Best Selenite Crystals in 2024 - Top Selenite Crystals Reviewed

by Nicky Jessen

Best Selenite Crystals in 2024 - Top Selenite Crystals Reviewed

Choosing the best selenite crystal may first appear to be a tough challenge. There are so many to choose from. That is why we have reviewed the best selenite crystals in 2024, so you can see the top selenite crystals and understand which may be perfect for you.

One thing is for sure, everyone comments on how powerful Selenite is as a crystal. Many are blown away when they first hold it.

Not only that, but many teachers who hold crystal workshops will tell you to make sure you have Selenite in and around your home. 

Selenite is truly the crystal the experts and energy healers recommend. Many will recommend selenite for healing due to the selenite healing properties.

Best Selenite Crystals for 2024

Even though we have reviewed the best Selenite crystals for 2024 on this page, you must be aware that choosing the right one is a personal choice.

In our reviews, we have tried to highlight the feedback we have heard from our customers to give a balance of opinion.

Not only that but in many of the crystal shapes, we have outlined some of the downsides to that particular Selenite crystal form.

Here are the best Selenite crystals with hyperlinks to take you straight to each section below.

  1. Selenite Lamp to use as a night light or home office lamp

  2. Selenite Wand to use as a massage wand or to charge other crystals

  3. Selenite Tower or Selenite Skyscraper

  4. Selenite Ball or Selenite Sphere

  5. Selenite Twin Tower Lamps

  6. Selenite Point to use as a massage wand for healing

  7. Selenite Hearts are Beautiful

  8. Selenite Palm Stones for Meditation

  9. Selenite Spiral or Selenite Unicorn Horn

  10. Selenite Tea Light Candle Holders

1. Selenite lamp to use as a night light or home office lamp

Selenite is one of nature's truly beautiful items. You may already know this, but natural selenite is most often sourced from Morocco.

Out of all the crystal shapes, the lamp tower is an incredibly powerful and thought-provoking shape. Whoever had the idea to carve a beautiful piece of Selenite crystal into a lamp tower is a genius.

best selenite tower lamps

The Selenite lamp is carved with a flat base and has a small slit in the back of it so the electrical cord and bulb switch can slip through. This allows the lamp to sit flat on any table such as a bedside table or any other flat surface.

Click play on the video below to see the three different size lamps we have in stock.

For those who purchase it as a bedside lamp, you may be pleased to know some people report having vivid dreams. This is fantastic as who wouldn't want to spend more time in a dream state.

Some of the best authors in the world and most amazingly creative people have turned their dreams into an amazing reality. The trick is in being able to remember them. Selenite and in particular, selenite lamps, can help you remember your dreams. And then who knows. Perhaps one of your dreams will be the start of a best seller or a new invention. Happy dreaming.

Selenite lamps make an ideal gift idea as well. Selenite is reasonably new here in Australia, so you can be assured not many people will have one of these beauties in their home.

Even more so, they will be more impressed with your gift buying prowess when they start to learn about all the benefits of Selenite crystals.

The Selenite crystal lamp is probably the one selenite item we continue to get fantastic reviews from people about. Time and time again we send out one of our beautiful lamps, and a few days later we get a glowing testimonial.

Click play on the video below to see the amazing light show created by this crafty person. Amazing colours and creativity and all using a selenite tower lamp.

Despite keeping it on at all times, it will not get 'hot' as such. It may get warm, but a 15w bulb is not enough to make such a large crystal hot.

Selenite lamps come in a couple of different sizes. As a general rule, for those who love the benefit of Selenite, the larger, the better.

Overall, the Selenite lamp continues to be our most popular crystal and for good reasons. Put one on in your house and see what difference it makes in your life.

As a side note, Selenite is not a crystal you put outside or expose to the elements. Selenite is a beautiful crystal, and it is quite hard, but it should not be kept in a place where it gets wet regularly. Otherwise, it will slowly erode away.

2. Selenite wand to use as a massage wand or to charge other crystals

The Selenite wand is one of the most sought after healing crystals. Many people talk about how powerful it is and the energy it gives off.

You may feel the energy as soon as you pick up your wand.

selenite crystal massage wands

Selenite has been know to help heal by using it on certain trigger points in your body. Often, it will help release blockages in your body so your body can go about the healing process.

