Crystal Bracelets - Benefits and Types of Healing Crystal Bracelets

by Nicky Jessen

Crystal Bracelets - Benefits and Types of Healing Crystal Bracelets

Rock Your World: The Transformative Power of Crystal Bracelets

As you are reading this blog, it would be fair to say you are already conscious of the power of crystals. We find when people first look into crystals they start to see lots of people wearing crystal bracelets, crystal pendants, and crystal beaded bracelets.

You see, crystals never go out of trend because most are handmade and straight from Mother Nature. Each stone carries with it vibrational energy and the fact is, people love wearing them.

Of course, nothing beats a 30kg amethyst geode cave, but you cannot wear it around your neck or wrist, can you ;-)

Both men and women wear crystal bracelets for their healing properties, the emotional uplift they get by wearing them and to remind them of the powerful intentions they have set for their life.

Or you may love the beauty of each natural crystal bead, with most being 8mm or 10mm.

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Let's jump in and start with the top 5 benefits of crystal beaded bracelets.

Top 5 benefits of crystal bracelets

  1. You have the crystal directly on your body
  2. Crystal bracelets are natural
  3. They look beautiful
  4. Each crystal has specific energy healing properties
  5. They are an excellent reminder of the intention you set with your favourite crystal

Beyond Beauty: The Meaning and Benefits Encased in Crystal Bracelets

Crystal bracelets are often associated with the concept of bringing balance, wellness, and harmony to the wearer's life.

They are considered a form of healing jewellery, where each bracelet is thought to carry specific energies and properties derived from the crystals used.

The meaning of crystal bracelets revolves around the idea that these accessories, beyond their aesthetic appeal, can influence the wearer's emotional and spiritual well-being.

Types of crystal bead bracelets

  • Rose quartz - Is this the best bracelet for women?

Rose quartz bracelets complement the full range of rose quartz jewellery. They are all so stunning and by far the most popular crystal jewellery item to wear.

Rose quartz is the love crystal. When you think of unconditional love, think of rose quartz.

Rose quartz bracelets are so peaceful and radiate unconditional love and healing.

rose quartz crystal bracelets

  • Fluorite crystal gemstone bracelet

Fluorite bracelets are ideal for those who love the combination of purples and greens. Rainbow fluorite bracelets are lovely on and showcase how magnificent it is to wear natural crystals.

Fluorite is said to help overcome chaos and bring calmness. A fluorite crystal can absorb and neutralise any harmful or negative energy in a room. It can help bring balance and restore order.

fluorite crystal bracelets rainbow fluorite

  • Chakra healing crystal gemstone bracelet

Chakra bracelets can come in different styles, including a full lot of chakra beads around the bracelet. Or you may get a Chakra Lava Stone Bracelet.

The lava stone version has the 7 chakra crystals and lave stone beads, and is a great yoga bracelet.

Lava is a stone of strength and courage, allowing one the opportunity for stability throughout changes in their life while the 7 chakra stones provide balance to the wearer of the bracelet.

You can also put your essences on the 8mm bead lava stone for aromatherapy.

The chakra bead bracelet is lovely as well.

  • Hematite energy bracelet

Hematite is often used as a healing therapy bracelet, and there is no doubt you will get a lot of positive comments when wearing it.

Hematite crystals have an excellent grounding and balancing energy and are great for grounding yourself. It can be helpful with the organisation of the mind to enhance memory and evoke deep thought.

  • Amethyst healing bracelet

Amethyst is one of the most popular healing crystals and is adored by all in the bracelet styling.

It is considered a crystal of protection, selflessness, nobleness, spiritual consciousness, meditativeness, balance and inner peace.

It is an excellent stone for meditation and enhancing your intuition.

amethyst crystal bracelets gemstones 8mm

  • Black tourmaline stretch bracelet

Black tourmaline round gemstone bracelets are ideal for those who are looking to help cleanse and purify their energy. Tourmaline can help you develop a more centred vibration to provide a protective shield around your body.

Tourmaline is said to help you gain a better understanding of who you are. If you or someone you are looking to gift this to someone who is struggling with working out their direction, then tourmaline is the perfect crystal to help them gain clarity.

  • Tiger Eye Bracelet

The Tiger Eye Bracelet is a symbol of courage and confidence, and is ideal for both women and men.

