Crystal Tealight Candle Holders - Amethyst, Selenite, Agate & More

Imagine how peaceful it would be to run a hot bath, pour yourself a glass of wine and have a collection of beautiful crystal tea light candle holders all radiating their beauty.

As you sit back and sip your wine, you notice the beautiful colours emanating from your tea light candle holders.

No matter how you like to unwind, having candles around the house and especially at bath time, is perfect for a relaxing evening.

The most impressive by far are the Amethyst crystal tealight holders and Citrine crystal tealight candle holders. Each of the points is individually put on to create the beautiful pieces you see.

Crystal candle holders are perfect for peace and relaxation

No matter if you are looking for your crystal tealight candle holders for peace and relaxation or you just love the look of crystal tealight candle holders, hopefully, the range below is perfect for you.

View our Natural tea light candle holders reviewed blog post to find the perfect ones for you.

In the blog post mentioned above, we discuss the most popular crystal candle holders plus the unique ones. We review all the best crystal candle holders available in Australia. Some impressive ones to consider.

In our Crystal shop in Sydney, many people are drawn to the natural quartz tealight candle holders. We stock both the Rose Quartz Natural Crystal candle holders as well as the natural quartz tea light candle holders.

Both are beautiful and weigh around 1kg each. So they are quite a heavy crystal candle holder.

If you love the idea of a crystal candle holder made from natural crystals mined from the Earth, then our range below should excite you.