Natural Crystal Tea Light Candle Holders Reviewed in 2024

by Nicky Jessen

Natural Crystal Tea Light Candle Holders Reviewed in 2024

If you are looking for the best natural crystal tea light candle holders for your house, bedroom or office, then continue reading.

You already know Hollywood is famous for their romance movies. Every romance movie has a bathroom scene with the lady in the bathroom relaxing with some music and a dozen or more exquisite tea light candle holders.

So I cannot blame you for wanting to recreate such an iconic romance scene with your own tea light candle holders. Perhaps a scene similar to the header image in this blog post with a scented candle or two.

In this blog post, I am going to run through everything from the best tea light candle holders to wooden ones to cheap tea light candle holders, small and large ones and where to buy them.

First, let's run through the ones our clients tell us they love the most.

The best natural crystal tea light candle holders

The best crystal tealight candle holders we find, are the natural ones. The natural ones are made from Mother Nature and Earth Inspired. As our name suggests, we are all about Earth Inspired Gifts.

The top rated crystal tea light candle holders we get the most feedback on are the rose quartz tealight candle holders and quartz tealight candle holders. A perfect home decor item.

But the polished selenite candle holders are equally as beautiful. When you hold the selenite tea light candle holders against the light, they have a range of different white colours you can see.

Another one of the best crystal tealight candle holders available are the agate slice tea light candle holders. These have a large agate slice which sits at the front. The tea light sits at the back with the light penetrating through the agate slice. The light highlights the beautiful colours of the agate crystal slice.

Lastly, the best natural crystal tea light candle holders, are the amethyst crystal point candle holders.

They are beautiful because they're made from natural amethyst crystal and citrine crystal. Both of these have the points cut off, and then attached individually, so each of these is handmade. They're quite weighty, and they are beautiful when you have a tea light candle shimmering inside it.

amethyst cluster candle holders natural

Elevate Your Ambiance: Luxury Scented Crystal Candles Reviewed

Introducing our newest addition to the crystal candle line-up: 'Candles with Crystals with Luxury Scented Fragrance', a unique blend of natural serenity and aromatic indulgence.

This exquisite collection allows clients to personalise their experience by choosing from four different crystals

  1. Amethyst;
  2. Rose Quartz;
  3. Green Aventurine; and the
  4. 7 Chakras mix – each known for their distinct healing properties and energies.

The Amethyst candle brings a sense of calm and clarity, perfect for those seeking to create a tranquil retreat in their own space.

For those looking to foster love and emotional healing, the Rose Quartz candle offers a gentle, nurturing energy.

The Green Aventurine candle is ideal for manifesting prosperity and encouraging new growth, while the 7 Chakras mix aids in balancing and aligning all the chakras, promoting overall well-being.



Complementing the crystals are five luxurious fragrances:

  1. the classic calmness of Lavender
  2. the sweet and comforting Vanilla
  3. the refreshing zest of Lemon Myrtle
  4. the sophisticated allure of Bergamot
  5. and the bold, invigorating Spicy Lemongrass.

Each scent is carefully crafted to enhance the energy of the crystals, creating a harmonious atmosphere that soothes the soul and uplifts the spirit.

These candles are not just a visual delight but a feast for the senses.

As the candle burns, the fragrance fills the room, creating a bespoke ambiance, while the crystals sparkle on top, adding to the candle's beauty and purpose.

What are crystal tealight candle holders made of?

The natural crystal tea light candle holders are made of a range of different materials.

The first type we have are agate tea light candle holders. These agate candle holders are beautiful because of the range of fantastic colours.

The second type of tealight holder we'll look at is the selenite. Selenite is an amazing crystal both natural and polished. But when you see the glossy Selenite tea light candle holders, you will know what I mean when I say they are beautiful. 

Selenite comes in a range of polished colours. You've got the white selenite tealight candle holders, and you've got the orange tealight candle holders.

By far the most popular is the selenite hearts and the selenite star tea light candle holders. The orange selenite tea light candle holders are for those who prefer an orangey gold-type colour.

If you were to have a favourite candle holder, the range of Selenite one's rate very highly. These are an ideal table decoration to add to your home decor, creating a warm, cosy feeling. By far one of our favourite table decorations.

We also have the natural quartz and the natural rose quartz. Everyone loves the rose quartz tealight candle holders simply because they're made of rose quartz, one of the most popular crystals available.

If we were to rank crystals according to popularity, Amethyst would come in first followed by rose quartz.

Now the other types, as we mentioned earlier are the amethyst crystal point candle holders and the citrine crystal point candle holders, which are obviously made out of amethyst and citrine crystal clusters. But we also have the clear quartz crystal point candle holders too.

What are the most unique crystal tealight candle holders?

By far, the most unique crystal tealight candle holders are the amethyst and citrine crystal point candle holders. They're unique because each of the points is cut off a crystal cluster and then individually stuck on to make the beautiful tealight candle holder that you see. Beautiful.

The other ones we find capture the most attention are the polished selenite candle holders. Because you need to take an original piece of selenite, and then carve and polish it down to the right shape. This is a task for skilled practitioners only.

For those that like natural ones, they are unique. Of course, every single natural candle holder is unique because it's a stone cut out of the ground. We love everything Earthy here.

You will love the new, polished agate candle holders

We recently upgraded from the agate slice candle holders to the new polished agate tea light candle holders you can see pictured below.