Known for its captivating golden-brown striations, Tiger Eye is believed to ground and center its wearer, fostering practicality and clarity.

Ideal for those facing challenging decisions or transitions, this bracelet can help you harness inner strength and promote a clear vision for the future.

Click here to find out more about the Tiger Eye meaning & healing properties.

  • Smoky quartz beaded crystal bracelet

Smoky quartz is such a powerful grounding crystal. It is also a powerful healing and energy amplifier that will help you raise your spiritual energy.

Smoky quartz bracelets have a lovely colour to the natural gemstones, which intrigues people.

The beauty of smoky quartz is that it is gender-neutral (unisex), so can be worn by both men and women. Plus there are so many benefits of smoky quartz and healing properties.

  • Sodalite adjustable bracelet

The Sodalite Crystal Beaded Bracelet is an exquisite choice for those seeking to enhance their intuition and mental clarity.

Known for its deep blue hues interspersed with white calcite, Sodalite is more than just a visual delight; it’s a beacon of inner peace and insight.

This bracelet, with its smoothly polished beads, is not only stylish but also a powerful tool for those working on self-expression and confidence.

Sodalite’s energy is believed to foster logic, rationality, and efficiency, making it an ideal companion for anyone engaged in intellectual pursuits or needing to communicate complex ideas clearly.

It resonates particularly well with writers, artists, and philosophers, aiding in the clear articulation of thoughts and feelings.

  • Black Obsidian Bracelet

The Black Obsidian Bracelet offers a deep connection to the protective energies of the earth.

This powerful volcanic glass is known for its shielding properties, warding off negative influences and emotional blockages.

It's a perfect accessory for those seeking grounding and purification of their personal energy field.

  • Carnelian Crystal Bracelet

Vibrant and energising, the Carnelian Crystal Bracelet is a catalyst for creativity and vitality.

This sunset-hued stone is believed to stimulate ambition and determination, making it a great companion for those embarking on new ventures or artistic endeavors.

  • Clear Quartz Bracelet

The Clear Quartz Bracelet is a versatile tool for energy amplification and clarity.

Known as the 'master healer,' Clear Quartz enhances the energies of other stones and intentions, making this bracelet a perfect pairing for any ensemble and purpose.

A perfect minimalist bracelet.

  • Lava Stone Bracelet with Herringbone Charm - Essential oil diffuser bracelet

The Lava Stone Bracelet with Herringbone Charm is a striking piece that seamlessly combines the raw energy of nature with a touch of sophisticated charm.

Lava stone, known for its grounding qualities and connection to the earth's core, offers stability and strength to its wearer.

The porous texture of the lava beads makes them perfect for use with essential oils, allowing for a personalised aromatic experience.

  • Chrysocolla Bracelet with Tree of Life

The Chrysocolla Bracelet with Tree of Life charm merges the tranquility of the sea and sky with the symbol of growth and connection.

Chrysocolla is known for its calming energies, enhancing communication and meditation.

The Tree of Life charm adds a meaningful touch, representing personal development, uniqueness, and interconnectedness.

  • Red Agate Bracelet

The Red Agate Bracelet is a vibrant accessory that embodies strength and courage.

This warm, protective stone is known to foster self-confidence and dispel fear, making it an empowering choice for everyday wear and challenging situations.

You will love the contrast between the black beads and the red agate. A powerful statement that includes the Tree of Life charm.

  • African Turquoise Bracelet

The African Turquoise Bracelet is not just a stunning piece but also a symbol of transformation and awakening.

This stone, often regarded as the 'Stone of Evolution,' encourages growth and positive change, making it ideal for those on a path of self-improvement and exploration.

  • Crystal chip bracelet

The Multi-Crystal Chip Bracelet is a vibrant mosaic of energies, perfect for those who seek a harmonious blend of crystal benefits.

This bracelet features an array of finely chipped crystals, each contributing its unique properties to create a symphony of vibrational support.

The diverse crystals may include Amethyst for tranquillity, Rose Quartz for love and compassion, Citrine for joy and abundance, and Clear Quartz for clarity and amplification of energies.

  • Opalite bracelet

Opalite beads and Opalite bracelets are striking in colour. Their colour combination is mystifying and lovely to look at.