For many, Selenite is their number 1 meditation crystal and in particular the selenite wand. You may report being able to go deeper into your alpha brain wave states while meditating and achieve levels you have never been to before.

Using your selenite wand for better sleep

You may like to place your selenite wand under your pillow at night to achieve a more restful and deeper sleep.

Every night you should put your wand under your pillow, especially if you have disrupted or challenging sleep patterns.

You will find it will help you relax in the evening and drift off into a restful, deep sleep.

For many people who use crystals and do energy healing, Selenite very quickly makes its way up to the top of their list as a healing stone.

If you have ever been to a crystal workshop, Selenite is one of the most talked about crystals every teacher will recommend. It is a must have the item in every home.

Those who suffer from headaches may be pleased to know some users massage it on their head and report fast relief.

One of the downsides, which you may already know about Selenite, is that it is a beautiful softer crystal. As such, for those who use it regularly to recharge other crystals and for healing, is that it may have noticeable scratches or blemishes as a result of all the activity.

This isn't a bad thing as you want to put your Selenite wand to use, but as a review, we find it essential to let you know. But as we mentioned, most crystal healers are already aware of how soft and natural this crystal is.

3. Selenite Tower or Selenite Skyscraper

The Selenite Towers or Selenite Skyscraper's come in two different sizes. We have a 10cm tall Selenite tower, and the other is a 15cm tall Selenite tower.

Like all Selenite crystals, the energy emanating from these is amazing, and you will feel it straight away.

best selenite mini towers

The tower structure is unique to Selenite. I've yet to come across another crystal which is cut to the shape of a beautiful tower structure.

For those who love tall buildings, you will love the energy, balance and poise of this tower.

I have a friend who must be a secret architect in his spare time as he has listed all the world's most impressive towers and his bucket list is to visit them all. He is only 30 but has managed to tick a number of them off his bucket list already.

You may like to use the selenite tower for protection and as a protective stone. Many like to place it near window sills to repel the negative energy entering the house.

Many people tell us how impressed they are with the size and shape. Common words used are stunning, brilliant and impressive.

You will love how it shines when you hold it up to the light. Breathtaking. 

One of the downsides we hear is how small pieces of it may break away when holding it. When we say small, we mean very tiny slithers.

But you will be pleased to know this is the nature of the wonderful soft crystal that Selenite is. When you take it out of the packaging, you may see some little slithers in the packaging. This is to be expected.

When you first get your selenite tower, a quick brush with a damp cloth will help clean it up. 

For those into Feng Shui, the Selenite Tower is a highly sort after item. Given the fantastic energy and vibrations of the tower, be sure to place it in an appropriate part of your home.

4. Selenite ball or Selenite Sphere

If you are looking for an impressive shaped Selenite crystal, the sphere is a true work of art.

They come in both small selenite spheres and large sphere sizes, and both are equally as impressive.

You may already be able to tell, but the Selenite Sphere is equally for guys as it is for women. Some stones, like say the pinkish coloured Rose Quartz, may be considered more of a girly stone.

best selenite spheres

But the Selenite Sphere has a beautiful white shine and incredible energy and is suited to both men and women.

You will not be able to stop holding it (at least the small sphere as the large ones get quite heavy) and moving it around in the light. It truly sparkles every which way you turn it.

What is most stunning about these is how round they are. The craftsmen who are carving them must take particular care with every single one.

If you are looking to go deeper with your meditations, then the smaller sphere is a perfect size to be able to hold while meditating. 

Grab one and start using it when meditating and see what difference it makes.

For many, they suggest it reminds them of the moon. When you look into the Selenite Sphere, you can see all the natural lines and structures, just like it is when looking at the moon.

These are character lines all add to the amazing appeal of this beautiful Selenite sphere/ball.

As with all Selenite and to be honest, all crystal spheres, be careful with how you handle it. Every crystal sphere is delicate and deserves to be treated with care.

5. Selenite Twin Tower Lamps

Selenite twin tower lamps are the premium selenite lamp.

The Selenite Twin Tower Lamps are quite impressive, mainly because of the way they are carved. Their shape and size are truly impressive.

