Amethyst Crystals Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses by Royalty

by Nicky Jessen

Amethyst Crystals Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses by Royalty

Amethyst crystals are simply beautiful. The shimmering radiance visible in real amethyst crystals is soothing and frankly, quite attractive in a beautiful gold or silver setting.

It does make sense that jewellers snap up high-quality amethysts as soon as they come on the market.

Amethyst Crystals are loved and worn by royalty

If you don't believe me, just take a look at the Duchess of Windsor's historic amethyst, turquoise and diamond necklace.

The stunning bib-style amethyst necklace was the first of its kinds and created a sensation when it was debuted at a Versailles gala. After her death, the necklace retailed for a whopping $605,000 in 1987. Imagine what it would be worth today.

The famous Duchess of Kent’s Amethyst collection

But it's not the only historical piece made of amethyst. The Kent Amethysts have a history of their own.

The Kent amethysts originally belonged to the Duchess of Kent, and they consisted of a necklace, earrings, brooches and hair combs.

They are still worn regularly by the British Royal family.

And of course, the Napoleon amethysts were a sign of affection between Empress Joséphine and her daughter-in-law, Augusta of Bavaria. 

Suffice to say that the Amethyst healing stone is attractive and highly valuable.

But apart from its beauty, amethysts have an intrinsically powerful spiritual property, and that's what we will be focusing on today.

Amethyst meaning

According to Wikipedia, the term 'Amethyst' comes from the Greek word 'amethystos' which means ‘not drunk’ or intoxicated. It was believed to have prevented drunkenness. But I'm not sure a police breathalyser would necessarily agree ;-)

Amethystos is in context to the initial Greek belief the stone protected wearers from drunkenness.

However, apart from the name, amethysts are considered the official birthstone of February.

How amethyst geode caves are created and used for the most decadent decoration

You can use amethyst geodes as decorative stones in your home or office. Many corporate businesses and salon's use them as an eye-catching centrepiece. Something amazing for their customers to remember them by.

Not many people know how Amethyst geode caves are formed. Amethyst geodes not only look great but are available in a limited quantity. You cannot keep mining Amethyst geode caves as they only form in certain parts of the world.

amethyst crystal geode caves

First, you need a volcano with lava flow close to the Earth's surface. You then need a gas cavity to be formed, which is often done from the lava bubbles.

Over time the gas bubbles fill up with a silica-based substance plus iron. Then over tens of thousands of years and in some cases, millions of years, the combination of silica and iron forms beautiful crystals. Below you can see a small geode point.

amethyst crystal geode point

Geologists then find these big 'lava air bubbles', drill a hole in them and put a keyhole camera in to inspect the quality of the amethyst.

When people walk into our crystal shop in Sydney, they are always in awe of the large amethyst geode caves. The Amethysts energy is just incredible. You can see why so many people want one of these in their home. Have you seen the top 20 reasons why you must have a geode cave in your home?

Other ways to use the positive energy of amethyst crystals around your home or office

You can add crystal grids to ensure the smooth flow of energy in your home or office. Many can feel the crystal energy of the amazing amethyst pieces.

To ensure balanced sleep, wear the stone on your neck at night or pop it under your pillow. Placing a crystal quartz piece under your pillow is one of the widespread uses for all types of natural crystals.

You can make a healing drink by soaking amethyst tumbled stones in water overnight. Sip on the charged water throughout the day.

Many find the beautiful purple colour very soothing and use amethyst jewellery to relieve stress. 

Wearing amethyst jewellery on different parts of your body. Some love an amethyst ring, tumbled amethyst, amethyst earrings, amethyst necklace amethyst bracelets with amethyst spheres and amethyst pendants to name a few.

amethyst crystal jewellery

The helpful healing properties of Amethyst

The stone is considered ideal for meditation as it improves mental clarity, ensures spiritual protection, mediates inner strength and ensures overall spiritual well-being. Many will place their amethyst stone on their third eye chakra to stimulate it.

The powers of amethyst also seem to bring the person in tune with their spiritual self and ensure a well-balanced personality. Plus it has been known to enhance psychic ability.

According to legend, the stone seems to pull in negative energy while focusing positive energy. As a result, it is an excellent stone to have in your home.

Ideally, having it in your home, car, office or meditation room is perfect to create a balanced spiritual environment filled with positive vibrations.

On a physical level, the stone also seems to promote health and improve your immune system.

The stone is perfect for a child's room as they provide gentle and soothing energy. In some cases, the stone is considered the perfect sleeping aid as it seems to promote sleep.

For people undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, this is the perfect healing stone. It energises on a basic level while it has been suggested to strengthen the immune system, the reproductive system and the heart.

The stone emits far-infrared radiation that could help purify the blood, aid in circulation, and ensure better skin.

As blood circulates better, lymph circulation also increases and results in improved fluid balance all over the body.

It also seems to boost the health of the liver, spleen and pancreas.

Please understand that nothing replaces a qualified medical person to help with any health issues you may be having.