Opalite is one of the prettiest crystal bracelets available, and they glimmer, glisten and shine in every way possible.

You may already know that Opalite is a man-made stone, but it is still such a beautiful colour.

  • Goldstone Bracelet

Sparkling with copper flecks, the Goldstone Bracelet is a testament to ambition and optimism.

This glittering stone is believed to generate positive energies, encourage motivation, and uplift the spirit, making it a perfect accessory for dreamers and achievers alike.

  • Rhodonite Bracelet

The Rhodonite Bracelet, a versatile piece that doubles as an elegant necklace, is a true embodiment of love and passion.

Adorned with various shades of pink and interspersed with delicate gold spacers, this accessory exudes a bohemian flair, perfect for those who appreciate a blend of style and emotion.

Rhodonite, often recognised for its ability to inspire deep love, is not just a stone of affection but also a symbol of artistic expression and passion.

  • Orange Jasper Bracelet with Tree of Life charm

The Orange Jasper Bracelet is a celebration of endurance and spirit.

This earthy stone, with its warm, invigorating colours, is believed to offer support during times of stress and rejuvenate the wearer's energy.

It's a wonderful choice for those needing a boost of vitality and positivity.

  • Orgonite bracelet

Orgonite bracelets are going to be one of our favourites. We have had many people ask about orgonite bracelets and orgonite jewellery

Orgonite Bracelets are not just a piece of jewellery; they are a symphony of metaphysical science and artistry.

These bracelets are crafted from a mixture of resin, metal flakes, and crystals, creating a unique energetic matrix that is believed to balance and harmonise bio-energy, also known as orgone.

orgonite bracelets orgone bracelet with crystals

Crystal healing bracelet gift ideas

These are excellent gift ideas. The crystals within each stone are natural and have loving energy about them.

If you know the favourite colour or stone of the person you are buying the gift for, then you cannot go wrong. For example, one of our most popular gifts are the amethyst crystal gifts. And there are plenty of agate stone gift ideas here.

We do have many bracelets which come in a lovely presented jewellery box with a saying on the card about the crystal.

These are the best-sellers among our customers.

When it comes to Mother's Day gift ideas, Gift ideas for kids, or you need to purchase a birthstone bracelet, you will always impress those you buy for.

You will love the pricing of our various bracelets and find you can buy several, as you are buying directly from a small local business.

Crystal charm bracelets - Beautiful jewellery gemstone bracelets

Crystal charm bracelets are trendy.

You can get many different charms on your bracelet, but the one we sell here is the Tree of Life charm.

The Tree of Life charm is a symbol of a new beginning, a fresh start.

You can set your intention when you get it to bring on the positive energy and to aspire to an exciting future.

Remember the time you planted a tree or started a veggie garden as a child? Remember how excited you were to water it every day and watch it grow?

The Tree of Life charm captures all that energy, just like a tree seed has abundant energy to grow into a fruit tree or a massive acorn tree, all from a little seed.

A tree truly does represent all that is possible in life. From small beginnings can become amazing things.

Healing Crystal Bracelets

You may be wondering, which are the best healing crystal bracelets?

Each stone has its healing properties and depending on your needs at the time, each one can provide the healing you set your intention to.

Crystals have been cherished for thousands of years by people all around the world. Wearing stone bracelets for healing is a simple way to enjoy the benefits of Mother Nature.

We often refer to the crystal books by Judy Hall, which are 'The Crystal Bible' and 'The Encyclopedia of Crystals'.

Both of these provide all the amazing healing properties of every crystal as well as how you should wear them.

It is said you should wear your crystal bracelets on your right hand when you want to send the positive energies of your crystal outward.

You can wear your crystal bracelet on your left hand if you want to radiate the healing energy of the stone inward.

Other powerful ones you can buy include aventurine, lapis lazuli, citrine, or black onyx to name a few.

Buying crystal bracelets online

You will love the fact you can buy your crystal bracelets online here in Australia.

We are very selective with the type of crystal bracelets we select for our shop.

Choose from our full selection from the product listings below.

You can be assured we do our best to hand-select the prettiest of them all. We do not stock the Swarovski crystal ones here.

The best part of ordering your crystal bracelets online is they are lightweight, so shipping is inexpensive.

You will find we package your crystal bracelet in the best possible way, so it gets to you in perfect condition.

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