Meditation Crystals - The Best Crystals for Meditation & the Benefits

by Nicky Jessen

Meditation Crystals - The Best Crystals for Meditation & the Benefits

Meditation has for ages been used to improve both our physical and mental well being. There's no disputing the advantages of meditation. Millions of people worldwide are using daily meditation for a wide range of things. And there are a number of meditation crystals to help deepen your meditation and remove negative energy.

One of the most powerful ways to achieve a meditative state faster is with an 'anchor'.

An anchor can be an action or an object that your mind links in with your new habit. In this case, meditation.

Our minds are very powerful but they must be 'trained' in order to get the most from them.

One powerful anchor is to use crystals and healing stones as you meditate.

The idea here is you repeat the exact same process and steps every time you start your meditation.

Your mind then relates the object, in this case, your crystals for meditation and healing gemstones, and helps you achieve the deeper state of meditation, faster.

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of using crystals and meditation together.

Zen and the Art of Meditation Crystals: The Best Crystals for Meditation

Once you get into the habit of meditation, you realise how possible it is to meditate at any time you like.

And this is why it is important to have your meditation stones and crystals with you.

Let's dive into the various times to meditate, crystals for mindfulness, and how to choose your crystals in this blog post.

Morning meditations with your crystals

You may prefer to meditate in the morning and this is such a powerful time to do that. Your brain has been through all the key regenerative cycles from beta to alpha to theta and below.

As you wake, your brainwave will still be in the alpha brainwave state, which is perfect for meditation. Your mind is most receptive to positive changes during the alpha brainwave state.

In this case, you want to make sure you have your preferred meditation crystals nearby.

You can choose any crystal you like and it is always nice to play around with different meditation crystals to see which has the best energy for you.

meditating in nature on beach with crystals

Meditation at night using Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Selenite

Some like to meditate at night, which is also excellent. Meditating before you go to bed is a fantastic way for your body to calm down from a busy day and work on life's challenges.

Remember, your goal is to get to an alpha brainwave state so you can make those positive changes.

Just before sleep is ideal as your mind has to drift through alpha to get into deeper sleep states.

Many people like to go to bed and use the meditation to get answers to key challenges or answers to decisions they need to make.

Once you are in your meditative state, you can then ask your guides some questions for them to go away and find answers.

In this way, you are using your amethyst, selenite or rose quartz crystals for bringing insight into your life.

And every time you meditate with your crystal, you are deepening your associate with your crystal as the anchor to get to the alpha or lower brainwave states, faster.

Meditating during the day for Crystal Healing

Even those of us with a full-time job can find a few minutes here or there during the day to find a quiet space and start meditating.

Especially if you are having a stressful day or your mind is running at a million miles an hour.

You want to be able to take control, calm your mind and use the crystals energy to get you back on track.

meditation quote amit ray mindfulness

If you have set your crystal up as your main 'anchor' for a deeper and calmer meditative state, you will find that just holding your crystal and taking a few deep breathes will allow you to get to a meditative level quickly.

Perfect when your boss is having one of 'those days' and you need a break. 

That's the beauty of meditation, it's always on your terms and on your schedule.

An excellent book providing daily meditations is The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday. Click here to view the hundreds of reviews on Amazon.

How to use Crystals for Meditation

To use crystals for meditation, you can place them on or around your body, hold them in your hand, or gaze at them.

One way to use crystals for meditation is to lie down, place a crystal on your heart or third eye chakra and focus on the crystal's energy while you meditate. Other popular choices to place your crystals are your crown chakra and throat chakra.

You can also place crystals around your body in a specific pattern or layout, known as a crystal grid. This can be a fun and creative way to incorporate crystals into your meditation practice.

Using crystals during meditation can bring a sense of clarity and boost intuition.

The importance of setting your intention for successful meditation

It's important to remember to set an intention for your meditation before you begin.

Setting an intention means focusing on a specific goal or outcome for your meditation practice. This can be anything from feeling more relaxed, to receiving guidance on a specific issue or connecting with a higher power.

Access your creativity during meditation with these crystals

There are several best stones for creativity.

If you are a designer, artist, musician, work in marketing or any job that requires creativity, then pay attention.

meditation and creativity quote inner source mindfulness

Meditation itself is such a powerful way to access your creative forces. You know the ones where brilliant ideas pop into your head at random times?

By meditating with crystals for meditation, you will never have a shortage of ideas, ever.

