Best Citrine Crystals - Benefits, Meaning & Healing Uses

by Nicky Jessen

Best Citrine Crystals - Benefits, Meaning & Healing Uses

The best Citrine Crystals are like the most beautiful sunrise, with the sun beaming golden rays of delight, glistening over the ocean. Sunrises, like Citrine Crystals, remind us of how beautiful the world is, what we can be grateful for and the excitement of new beginnings.

Imagine capturing all that beauty forever in a single scintillating stone you can carry with you forever.

Don't believe me, take a look at any high-quality citrine crystal. These beautiful golden-colored stones are highly-prized in the jewellery industry for their dazzling hue.

Citrine Crystals are prized for their lustre and strength

Since ancient times, the stone has been prized for its brilliance and strength.

The Romans used the stone to create mosaics, jewellery and intaglio work. During the Art Deco period, citrines were set into almost every stunning jewellery piece made for Hollywood stars like Joan Crawford.

But colour and hue aside, citrine crystals also have a huge impact on the mind and body.

They can improve health, soothe the mind, and assist creating a mindset for happiness and success.

Let's learn more about this beautiful stone.

Citrine Meaning - What makes Citrine such a powerful stone?

The term 'citrine' actually refers to the sunny yellow gold colour of the stone.

According to Wikipedia, the original reference was to the citron fruit that was also coloured a greenish-yellow.

Although the term is synonymous with jewellery, it can also be used to refer to birds and other things that have the same greenish-brown-yellow shade of stone.

Why do so many people love Citrine Crystal jewellery?

It's simple. The stone has a lovely citrusy shine which immediately brings to mind the feelings:

  • happiness;
  • vitality; and
  • lively summer days.

The stone is associated with positivity and romantic passion, and they make the ideal gift item, especially the citrine necklaces and citrine bracelets.

And let's face it, who doesn't love the best crystal jewellery on their birthday or special occasion?

Top 7 Citrine stone benefits

  1. The stone is believed to absorb and transmute solar energy to help the wearer. According to legends, the stone can affect the physical as well as the spiritual levels by transforming negative energy into positive. It is also one of the two stones in the world that do not need cleansing or recharging. Having said that, the best recharging crystal is selenite.
  2. The stone is also supposed to be excellent for business. It can improve cash flow, encourage business and prosperity and encourages generosity as well. It can assist in all financial opportunity you seek. Also, it can balance financial and emotional stability. For the most benefits, it is considered ideal to carry citrines in your wallet or place it in a prominent place in your office.
  3. It is an excellent stone for improving interpersonal relationships. The citrine stone's energy is said to improve overall health and happiness.
  4. It is considered ideal as a gifting stone as well. The gift of a citrine to a newborn can inspire intelligence, health, mental clarity, confidence and curiosity.
  5. For some, citrines can increase physical stamina and energy. According to ancient Chinese therapies, the stone is considered beneficial for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and degenerative disease.
  6. It is also perfect for balancing the spleen and pancreas in the body.
  7. Citrines also seem to be great at balancing the chakra by ensuring all body points are in balance.

What is the citrine birthstone?

Citrine birthstones range in colour from a dark honey yellow or orange-brown to an almost translucent yellow.

The stone may have inclusions that change its lustre and shine.

Due to the enormous range of colour, the stone is also referred to as the Madeira, Saffranite, Gold Topaz or the Spanish Topaz.

Citrine is the official birth stone for November.

Top 6 Facts about Citrine Crystals

  1. Citrines are a variety of quartz.
  2. Although it is a beautiful stone, it occurs very rarely in nature, and this makes it valuable as a semi-precious stone.
  3. With a Mohr's scale hardness of 7, citrines are the ideal stone for daily wear jewellery as they resist scratches very easily.
  4. It is also the planetary stone for Virgo.
  5. As a gift, it is considered the ideal gift for the 13th and 17th wedding anniversary.
  6. Brazil is the largest natural producer of this stone, followed by Spain, France, Russia, Bolivia, Madagascar, and the US.

The top 5 healing properties of Citrine Crystals

You likely already know that many of the crystals available on Earth Inspired Gifts are used as a healing crystal. Citrine is the same. Here are the main citrine properties for healing.

  1. According to the ancients, the stone could filter blood and remove toxins from it to strengthen the immune system and the body.
  2. It also seems to reduce stress and negativity from the body. The stone acts as an early warning system and as it stops aggression and anger. Ideally, this stone is not recommended in people who have a tendency to gossip.
  3. For those looking to improve their solar plexus chakra, citrine is an excellent crystal. The solar plexus chakra is the third chakra.
  4. The stone is excellent for intelligence, health, happiness and confidence.
  5. It also helps to understand other people and dealing with impressions from them.

Using Citrine for Feng Shui

Citrine is considering a stone for attracting more wealth in your life. As a result, it is considered the best Feng Shui practice to place your Citrine crystals in the wealth corner of your home or office.

If you follow the traditional Feng Shui school of thought, the most common wealth area is the south-east corner of your home.

From here you would look to find a Citrine crystal that resonates with you. Find one you feel provides the most energy.

Where to buy Citrine Crystals in Australia

You may be wondering, where can I buy Citrine Crystals in Australia. Of course, we have a range of citrine crystals available for purchase on this site. 

We are always looking to increase our range of citrine crystals to buy as well.

Here is a list of our other citrine crystals you can buy in addition to the ones already shown on this page. Click the link to be taken to the relevant product description.

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The top 3 most famous Citrine Crystals of all time

The most famous jewellery made from citrines was probably made for the Luxembourg Royal family.

Although we don't know much about the actual piece, we do know that it contained some of the most beautiful and significant citrines available at the time.

When the Art Deco period hit, Cartier too started making jewellery with the radiant stone.

In fact, the legendary jeweller made a stunning citrine and diamond Art Deco tiara for King George VI coronation in 1937.

Queen Sikrit of Thailand and her love for Citrine

Another equally stunning tiara was also made from Queen Sikrit of Thailand, but it contained almost lemony-white citrines that resembled diamonds.

One of the most modern adaptations of citrines is the stunning tiara ordered by King Harald of Norway for his wife Queen Sonja in 1997 for her 60th birthday.

Unlike other tiaras, this one was a contemporary piece highlighting the citrines and accentuated with diamonds and gold.

Citrine crystals are very popular in 2017

Citrines are very popular at present. Current trends show demand leaning towards diamond and citrine combinations in contemporary styles.

As it is a beautiful neutral colour, the stone can easily be mounted in gold, silver or platinum to create breathtaking jewellery.

The two most common forms of citrine are natural citrines (genuine citrine) and heat treated amethyst, which is baked to create the beautiful dark orange colours.

If you are unsure about what citrine crystal is best for you, then ask us.

Summing up the best citrine crystals in 2017

Citrine is a wonderful crystal and the feeling of being able to start over, the wonderful sunrise analogy and using it to attract wealth are fantastic benefits.

It is easy to see why the citrine necklaces and citrine bracelets are so popular, especially as gift ideas.

Having said that, the Citrine clusters are magnificent and are ideal for both men and women. In fact, the citrine clusters are one of the strongest stones for men.

If you or a colleague are starting a business and looking to attract wealth, then Citrine is the best stone by far.

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