Top 20 Reasons Why You Need an Amethyst Geode Cave

by Nicky Jessen

Top 20 Reasons Why You Need an Amethyst Geode Cave

Have you had the chance to view Amethyst Geode Caves up close? Amethyst Geode Caves or cathedrals, as some call them, are one of nature's most amazing gifts.

Have you seen the Aldi commercials where they show someone's house with a big 42-inch gap in their lounge room and say 'Have you got a 42inch gap in your lounge room that needs to be filled?'. What they are saying is, we've got 42inch TVs for sale, and you need a new one, so fill the gap on your wall with one of ours.

Amethyst geode sale sydney Australia

Click on the video play button below to get a close look at some of the beauties available. We cannot guarantee any of them will still be available though. Three were snapped up immediately an email was sent to our customers telling them about the new range.

When it comes to our Amethyst Geode Cave customers, they always comment on how they have 'the perfect place' picked out for their Geode.

I don't know the reason you have chosen to have one of these Earth Inspired Gifts in your home, but here are 20 reasons to consider.

Here are the top 20 reasons why you need an Amethyst Geode cave in your home or business

    1.  Amethyst Geode Caves have formed from volcanic lava flow from millions of years ago. So you are getting a real piece of the Earth's history. The history of these is quite amazing and highlights how impressive Mother Nature is.
    2. They are amazing to look at. You will never get bored of looking at your new crystal geode cave sitting proudly in your home.
    3. Amethyst is known as a protective stone so well worth having one for that reason.
    4. If you love to meditate then be sure to place one of these in the room you do your meditations. You will feel the energy levels rise and be inspired by having it in the same room when you are meditating. I recently read about a large crystal shop that allows you to sit in their crystal room. They place two huge amethyst geode caves on either side of where you sit. Many say how amazing it feels to sit there and feel the energy.
    5. They brighten up any room with their beautiful, natural purple amethyst colour. Think of this like the sunflower in your garden. Sunflowers bring a smile to anyone's face, as will these.
    6. People will be amazed by how beautiful your geode is. It won't be uncommon for people to stare at your Amethyst Geode Cave. As they are not common here in Australia, rarely have people even seen them or heard of them. We have noticed over the last few years more and more people are getting to know about these Brazilian Amethyst Geode Caves.
      amethyst geode caves sydney
    7. If there were a hierarchy of amethyst crystals, this one would be in the top handful. They come in all shapes and sizes. The most impressive ones are usually over 20-30kgs. The largest Amethyst Geode Caves weigh in at several tonnes. Incredible.
    8. Your geode cave will create a feeling of power, beauty and prestige. I've not heard of a more prestigious crystal than the Amethyst Geode Cave.
    9. You can use your Geode cave to charge your other crystals. You can place your other crystals inside the cave to charge them, helping release and cleanse the crystal.
    10. Your pets will love it. There are lots of videos of small cats and kittens playing in amethyst geode caves. So cute. If you have this happen, then please send the photo or a link to it to us.
    11. Crystal Geodes are not flawless. Instead, they capture the beauty of nature at a given moment in time over hundreds of thousands of years. It will remind us of our natural beauty despite our 'flaws'.

Amethyst geode sale sydney Australia

  1. Large geodes have so many different colours and inclusions that you can find something new every time you look closely at it. Spend some time looking at all the different amethyst points and inclusions. Get out a geology book and see if you can identify the different stones and crystals contained within.
  2. Your spirit will be uplifted every time you view it. There is so much positive energy surrounding these majestic pieces.
  3. It will remind you of the abundant nature of the universe. It is amazing that without 'trying', something this exquisite is made with no effort from nature. It just 'is'.
  4. It will be a perfect companion to the other beautiful crystals you have in your home or office.
  5. Brazil is such a wonderful, care-free country and you can be reminded of the beautiful nation by buying an amethyst geode here in Sydney, Australia.
  6. Amethyst geode caves are an exclusive item. There are not many for sale in Australia at any one time.
  7. Your crystal loving friends will be amazed you bought such a beautiful amethyst crystal.
  8. While it costs about the same as a 50inch LCD TV, it will never break down, get fuzzy reception or go 'on the blink'. It will never grow tired or old.
  9. If purple is your favourite colour, then you must buy an Amethyst Geode Cave. You will be impressed by the number of shades of purple.

So there you have the top 20 reasons why you need an Amethyst Geode Cave in your home.

But to be honest, you don't really need a reason ;-)

One of our largest Amethyst Geode Cave customers

One of our first customers many years ago had just settled on a new property. But the open house they attended beforehand had two Amethyst Geode caves in them.

When they moved in, they said they needed to source some beautiful Amethyst Geode Caves to fill the gaps. So after looking at our range of Amethyst Geodes in our Sydney display, they picked two perfect ones for their new home. They were over the moon.

They invested $1,300 on two of our best Amethyst Caves from Brazil. I can tell I was sad to see them go. But happy they went to two beautiful people.

amethyst geode cave pairs

Amethyst Geode Caves from Brazil are an exclusive crystal here in Sydney, Australia

If you are looking for a unique gift idea or a beautiful one-of-a-kind crystal for your home, then Amethyst Geode caves tick every box.

The reality is, only a few people bring these into the country from Brazil and only a few pick the best, Q1 quality Amethyst geodes. We only stock the Q1 quality Amethyst Geode Caves. We are as passionate about them as you are no doubt.

Given the shortage of stock here in Australia, Amethyst Geode caves are truly one of the most fabulous items you can have in your home that is unlikely to be in any other home. A combination of a shortage of stock plus only a few people knowing about them means they hit the elite category pretty quickly.

We found this amazing video that allows you to crack your own geodes. But it is in New York City. Still, the process is quite interesting and check out the incredible collector items they have in store.

Large and small Amethyst Geode Caves

The beauty of these wonders of nature is both the small ones and the big amethyst geode caves look stunning in any home or workplace.

We have some customers who like to place these in the reception of their business instead of flowers, which eventually die and need to be replaced.

Amethyst Geode Cave Pairs or Geode Twins

One of the more exciting, exclusive and rare crystals you will ever lay your eyes on is the wonderful Amethyst geode cave pairs.

This is when they find an amethyst geode as per normal but when they extract it, they do it carefully enough that by cutting it down the middle, reveals the perfect pair.

The trick is to be able to keep both of them in-tact and also the hope that the other side is deep enough.

Amethyst geode sale sydney Australia

We have been lucky enough to receive several Amethyst geode cave pairs or twins. It is so exciting to see the geode twins go to a new home or office.

We are so excited to see which home they go to.

Amethyst geode caves instead of flowers at reception

The beauty of Amethyst geode caves is they are a true reflection of the incredible beauty in Mother Nature, just like a beautiful Sunflower. Don't get me wrong; sunflowers are stunning. I love them too. But eventually, they die. You need to plant some more and wait for them to grow or buy some new ones at the local florist.

An amethyst geode cave, on the other hand, retains its lustre and appeal for decades to come. Your customers will marvel at the gorgeousness every time they visit.

In fact, you will find customers comment on them as soon as they walk in your business and again when they leave. They are a wonderful way to bring a smile and joy to all your customers.

Why not check out the images and videos of some of our Amethyst Geode Cathedrals available in Sydney today.

Click on the intro videos below to find out more about our business and why we love crystals.

Nicky Jessen
Nicky Jessen


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