Earth Inspired Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2017 - Our Top 10

by Nicky Jessen

Earth Inspired Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2017 - Our Top 10

Today we have a wide selection of Earthy Mother's Day gifts and a wide range of gift ideas that you can think about in terms of gifts for your mum.

But we don't have your typical gift ideas here. A lot of people go to the standard box of chocolates or flowers or maybe some movie tickets or something like that, but what we're focused on is natural earth inspired gift ideas.

We love the crystal gift ideas that come out of the ground and look absolutely beautiful and stunning. Not to mention they will last a lifetime as well.

Mothers day gift ideas 2017 crystals

If you are like many of our customers, you or your mum will love having some beautiful crystals around your home. Your mum will be able to cherish them and remember them for many years to come.

Let's take a look at the top 10 gift ideas for Mother's Day in 2017.

1. Agate slice wind chimes

The first gift idea for Mother's Day is the Agate Slice Wind Chimes. Your mum may have never seen an Agate Slice Wind Chime before.

They are absolutely beautiful because they are made out of a natural agate crystal, which has then been dyed purple or green or pink or whatever colour is your mum's favourite colour.

The great thing about the agate slice wind chimes is the crystal sound they make. Not a tinny metal sound or a dull wooden sound, but a beautiful crystal sound. They look absolutely stunning as they turn and sparkle in the sun or in any light. They are a beautiful gift idea for Mother's Day.

2. Aqua Aura earrings - pyramid shape

The second gift idea to consider for Mother's Day are the Aqua Aura Earrings shaped as a Pyramid. They are absolutely exquisite and such a beautiful gift idea.

Aqua Aura starts off as a natural quartz crystal, which is then infused with gold dust. This gives each Aqua Aura earring the beautiful blue colour and sparkle.

They are absolutely stunning. Not only that, but they are very lightweight. When you hold the Aqua Aura earrings up to the light they sparkle all the colours of the rainbow. It is really quite remarkable.

As you can see when you click to view more, you will see that there's a few images which capture the light. Every time you move them into the light, you will see the full rainbow colours.

Aqua Aura is a new crystal now available and because of how beautiful it is, they've become extremely popular. Your mum will be pleased with the one of a kind gift idea this Mother's Day.

3. Carved Himalayan fire bowl salt lamp

The third gift idea for Mothers' Day is the Carved Himalayan Fire Bowl Salt Lamp. A lot of people are loving their natural salt lamps and they look absolutely beautiful.

However, if you want to upgrade and get a beautiful centrepiece for the home, a carved Himalayan salt lamp is the way to go.

Our number one selling carved salt lamp is the fire bowl. It is carved in the shape of a bowl with natural Himalayan salt pieces placed beautifully in the bowl.

The light source is inserted from underneath, and it glows looking like a bowl of fire, which is really quite mesmerising.

It's such a beautiful salt lamp and your mother will truly appreciate the gift idea that you have given her. Every single one of our salt lamps come on an onyx crystal base which has a number of benefits. The carved Himalayan fire bowl salt lamp weighs around 4kg and they are a great gift idea.

We can ship them out or you can do local pick-up in Sydney. We are located in the Hills District in Sydney.

Each of our salt lamps comes with a power cord, so your mum can plug it in. And it comes with a light globe as well, so your mother will be able to get it up and running straight away.

Just plug it straight in, the light bulb will be ready to go, and she'll be pleasantly surprised with this gift idea.

4. Clear quartz angels

The fourth gift idea for Mother's Day is the Clear Quartz Angels. The Clear Quartz Angels are like having your own protective angel looking over you. So for you and your mom, this could be quite symbolic of your relationship or the things that your mother has done for you over the years.

Generally speaking, angels are a great gift idea for a very special person in your life, and of course, your mother is one of those very special people.

There are a range of sizes from 5cm to 8cm (2inches to just over 3inches) and they can fit easily in a handbag or on your person. They are very easy to carry around and have on you at all times.

Also, for those people the like meditating, these are a great crystal angel you can hold while you're meditating. So if your mother is into meditation, then this is the perfect Mother's Day gift idea.

