How to Choose the Best Amethyst Geode Cave for You

by Nicky Jessen

How to Choose the Best Amethyst Geode Cave for You

Sparkling Sanctuaries: Choosing a Beautiful Amethyst Cave That Speaks to You

Welcome to our guide on How to Choose the Best Amethyst Geode Cave for You. When it comes to selecting the perfect Amethyst Cave for your home or workspace, the process can be as unique and personal as the crystal itself.

Have you ever said to yourself, 'I absolutely MUST get that.' It doesn't matter what it is but you know the feeling. You see it for the first time and you just know you have to have it. This is our experience when it comes to finding the best amethyst geode cave for you.

For some people, it is just the same as love at first sight when they first laid eyes on their life partner. For others, it could be new crystals to add to your collection or a fancy new car you always wanted to upgrade to.

No matter what the item is, something deep down inside stirs and you just know you must have it.

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Eyeing off your beautiful Amethyst crystal geode cave

Nearly every single one of the beautiful people who has bought a small or large Amethyst geode cave from us has 'stalked' it for days, weeks or months.

We don't mean this in a bad way. But the reality is, as soon as they saw the crystal cave, that emotion deep down inside stirred and they knew they had to get it.

Often, they cannot even see the other geode caves we have in stock. It is simply an 'I must have this' experience.

Something resonates. An energy transfer happens. People are captured by the beauty of the Amethyst geode caves and for very good reason.

How are these amazing geode caves formed?

So, a little bit of history.

All the best Amethyst geode caves come from Brazil. Having said that, Uruguay has the deepest purple amethysts available in the world today.

Many people are not aware of how long it has taken to create these masterpieces.

Amethyst geode caves are formed over millions of years. Yes, they are ancient.

As the volcanos were erupting, lava flowed down and when it cooled, it formed bubbles. These bubbles became air pockets. Subsequently, the air pockets had water inside plus silica, iron, and other minerals. This is what gives them the magical purple colour.

Then over millions of years, nature did its thing and created these beautiful geode caves or cathedrals as they are often called.

Amethyst geode sale sydney Australia

Harnessing the power of amethyst caves for emotional and spiritual balance in your home

Amethyst Caves are not just striking natural formations; they serve to enhance the ambiance of any space, bringing a sense of harmony and peace.

Often used in meditation practices, these magnificent fossils are more than mere decorative pieces.

They are believed to create an atmosphere of abundance, much like a tower that stands tall, radiating positivity and strength.

One of the key qualities of Amethyst Caves is their ability to transform negative energy into positive vibrations.

This makes them particularly associated with fostering a serene environment, beneficial for individuals looking to increase their focus and clarity.

amethyst cave large amethyst geode cave with amethyst crystal points

These caves are incredibly useful for those who struggle with anxiety, offering an emotional anchor in turbulent times.

The spiritual aspects of Amethyst Caves cannot be overstated. They are known to alleviate stress and enhance spiritual awareness, making them a sought-after tool for those pursuing a journey of self-discovery and inner peace.

As a protective stone, Amethyst is believed to guard against psychic attacks and negative energies, making it an ideal choice for maintaining the balance of your chakras.

Whether placed in a quiet corner for reflection or used actively in spiritual practices, Amethyst Caves serve as a beacon of tranquility and protective energy, making them a cherished addition for anyone seeking to deepen their meditative experience and emotional well-being.

I heard you like twin geode amethyst caves

If you truly want to be impressed, then getting your hands on an Amethyst Geode cave twin pair is truly unique. One of the most amazing crystals on Earth.

These are the very first twin pair caves we've had in stock and they blew our mind when we opened up the box initially.

They are mountain like in shape and have been cut to perfection.

Click play on the video below to see what they are like up close.

Large or small amethyst crystal points in your amethyst cave?

What makes the geode caves so spectacular is all the different sized amethyst points within the cave.

Some people prefer the large points, some the smaller points and some are lucky enough to purchase a cave with both large and small crystal points.

amethyst cave large points

Both geode types are incredibly unique and captivating to look at.

What is remarkable is how both the large and small crystal points sparkle when you have a light reflecting on them.

It is the sparkle that truly impresses people.

Like a lovely classic piece of art, you will find yourself staring at these for hours on end.

You will notice even on our amethyst cluster piecesthere is a range of both small, medium and large amethyst crystal points. All beautiful in their own respect.

I love that Amethyst geode cave and I must have it

As mentioned above, the most common thing we find is people fall in love with one or two geode caves. Those are the ones they absolutely must-have.

We have had several people who have been sitting on the sidelines, saving up money or waiting for the right time to jump in and purchase their favourite one.

The disappointment when you miss your favourite one is very real.

You must keep in mind, every single Amethyst cave is 100% unique. There is not another one like it in the world. They may be a similar height, similar width and similar weight, but every single piece is truly unique.

When you spot the one you love, it is wise to do everything you can to make it yours.

Amethyst geode sale sydney Australia

Should I buy the Amethyst Cave I love or wait for another cool one?

So, you have found the one you love. The one singing out to you. The one that resonates with and lifts your spirits.

But what if there is a better one?

In our experience, it doesn't happen like that. The best one is the one you love right now. Like a first love, there is never anything quite like it.

You are always better off securing the one you love now as the number of high-quality amethyst caves available in Australia is limited.

Have a look around. You will find hundreds of low-quality caves. They are very light in colour. Some of them aren't even purple. Some are a mixture of light brown and white, missing the lovely deep purple colours we have in stock.

You can also see it in the price. Some are so low because they are just trying to move the stock out of their shop.

