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This is a unique Quartz Crystal Skull. You won't see too many of these and this is the only piece we have in stock.

If you love skulls and collect them, then this Quartz Crystal Skull would be a great addition.

If you were building out a fish tank and you wanted something nice to add, this would do the trick.

You really need to appreciate how difficult it is to carve out a skull and the time and effort that goes into carving one of these. These are a true sign of a master craftsman.

Here is the approximate size of the clear quartz crystal skull

  • Weight - 82grams
  • Height -38mm
  • Width -30mm
  • Length - 47mm

Please Note: You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each clear quartz crystal skull is a natural stone and will vary slightly.

What are the main uses for clear quartz?

Clear quartz is renown for removing negativity in your surrounds and to help get you in touch with your higher self. When you see the intricate detail of this quartz skull, you too will find it difficult to be negative. 

It has been said by the great minds of our time that we all have the ability to get in touch with our higher self. This is the part we connect with to get the answers to the big questions in our lives.

Clear quartz is commonly referred to as the best crystal to help you connect with your higher consciousness.

Use your clear quartz skull to help find your true life purpose

If you are struggling to connect or find your true life purpose, then clear quartz in the form of a skull is a powerful way to help make the connection.

When you have skull around you and set your intention to gain clarity in your life and find your life purpose, you will be amazed at the positive coincidences that occur in your life.

Use your clear quartz crystal skull to help you generate more great ideas

If you work in the creative space, then hold on to the clear crystal in order to come up with new ideas. Or if you like, set it on the desk in your workspace and set yourself the goal of generating 10 new ideas every single day.

You will be amazed at what happens next.

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