5. Natural Himalayan salt lamp

The fifth gift idea for Mother's Day is the Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp. We'd recommended a 4-6kg Himalayan salt lamp as it's most convenient to go in most of the rooms.

Generally speaking, a 4-6kg salt lamp is suitable for a small room, but they also look beautiful in a large room as well. You can also go up to larger size natural salt lamps, however, the four to six is a beautiful gift idea.

The price point sits at $35, which is a great price point for a Mother's Day present. Even though they weigh 4-6kg, shipping is very reasonable at around $8-$12 depending on your location.

These all come on a beautiful onyx crystal base which we review here. As you can see in the photo, it's a natural crystal base as opposed to the old style wooden base. The onyx crystal base is the new base people are switching to from the cheaper wooden bases.

Of course, a salt lamp is something lasts for decades, so your salt lamp will be a gift remembered and cherished as a loving gift from their favourite child ;-)

6. Natural quartz tea light candle holders

Gift idea number six is one of my favourites. It's the Natural Quartz Tealight Candle Holders. We've only just got these in and they're absolutely stunning.

They're actually quite a large tealight candle holder. They weigh up to 900gms or even up to 1kg. They are a natural chunk of quartz crystal, which is absolutely stunning on its own, let alone with a nice flickering flame inside.

You'll see in the photo, we've got a bright, vibrant pink tealight candle and it sits perfectly against the white natural quartz backdrop. We highly recommend putting these in a nice prominent place in your home because they look absolutely beautiful, and they're very, very eye-catching.

So if you're looking for a unique crystal gift idea that your mother or even her friends won't have, then this is the perfect one.

The Natural Quartz Tealight Candle Holders are perfect for the bathroom as well. They sit beautifully in any environment, and they come with a velvet base, so they don't scratch or mark anything that you put them on.

So they sit beautifully, they sit nice and soft on your furniture, beautiful in the bathroom, beautiful in your main TV room, or even in your bedroom to set a nice, romantic atmosphere every evening as you're going to bed.

Once again, this is a beautiful gift idea around that $45 or under $50 mark for that special mum in your life.

7. Selenite heart tea light candle holder

Now the next gift idea, number seven, is the Selenite Heart Tealight Candle Holders. I'm a little bit biassed with tea light candle holders because I think they're absolutely amazing. Plus they are only $16.

Tea light candle holders set such a beautiful atmosphere, they look absolutely stunning and they do help put a lot of serenity and a positive energy in any room.

Of course, Mother's Day wouldn't be without hearts. We love our mums and we give them lots of hearts. So the Selenite Heart Tealight Holder is a perfect gift idea for Mother's Day in 2017.

As you can see the size of this is perfect to fit in your hand. They don't weigh too much and they sit perfectly. They weigh less than half a kilo basically, so about 450gms, and they're the perfect size and shape.

These are a polished selenite tealight candle holder. They have beautiful polished sides and they are absolutely stunning.

They always shine and shimmer a little bit when you hold them against the light, and your mum will be quite surprised to receive something so beautiful.

8. Amethyst geode cave

Gift idea number eight is an exclusive gift idea. We're talking about an Amethyst Geode Cave. Depending on the size of the Amethyst Geode Cave, it will depend on the price of course.

So most of the Amethyst Geode Caves start at about $300 for a 6kg cave, and they go all the way up to around $1695. The geode caves are absolutely stunning.

These are formed over millions of years, and they're formed from volcanoes that have dripped lava and become air pockets.

The crystals themselves are a combination of small or large crystal clusters and there's often some agate around the outside and some other natural crystal pieces within the amethyst geode cave. These are an absolutely stunning piece.

They are an exclusive, exquisite gift idea for the special mum in your life. You can almost be guaranteed that no-one, none of her friends will have one of these in their home.

9. Selenite tower lamp

The ninth gift idea for Mother's Day is the Selenite Tower Lamp. The Selenite Tower Lamps are absolutely stunning and one of our biggest sellers. They are perfect for the bedroom as a nightlight that can be turned off and on.