The top 5 Amethyst Crystal Shapes

1. Amethyst geode caves and geode points

Nothing quite beats the natural amethyst stone such as the geode caves and geode points as mentioned above.

2. Amethyst crystal hearts

These continue to be a firm favourite for those in love and wanting the best amethyst crystal gift ideas that are both unique and meaningful. The ones you see below are made from the same process as a geode cave but cut to the heart shape. Amazing huh? 

There are also amethyst puffy hearts too, which is very well received.

amethyst crystal hearts

3. Amethyst crystal clusters

Clusters are the smaller natural crystals in a natural cluster shape. You can see from the images below how different each one is. Some have smaller cluster points while some have a mixture of both small, medium and large size Amethyst clusters. They are all so unique and beautiful.

amethyst crystal clusters

4. Amethyst ovals, amethyst jewellery pieces and amethyst crystal balls

Of course, you have all the delicately carved amethyst jewellery pieces cut to fit earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants.

These are typically created by master craftspeople in finely cut jewellery pieces. For that decadent look with the lovely amethyst colour, you cannot beat a beautiful piece of amethyst jewellery.

Amethyst crystal spheres are lovely to have on your desk or in a display cabinet.

5. Depends on the structure of the stone and the craftsperson

The best stone shape usually depends on the internal structure of the stone.

Most gemstone cutters choose a shape that will naturally exhibit all the qualities of the stone without damaging its structure.

There are also some famous crystal skulls too.

Top 7 facts about Amethyst crystals

  1. Amethysts are usually found in Brazil. However, other top producers include Uruguay, United States, Mexico, Canada, Britain and Russia.
  2. It is a valuable stone, especially when cut into a fine piece of jewellery. It has a unique combination of beauty and unusual crystal properties for healing and energy.
  3. The largest Amethyst geode caves can take up to a million years to form. Therefore, you can imagine how rare these are and why they are such a unique collector's item.
  4. Amethysts are said to be the ninth stone worn on the breastplates of Israel's high priests. According to legend, the stone was chosen by God to signify of the tribes of Israel, and the tribe's name was officially carved onto the stone.
  5. The stone has been mined and used as jewellery as early as 25,000 BC.
  6. It is the official gemstone for sixth anniversaries. As it would be someone buying an amethyst gemstone for the sixth anniversary for their lady, a heart or geode cave is a trendy choice.
  7. It is the official gemstone of South Carolina. I realise many of you reading this will be from Australia, but it is still a fun fact of amethyst crystals.

Amethyst Stone Benefits

There are many benefits of amethyst apart from the physical beauty in those with a lovely deep purple colour. Here are a few of the amethyst crystal benefits:

  1. Great for meditation
    Amethyst is used the world over by those who meditate, to help get into higher states of consciousness and a deeper state of meditation.
  2. Excellent healing stone
    Amethyst is an excellent healing stone, helping the immune system do its job.
  3. Calm and peace
    If you are looking for a stone that is great to help you get into a calmer and peaceful state, then amethyst is your crystal. This is one of the reasons so many use it while meditating.
  4. Help you stay motivated.
    Amethyst is said to be an excellent stone to help you get motivated and be inspired. Want to start a new habit, place some amethyst near the things you need to do to create an anchor for the new habit.
  5. Chill out
    Amethyst can help you reduce the emotional highs and lows of life. As it can help you gain clarity and calmness, it will assist you greatly when you get stresses or anxious.

As you can see, there are many amethyst gemstone benefits and benefits of the amethyst stone.

Using your Amethyst chakra healing

Amethysts are usually associated with the crown chakras. The chakra stones are coloured a vivid pink to a dark purple colour. In the book of stones and other crystal books, you will hear many reference the throat and crown chakras.

Judy Hall, the author of The Crystal Bible, says, 'Amethyst balances and connects the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, linking them to the spiritual. It cleanses the aura and transmutes negative energy, and stimulates the throat and crown chakras.'

It is this colour that makes it perfect as a crown chakra stone. To understand this better, you have to understand what the chakra means.

You might have seen images of seers with halos around their heads.

This halo is typically thought to represent a crown chakra that is fully balanced, i.e. open and associated with creation.

Due to their open but balanced nature, these people are also supposed to be loving, kind, compassionate people who work to bring happiness to everyone.

People with well-developed crown chakras also have a well-developed moral compass that is self-regulated and incredibly powerful.

In fact, almost every supreme religious personality is shown with a halo or crown around their head.

Amethysts are used to balance the crown chakra by helping you integrate a loving personality into the real world.

Amethyst is widely used in Feng Shui and mostly as a protective stone.

Summing up the crystal properties and crystal meanings of Amethyst

We hope that these amethyst facts and information has helped you select the perfect stone for your gifting needs.

There are many crystals for healing, but none more famous than Amethyst. There are many Royals and famous people who adore their amethyst stones and the healing energy they provide.

Feel free to check out our range of Amethyst crystals below. Click on the 'View Product' to fine out more about each one.

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