intention on bringing calming, focused and harmonious energy to that space.

Crystal spheres are very popular to place on your desk in your office.

They will be noticed by your work colleagues depending on whether you work from home or in an office environment.

And it will be hard for the person seeing it not to smile, and feel lovely energy surrounding you and your workspace.