We can tell you from experience, the best ones, the deep purple ones, the lovely looking ones, they go fast.

How deep is your love or how deep is your purple in this case ;-)

Ultimately it all comes down to personal preference but a lot of it has to do with the deepness of the purple.

amethyst cave deep purples

As mentioned above, there are many cheap amethyst geode caves that are very light in colour and some are just plain white or quartz. Sure it is a quartz, but you buy the amethyst geode caves for the purple Amethyst colour, right?

When we source our geode caves, we make sure to select the best geode caves in Australia. The deepest purple and the right combination of sizes. Our clientele in Sydney are very particular and want the best.

So we like to provide the cathedral caves that when you look at them you say 'that is stunning'. We want no other words to come out of your mouth but stunning, majestic, magnificent and you get the idea.

Ideally, you want to find the purple you love. There are a few different shades of purple so find the one which truly inspires you. Then you can surround yourself with positive vibes and make your home filled with peace, calm and love..

Should I get the biggest geode cave or a cute, small geode cave?

They say size does matter. But when it comes to a beautiful amethyst cave 4 you, that isn't always the case.

First of all, the largest amethyst caves are fabulous items and are the biggest and most beautiful crystals.

Have a look at the largest geode cave from this video linked below. Crazy huh?

Let's talk stunning centrepieces.

As you can appreciate, the bigger the cave, the more impressive and memorable it is going to be.

If you love the beauty nature has to offer and you love sharing amazing crystals with others, then the bigger the better.

But as you will notice in this post, buying the best amethyst geode cave for you is often about buying the one that resonates the most with you.

amethyst cave large small

If you find the energy and love from a small geode is perfect, then that is the one for your space.

Not only that, but the beauty of each geode is in the details.

Both big and small geodes have an amazing array of beautiful crystal points.

It is these crystal points that inspire naturally. They captivate the senses and provide a sanctuary and peaceful home. They draw you into what has taken Mother Nature millions of years to create.

best amethyst geode cave brazil

The wonder. The joy. Just to sit and look into the cave is amazing.

So buying the largest geode cave is perfect for some and buying a nice size geode cave is perfect for others.

Use your intuition and go with the one you love.

What are all the amazing things inside?

Each geode cave can take up to a million years to form. The water and other minerals collect inside and then Mother Nature transforms them into what you see now.

amethyst cave inclusions quartz

You will find a range of minerals and elements have formed inside. Things like quartz are very common to be found inside with the Amethyst points.

Silica is another very common mineral found inside. Other minerals will include things like calcite, dolomite and hematite.

Each little piece is another mystery into what was flowing through the Earth at that time. It is like you are capturing a piece of the Earth's movements from hundreds of thousands and millions of years ago.

So cherish the other colours and crystals found inside your geode. That is what makes it unique and interesting. There will be no shortage of people who are asking about the different colours found within.

A double cavity or single cavity?

One of the rarest types of geode caves you will find is the double cavity. You will be hard-pressed to find more than a dozen of them in Australia. 

amethyst cave  double cavity

As far as geodes for sale, you may go a year or two before you see them come up.

At the end of the day, do you want something that everyone else has or one of the most unique and fascinating geode caves?

The reason a double cavity is so rare is the person cutting them out has to have two geode caves on top of each other, but have the foresight to consider another one is underneath.

You want a dedicated mineral and rock excavator who can understand the brilliance of a double cavity geode cave.

Then to be able to extract it from the ground in one piece in both the top and bottom sections is remarkable.

As you can appreciate, this is a rare feat and if a double cavity makes you go 'wow', then grab it when you see it as they do not come around all that often.

Amethyst geode sale sydney Australia

Can I use the geode cave to charge my other crystals?

If you are looking into Amethyst caves, then it goes without saying you already have a number of exquisite crystals in your collection.

Many people ask about being able to charge their crystals in the geode caves and they are absolutely spot on.

Geode caves are a lovely way to be able to re-energise and charge your crystals.

Selenite crystals are considered the best way to charge other crystals and a close second is to put them in the cave of your amethyst cathedral. 

So yes, you can and should charge and cleanse your other crystals in the cave of your geode.

What about Citrine Geode Caves?

Many citrine crystals on the market are heat-treated amethyst. This is a process that changes the purple colour of the original amethyst piece, giving rise to the lovely warm hues of citrine

Alongside these, we also offer natural citrine geode caves, some of which display a stunning array of pale, shimmering tones, adding a gentle, soothing presence to their surroundings.

Citrine Caves are hard to source. So if you see one and you want it, grab it quick. Have a look at our best citrine crystals here.

What about large amethyst crystal clusters?

You will be pleased to know we offer more than the beautiful geode caves. We also have large amethyst crystals for sale.

Most refer to these as a large amethyst cluster. They are flat but equally as stunning as the geode.

It is just some prefer their large amethyst stone to sit flat as opposed to standing upright.

Relative to the Amethyst geode caves they are the cheaper crystals but no less stunning.

If you would like to buy large amethyst crystals then view our website here and here. But don't be surprised if the large ones are out of stock. They seem to be sold shortly after we list them on our site as they are hard to get.

Summing up the best way to find the best amethyst geode cave for you

Hopefully, you can see the importance of finding the one that resonates with you. The one that inspires you. The one that captures your heart and soul.

The best one for one person will be different from the next person.

You only have to focus on you, the energy you feel and the uplifting charge you get when you look at and hold it.

Other amethyst geode cave links to check out

You can view our full Amethyst geode cave collection below. Not all of them are on the site at all times as we reserve come for those coming to visit our display in Sydney. We used to offer wholesale amethyst geode caves but over the last few years the quality has been harder to source.

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