Both the top and bottom ends are nice and flat, so at any time you could rest a few of your favourite small crystal tumbles on the top while your lamp is on.

Some prefer to use their Selenite twin tower lamp as a night light. Then during the day, they slip the light bulb out, which is really easy and then place their other crystal on it or across it to recharge them.

To be honest, these aren't a small light piece of Selenite. You are looking at an average weight of around 3.5-4kgs for each one.

Having said that, you can pick them up quite easily and move them around as your see fit.

The reason some people like to use them as a nightlight is to help them with their sleep. Selenite has a beautiful calming nature about it and is perfect to have nearby as you are drifting off into a deep sleep.

6. Selenite Point to use as a massage wand

The Selenite Point is a tricky one to review as the uses for it are varied. Many crystal specialists would recommend getting a crystal point and then flowing with the energy to see how you would like to use it.

For some, they love to use it as a massage wand. The size and shape allow them to roll it over the different parts of their body to transfer the energetic vibrations of the Selenite to their body.

best selenite wands massage

Using it as a massage wand some suggest can help heal those areas faster. Obviously, this is not medical advice, and it is well worth seeking medical advice if you have a problem which just won't go away.

Others have used it to help increase their libido in the bedroom as Selenite is associated with that. Again, once you get one of the Selenite Points, set your intention to the areas you would most like to gain and see where the energy takes you.

You may like to set your intention with the Selenite Point towards mental clarity and to instil a deep sense of peace.

While you are holding on to the 6-inch Selenite point, run through a few of your favourite affirmations to give them strength and energy and to send the thought waves out into the world.

7. Selenite Heart for meditation or a beautiful gift idea

The Selenite Hearts are a very popular item and why wouldn't they be at just $15.

Many people tell us how they were expecting a heart smaller than what they receive.

best selenite hearts

They love the 'puffy' feel of the heart as they are quite chunky, which makes them even more appealing.

As with all Selenite, the idea is to get the biggest piece your budget can afford but do keep in mind, they are quite a powerful healing tool, packing a lot of energy. You will read about the healing properties of selenite on every site.

You will find they fit in the palm of your hand perfectly.

For those who like to anchor their meditation sessions, you may want to use the Selenite heart to get into a deeper state, faster and stay there for longer.

One of the best tricks for meditation is being able to quickly get into state or what is know as the alpha brainwave state. This is the awake unconscious state many people talk about. 

If you use an anchor, it tricks the mind into creating a deeper and faster way to get into your meditative state.

So when you are going to do a meditation, hold on to your Selenite heart and gently count back from 5 to 1 or whatever your meditative routine is.

By holding on to the Selenite Heart and setting your intention of going deeper, faster, you will find it much easier every time you meditate.

Many of our customers buy them as gifts for their friends and family members.

For many, these will provide an excellent addition to their every growing crystal collection. Enjoy the positive vibes.

8. Selenite Palm Stones

Selenite palm stones are ideal to have around your home.

Many people like to have them near their bed or where they meditate, so they can grab one easily and meditate with it.

You want to make sure you get a good size palm stone, like the one pictured here. You don't want a small one as they will be too small to hold.

The key to meditation is being able to access deeper brain wave states. Your goal is to get to the alpha brain wave state ASAP.

Many like to use a selenite palm stone to help anchor their meditation so they can get to alpha quicker every single time.

The faster you can get to alpha, the more enriching and interesting and deeper your meditation experience.

If you are ever feeling stressed, you can always reach for your selenite palm stone, take a few deep breaths and relaxhh.


9. Selenite Spiral or Unicorn Horn

Selenite Spiral Towers, selenite twist or Unicorn horns are truly one of the more magical pieces of Selenite.

Do you remember as a child how your parents saw the cardboard box in front of them, but you saw a magical castle? Your imagination was running wild. Everything was possible.

The idea behind the Selenite Spiral is to help evoke the curiosity and creativity in kids. And it is for this very reason many started calling them Selenite Unicorn horns.

best selenite spiral unicorn horns

Kids love the Selenite Unicorn horns as it makes them think of magical horses who drift through the sky spreading love and rainbows everywhere. Cute huh.

You will be able to appreciate, these are not just a unicorn horn, but are made from Selenite. As a result, they have some wonderful energies and vibrations to them.

