11 Interesting Facts About Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

by Nicky Jessen

11 Interesting Facts About Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

The following facts about Himalayan rock salt lamps might surprise you, even if you are already familiar with them. Some of these facts are already well known.

When you add up all the benefits of Himalayan rock salt lamps, you can see why so many people have them in their home as a beautiful decoration with health benefits.

Here are the 11 facts about Himalayan rock salt lamps.

1. Purifying the air in your home

The crystal lamps are home decor items and are frequently sold as air purifiers. They are made out of crystal rocks and promote good health and vitality. Undoubtedly, these distinctive natural light fixtures are a worthy inclusion in any home.

The crystal rocks present in Himalayan rock salt lamps are mined in the Himalayan mountains, which is where Mount Everest is located.

2. Himalayan rock salt dates back 200 million years

These rocks date back more than 200 million years and come in a variety of colours - from dark brown to off white, with pink and orange being the most popular.

3. The soft natural glow helps lower stress and anxiety

The light created can be of various shades, because salt impurities can cause subtle colour alterations. Some studies show the warm light shades generate a soothing atmosphere, which helps to lower stress and anxiety.

As mentioned above, every salt lamp is unique in colour and shape. No two natural Himalayan salt lamps are the same. The images of the natural salt lamps below are of the same salt lamp. It makes it easier to list all the various ones on the site this way.

4. Purest salt due to where they are mined

The rocks form in the salt water situated at the foot of the mountains. Because that area of the world is undeveloped, salt rocks originating from there rank among the world's purest.

5. Supplying negative ions to counteract the positive ions

Also, Himalayan rock salt lamps emit negative ions, which neutralise positive ions emanating from household electronics. In effect, the ions become heavier, so they land on the ground and can not be breathed in.

This is thought to restore balance to spaces and enhance general health.

Lots of 'ionic air cleaners', which are modern air purifiers, utilise this method to clean the air indoors for allergy sufferers.

Moreover, salt lamps are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the functional appearance of air purifiers.

The positive benefits of negative ions in your home

Negative ions are believed to help people who suffer from respiratory conditions in several ways.

Individuals who suffer from:

  • allergies
  • hay fever
  • sleep apnea; and
  • asthma

often report their symptoms improve to a varying extent. 

The quantity of negative ions released by a salt lamp depends on how big it is, and how hot the light bulb can make it.

In a research paper conducted in October 2017, they found that negative oxygen ions helped subjects fall asleep more easily in the room with negative oxygen ions.

Click play on the short video below to see the new and improved salt lamps we stock, which come on an onyx crystal base instead of the basic wooden base.

Below you can see the difference between the old style wooden bases and the newly upgraded onyx crystal bases. They are so much easier to care for if your salt lamp should leak.

facts about onyx base salt lamps

6. Bigger rock salt lamps emit more beneficial negative ions

Of course, larger crystals are used in the more expensive lamps, and these can emit negative ions to greater areas.

Salt lamps that produce 'night light' quantities of light can deliver ions to areas equivalent in size to average office cubicles.

Himalayan rock salt lamps can be a collection of small rocks stored in a basket or a single big rock positioned on a base.

Normally, a big rock will have some of its centre removed to make space for a bulb, whereas some of the carved style rock salt lamps position the rocks on top of and around the source of light.

7. Speleotherapy

Speleotherapy is a word which describes salt therapies of many types, which are believed to improve general health significantly.

Greater energy, alertness, sexual function, happiness and productivity have been credited to these lamps by their owners.

8. Himalayan rock salt lamps remove odours from your rooms

Researchers discovered that, once the warmth from the lamps contacts the rocks, it removes odours from the surrounding air.

However, if you have a few smelly teenage boys who dump their muddy footy shoes at the front door, then you need something with a lot more power. Perhaps a few cans of Glen-20? ;-)

9. Health benefits

Additional medical conditions noted by various owners to benefit from rock salt lamps include

  • hypertension
  • liver and blood problems
  • rheumatism
  • neuralgia
  • migraine headaches
  • hormonal imbalances; and
  • sinus problems.

The lamps are thought to fortify the immune system too.

10. Our Himalayan rock salt lamps are mined without explosives

To maintain their structural integrity, the crystal rocks utilised to produce Himalayan salt lamps are mined without explosives. This is why they are somewhat costly to acquire.

While the majority of lamp manufacturers obtain salt rocks from the Pakistan Himalayas, crystal rocks do exist in other mountain range locations as well.

In recent years, these lamps have increased in popularity as home décor items. This is because of the soft, distinctive orange lighting they usually give off, and the fascinating history of the components used to produce them.

You may have noticed the carved Himalayan Salt Lamps. Once they are mined, they are then carved into beautiful shapes. As you can appreciate, this is quite a challenging task and requires quite a lot of skill and effort.

But the end result is beautiful. See the full range of carved Himalayan salt lamps below.

11. Himalayan rock salt lamps are often used in Feng Shui

Frequently, salt lamps are included in eco-friendly homes and are occasionally used in feng shui to achieve energy balance in a room. 

There are not many things in life as relaxing and soothing as a glowing campfire, and Himalayan rock salt lamps provide a similar atmosphere at home.

Hopefully, the above facts about Himalayan rock salt lamps have been enlightening. 

If you think the earthy beauty of these fixtures might appeal to someone you know, they make a great gift idea for a birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or Christmas present.

Nicky Jessen
Nicky Jessen


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