When done correctly, meditating with creativity crystals will have the following benefits:

  • Ideas will come flooding into your head
  • Give your mind the challenge and during your meditation, the perfect ideas will start flowing
  • You will achieve clarity around the best path to take for different projects or ideas

But make sure you have a notepad nearby as the ideas often come so fast that you will need to write them down.

Best crystals for creativity and mindfulness meditation

Carnelian: Known as one of the best crystals for sparking creativity, Carnelian can help unlock your artistic potential, making it ideal for deep meditation focused on creative visualisation.

Tiger Eye: This popular crystal enhances focus and clarity, guiding you to a state of mindfulness. Tiger eye can be used in meditation to balance emotions and inspire confidence in your creative pursuits.

Blue Lace Agate: Revered for its calming properties, Blue Lace Agate is the right crystal for peaceful, mindful meditation, helping to clear the mind and pave the way for creative thinking.

Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli, with its deep blue hues, is excellent for deep meditation, unlocking higher wisdom and enhancing intellectual ability, thus boosting creative insights and ideas.

Citrine: Known for attracting abundance and positivity, Citrine is a bright and energising crystal that can be used in meditation to stimulate imagination and transform dreams into reality.

Other benefits of using the best crystals for meditation

You likely already know that crystals are an extremely helpful tool for spiritual, psychological, physical and mental health.

When crystals are used along with meditation, your meditation sessions will deepen and you will have more clarity in your life.

meditation quotes with crystals amethyst rose quartz

Crystals frequently help to amplify or enhance the advantages, through their distinctive vibrations.

As meditation has been used by many civilizations, so has the use of crystals for health, recovery and mental advantages.

Every crystal has its distinctive property, with identifying vibrations that help resonate to help bring about a particular feeling or change.

By pairing meditation with crystals, you can easily enhance your meditation benefits.

You can hold the crystal whilst meditating, or you wear it throughout your meditation or simply put it near you, to assist you to focus.

How to choose your crystals for your Meditation practice

You can use any crystal as a meditation tool, based on the specific outcome you are trying to reach.meditation group outdoors

As you know, each crystal has its own energy and specific focus areas for healing, energy and protection.

My mum has run hundreds of meditation groups over the years and had this to suggest for someone looking to create a meditation group.

Best Meditation Stones and Meditation Stones Meanings

Of course, there are a number of excellent meditation stones but the best meditation stones are the ones that lift your energy. You feel connected to them.

Below is a selection of the most popular meditation stones and what each one is best for plus the meditation stone meanings.

You can click the hyperlink on each of the underlined words to be taken to the full meaning of each stone.

  • Amethyst - The amethyst crystal is an excellent all-rounder. It is very powerful and strong. For readers and energy healers, amethyst is an excellent go-to meditation crystal. You can read about the many benefits of Amethyst crystal here.
  • Black Tourmaline - This will help you and the group ground your spiritual energy plus clear and balance your chakras. Black Tourmaline is also great to use as a protective shield for you individually or your group. You should feel the energy of this crystal during meditation.
    Click the link below to read the 65+ reviews on Swami's Chakra Meditation book.
    Chakra Meditation by Swami Saradananda amazon book
  • Rose quartz is excellent to have around for love, harmony and positive energy. Rose quartz is an excellent healing crystalRose quartz will also help you love yourself, so if you're meditating for enhanced self-esteem, use this crystal in your meditation. 
  • Selenite - You cannot go past selenite for an individual or group setting. Selenite has many benefits and is the number 1 most recommended crystal for energy practitioners.
  • Clear Quartz Crystal - This is the best crystal for programming. So if you were running a group meditation, you could program the quartz with your positive intentions for your group. For those doing meditation on their own, program it for your intentions. Clear quartz is among the most versatile crystals, known for its recovery properties, for both spiritual and physical recovery. For all those using traumatic memories and past events which would be preventing healing, the energy from this crystal will help unlock the painful memories, clearing out the blocked energy to make way for recovery and happiness. When energy becomes blocked, we may feel the bad effects in both our body and soul.

lady meditating with clear quartz crystal

  • Smoky Quartz crystal - Smoky quartz is a great meditation stone. For all those who seek inner clarity or self-discovery through meditation, it's extremely recommended for it helps connect you to your deepest self, along with your most inner thoughts. This may help you forgive, heal along with move on. Finally, it's good for bringing around a more balanced psychological state, helpful for stressful and trying times.

Crystal hearts are such a perfect meditation stone. Here are a few different heart-shaped crystals to consider.

Meditation Benefits For Your Health

We touched on a few of the benefits of meditation at the start. Plus we covered a number of ways to use crystals in your meditation practice.

But we wanted to go deeper to really hit home the powerful benefits of daily meditation.