Some will suggest it has a lovely calming effect on their kids. They love playing with the lovely, smooth Selenite Spiral as they are imagining new world's and broadening their horizons.

No matter if you would love to have them around your home or you are thinking of getting a few for the kids' room, they are beautiful.

To hold it in your hand, they normally range in size from 6-8inches in length and weigh around 300-500grams. So they are quite a lovely shape and size to hold.

If you are like me, you will appreciate the beautiful work that has gone into shaping this crystal in the spiral formation. There are some very talented people out there.

10. Selenite tea light candle holders

You will be pleased to know you have a range of wonderful Selenite candle holders available.

Let's start with the polished selenite tube. The polished selenite tube tea light holder is remarkable, to say the least. 

First of all, the carving is incredible. So smooth and such a lovely, uniform shape. 

best selenite tealight candle holders

Secondly, they are a perfect size and great price for such an amazing, high-energy crystal. Just $16. When you compare it to the Amethyst point tea light holders at $70, you can understand what I mean.

The next to review is the Selenite heart tea light candle holder. Again, the lines and smoothness of these are exceptional. They are such a beautiful and delicate crystal that you almost don't want to burn a tea light candle in them.

But you must. The tea light candle helps radiate the positive crystal energy from the natural Moroccan Selenite. Such high energy.

Net we have the Selenite star tea light candle holders. As you can see from the photos, they are beautifully carved and an awesome shape.

When you consider how delicate the Selenite stone is, you will be all the more impressed by the finished product.

Hopefully, you love the contrasting pink tea light candle as much as we do. It looks stunning in the pink on white.

We also have a range of excellent orange Selenite tea light candle holders including the tube, star and heart. All are equally as impressive, but by far the most popular are the natural white selenite.

Speedy postage anywhere in Australia

You may live in Cairns, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne or Tasmania.

No matter where you live, we are able to arrange a safe and speedy delivery of your package.

We use a range of couriers to deliver your beautiful Selenite crystals and our package is first class.

All our selenite and crystal packages are packed as if we are sending to our own family. With love and care.

How we calculate postage costs for your tower lamps

We weigh every Selenite Crystal we have in stock. So in the back end, we have postal prices automatically calculated

So when you add one of the lovely Selenite crystals to your shopping cart, the postage price will automatically display. Just put in your postcode and you will see the postage rate.

We DO NOT charge a 'handling' fee on your order. Whatever the postal quote is, we pass that on to you. We will always be transparent with your postage quote.

7 Interesting facts about Selenite you may not know

  • Selenite derives from the mineral Gypsum and is a form of gypsum. It is a variety of gypsum crystal with great appeal.
  • The properties of Selenite: Selenite is a soft mineral and will dissolve in water. This won't happen straight away but still, it is best to keep your selenite away from water.
  • There are many types of Selenite, such as logs, tubes, candle holders, hearts and wands to name a few.
  • The origin of the word Selenite means Moon. There is nothing quite like a Selenite Sphere to remind you of the beauty of the moon.
  • Selenite is found and extracted from caves. Some of the most amazing crystal caves images you have seen online are likely to be Selenite.
  • Selenite is considered an essential crystal to be used in Feng Shui, especially in the bedroom.
  • Selenite is 100% natural from the Earth (we love Earth Inspired Gifts!), so every single piece is unique.

As you can see, the properties and powers of selenite are truly unique. Selenite comes with a number of helpful metaphysical and spiritual elements to help you in your life.

While the selenite crystal meanings are impressive, it is up to each person to set their intentions clearly. Whether you want to use it for psychic abilities, spiritual awakening or as a cleansing crystal, you must be sure to be clear upfront.

Summing up the best selenite crystals in 2024

You can see from the extensive review above that picking the best selenite crystal shape is a personal choice.

One thing is for sure, Selenite is a must-have crystal for those looking to reap the positive benefits of one of the highest energy crystals around.

For many, focusing on their greatest needs first is their priority and so the Selenite lamp is often the choice. The reason for this is sleep has seemingly become a huge issue in modern society. As a result, crystals which can help improve your sleep have the greatest benefit to most people's lives.

We hope you enjoyed the review of the best selenite crystals in 2024.

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