Top 3 Most Famous Crystal Skulls & History of Carved Skulls

The latest Indiana Jones movie may have seemed quite cheesy to you and me, but it captured one of the most interesting mysteries of the ancient world: The curse of the crystal skulls.

Yes, that's right.

The ancients seemed fascinated with the human skull, and they had every right to be so intrigued.

Ideally, the skull housed the brain which was the repository of human knowledge. It is hard to comprehend just how such a small thing could be the key to the personality and characteristics of a unique human being.

The ancients were so obsessed with the skull that some cultures created their representations of human skulls from jade, amber, ivory, bone, gold and yes, even from a rock crystal, like rose quartz.

After all, the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal skull is famous for a reason, right?

Although most human-made decorative skulls were made from natural materials readily accessible at the time; crystal was something none of the ancients had.

Pictured below is a clear quartz crystal skull and a rose quartz crystal skull. But we often have amethyst crystal skulls too.

Famous Crystal Skulls and carved skulls

Now, the sheer amount of ancient crystal skulls being found all over the world seem to send archaeologists and scientists from all over the world in a serious tizzy.

There have been many archaeological excavations and document excavations to try and find these Aztec crystal skulls.

What are they and did they have metaphysical properties that only the ancients knew about?

Let's find out. But first, click play on the video below to see the amazing sparkle in these blue goldstone crystal skulls.

History of Crystal Skull Heads - Why the fascination?

Most of the rock crystal skulls in museums are attributed to the preColumbian Mesoamerican period.

According to archaeologists, these skulls were found in a time where there was no actual accounting of excavations done in Central America, North America, Brazil or Madagascar. As a result, the actual provenance and history surrounding these skulls are lost.

Legend has it that these skulls were not made by hand but forged by thought and were considered repositories of ancient wisdom which would be vital for human survival.

But there are unique aspects about these skulls as well.

Most of these crystal skulls are about 1.5 cm to about 4 inches in height, and they usually have a hole drilled through the skull.

All of them are quite intricate and capture almost every anatomical landmark found on the actual human skull.

Most of the modern ones are inspired by the Indiana Jones movie and the Mitchell Hedges skull.

Carved Skulls - How are they made?

Modern-day lapidary has made it easy to acquire skulls in almost any shape and size.

Industrial diamonds and modern machinery may be used by large companies to make crystal skulls that are beautiful and unique.

However, we do feel that hand-carved skulls seem to carry the energy, goodwill and intentions of the carver. As a result, you can find unique materials, shapes and sizes of skulls from niche suppliers all over the world.

Types of crystal skull jewellery in Australia

You are spoiled for choice. Australia has some of the best natural materials for making crystal skulls.

You can pick from generic designs or find small stores that will sell lovingly-created handcrafted skulls. We recommend you choose a skull that calls to you and which just seems to resonate with your energy.

If you want a little help while choosing your skull, just give us a call, and we'll be glad to help out.

What sort of crystals can skulls be carved out of?

Modern- day crystal skulls are in demand for their focusing and healing powers. They are available in a range of colours, sizes and materials.

Most man-made skulls are made from rock quartz or crystal quartz. However, you will find models made from metals, ivory, jade, amber, black tourmaline, carnelian amethyst, garnet, blue moonstone, rose quartz and obsidian.

Carvers may choose a natural material just because they like the shape and power in a particular element which inspires them to produce a unique skull.

The most common material though is quartz as it is an affordable but quite powerful material for making skulls.

The material seems to capture the energy and resonate or communicate it back easily.As a result, quartz crystal skulls are used quite commonly to help in personal meditation and to focus intentions so that the desired outcome can be achieved. Different materials are recommended for specific issues though.

As a result, quartz skulls are used quite commonly to help in personal meditation and to focus intentions so that the desired outcome can be achieved.Different materials are recommended for specific issues though.

Different materials are recommended for specific issues though.

best crystal skulls australia

Why are obsidian skulls so popular?

Although you will find a range of skulls to choose from, obsidian and rock quartz seem to be the most popular materials available.

Many of the most famous skulls found in the British Museum in London and the Smithsonian Institution are made from these materials.

Click play on the video below to see the amazing polish on the black obsidian skulls.

Rock quartz was the material used by the ancients to make their mysterious crystal skulls, and it is still popular for this reason. But Obsidian is a unique material.

Obsidian is glossy, almost metallic in appearance and quite lovely to hold. According to users, Obsidian skulls are also excellent for concentrating and focusing energy during meditation and healing.

They seem to work very well while scrying and during psychic sessions. Obsidian by itself promotes purification, spiritual growth, practicality and transformation.

Using this protective stone in a beautiful skull can just help you connect with your deepest wishes to manifest and materialise them faster.

Top 3 most famous crystal skulls

  1. One of the most interesting crystal skulls is called the Skull of Doom or the Mitchell Hedges Skull. Purchased by a wealthy deep-sea fisherman named Frederick Arthur (Mike) Mitchell-Hedges, this skull is probably the most beautiful and interesting crystal skull in the world.
    The skull seems to be modelled on an actual human being, and it has the reputation of emitting blue light from the eye sockets and crashing computer hard drives if placed too close. Made from pure quartz crystal, it is also shimmering in its beauty and quite valuable. The sacred geometry and prestige is said to give it supernatural powers.
  2. The British Museum skull is absolutely beautiful and was anonymously donated. This museum skull is not big, but it is just as beautiful as the Mitchell-Hedges Skull. Their skull also seems to be an exact copy of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull. According to the Museum staff, since they've received the skull, they have been getting calls about similar skulls from private collections all over the world.
  3. The Paris Skull has its reputation as well. It is about 10cm high, but it's not as old as its British and American counterpart or those found in the late 19th century. This skull seems quite tame by comparison with its counterparts as it exhibits no interesting activities or 'dangerous world extinction plans' of its own.

Legend or Reality

We don't know why the original crystal skulls were produced. But yes, they are beautiful and quite interesting. Do they give psychic ability? There are just so many mysteries of the crystal skulls.

Apart from being objects of interest, they are art objects that showcase just how talented the human race is; and they are valuable for this reason as well.

At this point, there are so many things in this world that we do not understand and the crystal skulls may be hiding a secret that could just save the world as the legends say.

Until that time, it would be a great idea just to wait and watch; and of course, use our personal carved skulls for protection and meditation.