Agate Stone Gift Ideas And 7 Interesting Facts About Agate

by Nicky Jessen

Agate Stone Gift Ideas And 7 Interesting Facts About Agate

Agate stone is a popular gift idea in 2024 because it is a strong, beautiful stone, and it is available in a wide range of vibrant colours.

You can find the perfect agate gemstone for your loved one, or as a special treat for yourself.

Dyeing Agates to Create their Beautiful Colours

Natural agate stone is brown in colour. On its own, the brown colour is quite nice but most people prefer the beautiful, vibrant colours such as pink agate, blue agate, purple agate, red agate and green agate to name a few.

What makes the agate stone so beautiful are the numerous patterns or bands within the stone.

When agate stone is dyed, the shares of colours infuse in the stone, making the beautiful patterns. The patterns are truly eye-catching.

The process of dyeing agate

Not many people would realise, but dying agate is quite a process.

It is a combination of cleaning the agate completely, then soaking the stone is a chemical solution to remove any impurities.

The best results of dying come through laying the right foundation.

Once the agate stone or agate slice is cleaned, it needs to be soaked in various solutions to change the colours.

You may not realise it, but agate has been mined since the 1400's in Germany. It was mined so heavily in Germany that the mines couldn't produce anymore.

As a result, a natural source of agate started getting mined in Brazil.

Since the early 1800's, people have been dying agate to make them more attractive.

If you notice the agate slices and crystals below, you will see what we mean when we say beautiful.

What Is The Meaning Of Agate?

The Agate is an Earth Stone. It symbolizes

  • healing
  • strength
  • gentleness
  • health.

People often choose agate when they want to feel safe and protected. Agate crystals also have a natural positive energy.

If you have agate crystals, agate bookends or agate slices in your home, it will be hard for people not to notice and comment on their uniqueness and beauty.

The Benefits of Agate Stone

In addition to its beauty, many people feel there are health benefits to owning and wearing crystal agate.

Agate can soothe both the mind and the body.

Agate can create a sense of harmony, and keep your body balanced and healthy.

7 Interesting Facts About Agate Gemstones

  1. Agates were found in Sicily, more than 3,000 years ago. It is named after the Achates River. However, scientists believe the stone has existed for hundreds of millions of years.
  2. Agates are a favourite gemstone for wedding anniversaries. The stone is considered most appropriate for a couple's 12th or 14th anniversary. It represents harmony and fidelity in the marriage.
  3. As agate jewellery of quartz, every agate gemstone is 100% unique. When you choose a stone, there is no other stone exactly like it in the world. Think of agate as the snowflake of the crystal world.
  4. In the ancient world, agate was used on armour. It was believed the stone could give them strength, and lead them to victory.
  5. Agate is known as the healing stone. Individuals who use crystals for healing associate each colour with a different healing property.
  6. Agate is used for Feng Shui. It is believed this Chinese practice can affect the energy flow in a person's home. It can bring positive energy, so everyone who visits your home can feel healthier and happier.
  7. These natural stones can contain images. Images of angels, Jesus, and the Virgin Mary have been found in agate stones. As these images are considered to be divinely revealed, agate can be found in some museums and churches.

Giving agate stone as a unique gift idea

As agate can be found in so many different colours, there are agate gift ideas for every person and every occasion.

Jewellery is one of the most common uses for agate.

In particular, the agate slice pendants are very popular and priced as the perfect gift idea for girls, nieces, mothers and friends.

In addition to agate pendants, there are:

From time to time, we also get agate rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in stock.

Whenever you are looking for a one-of-a-kind gift, a gift made of agate is an excellent choice.

Agate bookends as a gift idea

Agate bookends are a beautiful way to keep the books on your desk or bookshelf in order.

Agate is such a rich and striking colour and sets off your books in such a beautiful way.

You will find many people will admire your agate bookends, given their natural beauty.

If you have a friend or family member who loves their books and are meticulous with their presentation, then bookends are a lovely gift idea.

Some fun history of Agate you may not have known

  • Agate bowls were used by royalty in ancient times.
  • Mithridates ruled the Kingdom of Pontus and reigned from 120-63 BC. He had Greek and Persian ancestry. He had three thousand agate bowls in his treasured collection.
  • European countries display agate bowls in their museums that were owned by their respective royal families.

What Birthstone Is Agate Used For?

This gemstone was traditionally used for June birthdays before pearls became the modern option.

The agate for June is a banded agate and can be found in various colours. The reason it is used for June is it represents the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Agate is also the mystical stone for September birthdays. Blue agate is the colour preferred for people born in September. It is sometimes connected to the zodiac sign of Virgo.

Agate Gifts Can Last A Lifetime

One reason people love agate is the stone can last forever.

When you choose a gift for someone or buy one for yourself, you can proudly own it for the rest of your life and even pass it down to future generations.

It requires very little care, but there are a few care ideas you should know to prolong the beauty of your agate gemstones.

  • Avoid exposing your agate to direct sunlight or heat. The colour cans start to fade, and it may crack.
  • When you are not wearing it, store it in a cool, dark place.
  • If your agate needs to be cleaned, use a mild soap or wipe the dust off with a cloth. As you can see, caring for your agate gifts and agate slices is very easy.
  • Do not use harsh abrasives when cleaning it, as it can become scratched.

Agate jewellery, personal items, and household decor will never go out of style.

From royalty to today's modern families, it has been a favourite gemstone for many centuries.

The special person on your gift list would love to have it, and you can find something for yourself, too.

Generations in the future can enjoy the gift you choose today.

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