These look amazing around the home, beside a TV, in your bathroom, lounge room or even in your kitchen while you are cooking.

Below is what they look like but please note they are very popular and often out of stock, as they are hard to source.

Now, every single agate tealight candle holder is unique because it is a natural piece of agate that has been dyed into the specific colour. But you can choose the natural agate as well, which has not been dyed.

So depending on what colour you like, whether you like blue agate, teal, purple, or pink, then we have a range of colours for you to choose from.

Where can I buy crystal tealight candle holders?

Now you can buy crystal tealight candle holders through us. But do keep in mind, we stock the natural crystal tealight candle holders. We do not stock the glass tealight candle holders as we love the crystal ones. Sorry, but we are biased ;-) No frosted glass or glass candle holders here.

We have natural crystal ones. So you can buy them here in Australia. Shipping is very low. Especially if you're looking to ship the agate slice tea light holders as they are so light.

Some of our natural quartz and natural rose quartz pieces weigh up to 900g or even up to a 1kg, so do take that into account. They're quite a nice heavy object, and they look beautiful sitting anywhere. Whether they're in your bathroom or your TV room.

How big are crystal tea light candle holders?

You can get a good feel for the size of the crystal tealight candle holders from the pictures on the page here. Most of the pictures you can see me holding them in my hand.

Also, you can see how big the tealight candle is, and then you can see how big the holder is relative to a normal size tea light candle.

Now we did mention the natural quartz, and the natural rose quartz crystal tealight candle holders can weigh up to 1kg. Now the other ones are usually between 400gms and 700gms, so they're quite weighty.

We always try and select the biggest and best tea light candle holders, which means they are a nice size for any room.

The agate ones are quite light because they are an excellent slice of agate on a wooden base.

How much do crystal tealight candle holders cost?

The cost of a tea light candle holder can range from $16.00 for the selenite tealight candle holders all the way up to $70.00 for the natural crystal point candle holders.

Then you have the other ones in between. The natural quartz candle holders are around $45.00 and the agate slice tea light candle holders are around $35.00.

If you are looking to get a candle holder set, then your best price point option is the Selenite tealight candle holders as they are such great value.

Crystal Tealight candle holders for weddings.

If you are looking for the perfect romantic decoration to go on each of your tables at a wedding, the natural crystal tea light candle holders are perfect. To keep it on the theme of romance, I'd suggest the rose quartz holders. They are divine.

wedding gift tea light candle holder

If your wedding has 12-15 tables, you could place one on each table, and they look amazing. If you're worried about the flames or lighting them up, you can always use the battery powered tea lights. They look amazing at a wedding ceremony.

The other thing you'll find when it comes to weddings is to have a fun romantic atmosphere, having a natural tealight crystal candle holder is just perfect.

So if you're having a wedding and you would like a beautiful tealight candle holder on the tables, then the range we have here is perfect. We are always willing to do a deal for bulk orders for those who wish to cater for a wedding using these beautiful pieces.

Best crystal tea light candle holders for a baby shower.

Now, of course, when babies are born, friends of the pregnant lady like to host a baby shower. This is where you bring some gifts, or each person brings a gift to celebrate the birth of the newborn baby.

baby shower tea light gift idea

Crystal Tealight candle holders are quite symbolic. As a gift, they're such a beautiful gift idea, and they signify new life. Lighting a candle represents new life and getting rid of the 'old'. Many people burn incense for that very reason. Out with the old and in with the new. Candles are very much representative of a new beginning.

You may be concerned about giving a gift that requires a flame for the new-born baby's room. The number one solution, in this case, is to stick with the beautiful tea light candle holder but use the battery powered flames.

This is the best solution because the person who has them will have no worries or issues about anything catching on fire around the baby. It'll just be a natural flickering tealight that looks beautiful inside these beautiful tealight candle holders.

The baby will love it; it's quite a soothing, natural glow. And what you might find, even for the toddlers, they are beautiful to have in their room with the electric tea lights, just as a nightlight.

The kids love those. They do look beautiful and soothing and will help the baby get to sleep as well.

Crystal tealight candle holders are great gift ideas

Natural crystal tea light candle holders are the perfect gift idea for her. Whether it for your mum, your auntie, your grandmother, even children, or anyone. They are the perfect gift idea. Much better than gift cards if you ask idea for mum daughter

They represent and are symbolic of some very positive things. You've got natural, earth-inspired products, or crystals, that they're made out of. And they signify that there's new life.

Every time you light a new candle, it sets a relaxing, peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. They are perfect gift ideas for those who are looking to put them in their bedroom to have that nice soft light just glowing in the background.

We find a lot of people like to have these around their TVs and on top of their lounge room cabinets. They set off a nice energy and as well have a nice, soft glow.

People don't like to have the bright light in their room or while the TV's on, but a nice soft glow of a tealight candle holder is perfect.

A gift idea such as this is always the perfect price point because they are priced from $16 up to $70, and there's a number in between around that $35 mark. Which is a perfect gift idea price point.

Summing up the best natural crystal tea light candle holders review for 2024

Hopefully, you can see how beautiful and unique the natural crystal tea light candle holders are. They are wonderful gift ideas.

They work perfectly for baby showers or wedding gift ideas, or to place on a wedding table for your upcoming wedding. Also for gift favours, they are beautiful.

If you do have friends or family that love beautiful natural crystals, then a crystal tealight candle holder may be the perfect gift idea for them.

Nicky Jessen
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