Meditation can help with depression

Meditation has been noted to have a comparable effect as antidepressants in treating nervousness disorders and depression.

A University of California study demonstrated that patients were helped by meditation.

Meditation modulates mood and helps alleviate depression.

Enhances brain performance

Another personal benefit of doing meditation is better mind functionality. Those synapses can always use a helping hand in making the connection, right?

meditation question deepak chopra aristotle

People who meditate were skilled and focused. This was particularly noticeable when they were doing dull and repetitive jobs.

Meditation also makes your brain better in processing information and making conclusions.

Meditation and heart problems

Research in 2012 gathered 200 individuals who have been at high risk for heart problems.

They were advised to either learn about a specific form of exercise and take an exercise class or sing up for a course on meditation.

The findings?

Those who did the meditation had a risk reduction in heart and stroke issues. This study found that by practising Transcendental Meditation regularly, that African Americans were 48 per cent less likely to have a heart attack, stroke or die from all causes compared to the others.

Other experiments show comparable results.

When patients practised meditation for three months, they lowered their blood pressure level. Some lowered it sufficiently enough to reduce the need on their medication.

Helps individuals suffering from bad habits

There's conclusive evidence that meditation is most effective in assisting people suffering from addiction or bad habits. And let's be honest, who doesn't have bad habits?

Perhaps you have the habit of smoking and you'd like to quit. There are some fantastic support groups and doctors have some excellent options to consider.

But many studies show that those who meditate and visualise a new habit to replace smoking had an easier time quitting than those who didn't meditate.

Meditation is incredibly helpful in addressing many types of habits. And meditation together with the recommendations by health professionals has a higher rate of success.

Other habits you might like to consider replacing with a new, more beneficial activity include:

  • Coffee
  • Pain Killers
  • Alcohol
  • Procrastination
  • Being disorganised

Try meditating along with a few remedies and enjoy your freedom.

Helps children achieve success in school

Many suggest that meditation can be more helpful to children than it is for adults.

That's because their brains are still developing. Children's brains absorb things quickly. At a young age, their mind is like a sponge. So pliable and malleable and it is very possible to train their mind in a positive way.

meditation for kids studying gettin results

You can combine their meditation training and sessions with a crystal or tumble stone too.

Think about it. When they were young you set up specific associations to help them sleep faster.

You got their mind used to certain things happening to anchor their mind with the process of going to sleep.

Now you can use the same technique to complement their meditation and anchor in their meditation sessions.

What a positive and uplifting way to use crystals and meditation together. Not only that but kids are genuinely fascinated with crystals.

One of our best sellers is the crystal set for kids here.

Kids usually love the meditation experience and quickly find their favourite meditation and stick with it.

Reduce the potential risk of Alzheimer's and early death

The research journal, Brain, Behaviour and Immunity, recommend meditating for half an hour a day. They claim that it decreases the feeling of loneliness that frequently accompanies ageing.

Also, they noted that meditation minimises the potential risk of Alzheimer's disease and premature death.

Your time is worth every moment spent in meditative exercise. If you can spare a moment, then use it for meditation. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Now is the perfect time to start learning how to meditate or perhaps get back into the habit of meditation you once had. It is time to make meditation a powerful tool in your life.

Meditate with crystals to calm your busy life

Your life is getting busier and busier. You have family, kids, household chores and work life. It all takes its toll.

This busy life continues to make us busier and busier and it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Meditation is the ability to calm the mind, to gain more balance and clarity and to find your inner strength.

Wayne Dyer, author of some of the best books on the planet had this to say about meditation and being busy.

meditation quote from Wayne Dyer

Saint Francis de Sales had this to say about meditation which ties in well with Wayne Dyer's quote:

'Half an hour's meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed.'

Meditation Pyramids

Meditation pyramids are said to raise your vibration and are popular with those who meditate regularly.

You may be wondering whether you can use the meditation crystals above while sitting in your meditation pyramid and the answer is absolutely.

Another way people use the smaller pyramids is to cleanse their crystals. If you have a smallish meditation pyramid, you can put your crystals inside in order to cleanse them.

Concluding the Best Meditation Crystals in 2024

When done correctly, a crystal meditation or a meditation where you involve crystals can have a truly positive effect on your life and your personal growth.

You may find you can benefit from the healing properties of each natural crystal you meditate with. You will feel the positive vibes and really get in tune with your higher self.

No matter if you use raw crystals, a palm stone, a specific spiritual stone, create your own crystal grids or even some of the orgonites, life gets better when you use meditation crystals.

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