We've already done a bit of a piece on Selenite versus Himalayan salt lamps and the benefits between the two, but one of the stand-out features of a Selenite Tower Lamp is the fact that you can turn it off and the Selenite doesn't actually sweat.

Selenite tower lamps are by far the most popular gift ideas for the bedroom or the main living room. They are a beautiful night lamp, they light up perfectly and they look stunning in a dark room. They really do.

Depending on what your mother is after for this Mother's Day, a lot of people do buy a pair of Selenite lamps. They place them on either side of their main bed.

The Selenite lamps become the bedside lamps. They have a nice warm glow. It's not a bright light like a lamp, it's just a nice warm glow that comes out of a beautiful natural crystal.

So generally speaking, the selenite calms and soothes and it brings a deep peace of sense and tranquillity. A lot of people like the soothing nature of the selenite, the nice white light.

They're great for when you're retiring in the evening, you can lay down with a nice soft light and a glow on, and you can just gently get yourself to sleep.

A lot of people have suggested it helps them with their sleep and getting a deep sleep.

All the selenite tower lamps do come with their own power cord, and a light bulb as well. So as a gift idea, depending on which size you buy, they are perfect.

They sit on the bedroom bedside table, and the light is just a nice, soft glow, and is ready to go as a perfect Mother's Day gift idea.

10. Amethyst crystal hearts

Lastly, the tenth gift idea for mum this Mother's Day in 2017, is the Amethyst Crystal Heart.

Obviously, hearts are very symbolic and everyone loves to give their mum a heart. So this is quite a simple gift idea. It's an ideal price point around $30, and it is a natural amethyst crystal heart.

Amethyst is by far the most popular crystal. It's a beautiful purple in colour, and it gets carved into so many different shapes, and of course, this one is carved into a heart. We do have the more expensive Uruguay amethyst crystal hearts here.

Nearly all ladies, you'd have to say all ladies, including myself, love the heart shape. So this is a beautiful crystal heart, it can sit on the table, sit in the kitchen, the bedroom or in your handbag, and it's just a beautiful crystal to have around.

All of our crystal hearts are of Q1A quality and they have some beautiful textures within the crystal. Great for spiritual mothers and those mothers who like to meditate. Also great for balance and inner peace.

Shipping your Mother's Day gifts - How long and how much?

So if need to get your Mother's Day gift shipped out, then shipping is pretty reasonable. When you go through check-out you'll be able to see exactly how much shipping is.

We choose the best delivery company depending on your location. We use a variety of couriers and certain ones are fast at getting them to certain locations. So we pick the ones we now will ship fast and on-time.

As you can appreciate, the heavier items will be slightly more than the light items. But you'll find shipping with the Mother's Day gift ideas is very reasonable.

When it comes to shipping the item, as soon as we get the order we will pack it up and it will leave our house the next business day. So the next morning it will be picked up and ready for delivery.

For many people who live in Sydney, which is where we live, we actually find delivery can get there well within 24 hours, and sometimes the next day. So if you order it on Wednesday, it will be shipped out on Thursday morning, and some people will receive their gifts on Thursday.

Summing up the Top 10 Earth Inspired Gift Ideas for Mother's Day 2017

So in conclusion, hopefully, that gives you some excellent natural crystal gift ideas for your mother this Mother's Day in 2017.

Time to celebrate mum for her special day for all the years that she's had to put up with you and me, and all of the kids she's had if she's had several.

So it's time to celebrate and, as we know, our mothers do deserve the best. You will notice we've tried to include a range a Mother's Day gift ideas from the lower price all the way up to exclusive gift ideas for that very special mother in your life.

So hopefully you were able to see a few gift ideas which really resonate and you think your mum would absolutely love this Mother's Day.

Feel free to get in contact with us. Use the Contact Us form, the live chat or phone us direct and we'll be able to answer any of the questions you may have, and hopefully find the perfect gift idea for your mum this Mother's Day.

Nicky Jessen
Nicky Jessen


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