Tiger Eye Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses of this Stunning Crystal

by Nicky Jessen

Tiger Eye Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses of this Stunning Crystal

Unleashing the Power: Tiger Eye Meaning and Mighty Healing Properties of This Gemstone

People from all walks of life have been using semi-precious and precious stones, such as Tiger Eye Crystals, to ward off bad luck, protect their health, and provide them with prosperity and good luck.

Tiger's Eye is a powerful stone of protection and it is said that Roman soldiers used it to protect them in battle.

It is often called the golden stone, which is supposed to give wearers strength of will, self-confidence, and courage.

This is among the natural healing stones that benefit people suffering from personality disorders and mental diseases.

What is the meaning of Tiger Eye?

Tiger Eye Stone Meaning:

The Tiger Eye gemstone derives its name from its close resemblance with the eyes of the tiger and cat.

Typically, the stone is available in shades of golden brown to yellow-brown with one or multiple bands of colour passing through it. 

The cost of the stone depends on its transparency as well as the number of bands running through it.

Stones that have three bands running through them are costlier than those having a single band.

There are arguments about whether Tiger Eye should be classified as a stone or a crystal.

The answer is the tiger eye is a crystal as it contains quartz crystal as well.

tigers eye crystal meaning strength courage mental clarity

Top 7 Tiger Eye Stone Benefits

Tiger Eye Benefits:

  1. This stone is essential for those searching for harmony and balance in their lives. If you are feeling you are unable to control an aspect of your life because you are too occupied dealing with another aspect, then this stone will prove beneficial for you.
  2. It is the ideal stone to release anxieties and fears. Wear it if you believe you lack the self-confidence, strength of mind, and courage to tackle anything that comes your way.
  3. People who are unable to make use of their creativity and suffer from lack of focus can seek the help of this stone, which will fill you with optimism and confidence, required to accomplish your goals, as well as dispel all feelings of being incomplete.
  4. Wear this stone if you want to help others and make the earth a better place, as it helps you to become an ambassador of goodwill.
  5. This stone is renowned for its healing properties as well for its capability to increase the energies of other stones you are wearing. The healing energy of this stone is said to help lessen pains in the body and help give you the emotional strength to help heal any sickness you may have.
  6. It helps resolve mental conflicts by mixing your brain's energies, allowing you to think more clearly than before. You can also consider adding this stone if you are suffering from vision-related problems. As this stone combines the energy from the earth and the energies of the sun, people feel they get a boost of energy when wearing tigers eye.
  7. The Tigers Eye natural crystal is said to benefit those who have a broken bone and some suggest to heal broken bones. What they are talking about here is to help focus the healing energy surging around your body to help your body do its job the best it can.


What are the properties of Tiger Eye?

The main properties of this stone are that it is both durable and affordable, implying that nearly everybody can afford it. A lot of people are looking for cheap crystals online. It is quite hard (hardness of 4-7 on the Mohs scale) making it scratch-resistant.

It is the only semi-precious stone, whose colour changes when viewed from different angles under different light conditions.

It is also a variety of silicon dioxide (quartz). It contains asbestos fibres that reflect light, thereby, making it chatoyant.

Apart from having a glow, it boasts a rich gold colour and has earthy brown stripes.

It looks like the eye of a tiger because of its shiny changing colours and brilliant lustre.

It has been popular for centuries as a protective stone. It is a fact that soldiers of the Roman army used to wear this stone to protect them against evil as well as to provide them with clarity during the war.

There are a few forms of Tigers eye such as blue tigers eye, red tiger's eye and golden tiger eye.

Tigers eye crystals collection

What are Tiger Eye crystals used for?

You can harness the power of a Royal Bengal Tiger with the help of this stone.

It also empowers you with the courage to start living and the strength to stop dreaming.

It provides you with the courage required to leap into the unknown and have the attitude to play the game called life according to your own rules.

This stone provides you with the encouragement to move out of your comfort zone, providing you with the opportunity to change, grow, and transform into your true self.

It is perfect for individuals who want to build their character, and help them beat their competitors during interviews.

tigers eye crystal gemstones spheres tumbles

What are the Tiger eye healing properties?

As far as healing properties are concerned, Tiger Eye can help the wearer's energy as well as provides the grounding, required to support the soul during turbulent times.

Individuals suffering from depression have found comfort by wearing this stone, together with the confidence required to make their dreams come true.

Physically, this stone is said to support the healing of fractures and broken bones at an energetic level. Those with heart problems and high blood pressure are recommended to have Tiger's eye gemstone around them.

Tiger's eye can be used relating to the health of the colon and other organs of the human body such as the kidneys, liver, bladder, and the spleen.

The benefits of Tiger's eye crystal extend to helping raise the vibrational energy of the reproductive system as well.

Individuals wanting to increase their energy levels or feeling unwell can take advantage of the healing benefits of this excellent chakra stone.

Physically weak persons or people suffering from illness can take advantage of Tiger's Eye powerful healing properties.

Also, energy healers suggest the qualities and energy of this stone are helpful in blood disorders and restoring balance on a multitude of different levels.

Many people say the healing powers of this stone are perfect for different types of throat conditions.

tigers eye jewellery and hearts

Harnessing the Power Trio: Tiger's Eye and the Three Key Chakra

This is a gemstone revered not just for its striking appearance but for its profound connection with the solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras. This powerful trifecta makes Tiger's Eye an essential tool for those seeking to balance their energy centres and harness their inner strength.

Wearing Tiger's Eye as jewellery isn't just a fashion statement; it's a way to keep its grounding and motivating energies close to your body.

Whether it's a gemstone jewellery piece like a necklace resting near your solar plexus or a bracelet touching your wrist, Tiger's Eye jewellery serves as a constant reminder of your personal power and resilience.

tigers eye crystal bracelet men and women unisex jewellery

The solar plexus chakra, located in the upper abdomen, is the core of our personality, identity, and ego. Tiger's Eye resonates with this chakra, enhancing self-confidence and self-expression.

Moving down, the sacral chakra, responsible for our emotions and sexuality, finds harmony and creativity with the influence of this gemstone.

Lastly, the root chakra, our foundation and feeling of being grounded, is strengthened, promoting a sense of security and stability.

Incorporating Tiger's Eye into your daily wear not only adds an element of earthy elegance to your style but also aligns your chakras, paving the way for a balanced, confident, and grounded approach to life.

Good Feng Shui with Tiger's Eye

There are a number of Feng Shui cures which involve Tiger's Eye stone due to its exceptional protective & calming qualities.

If you are in business then you will want to place some Tiger's Eye palm stones or tumble stones around your office or desk.

This is said to help open the door to a flow of money. Some feel the crystal energy helps act as a money magnet. That sounds ideal to me.

tigers eye crystals spheres with quartz crystal selenite bowl

My husband has 2 Tiger Eye palm stones and a Tiger Eye pyramid on his work desk.

There is something about the richness of colours within Tiger's Eye that makes you think of wealth, abundance and clear and pure energy.

If you are looking for Feng Shui crystals that help with clarity and insights, attract good luck and help protect from negative energy, then grab a few Tigers Eye gemstones.

Get the law of attraction working for you by using the powers of tigers eye for manifestation. Remember to set your intentions clearly.

Try this little experiment. Put a number of tumble stones or palm stones in a bowl near your front entrance and watch what people say without prompting them. You may be surprised.

Check out these stunning designs with the striking colours of Tigers eye crystals. Absolutely incredible.

Stunning tigers eye crystal designs tigers head

Where are they found?

You can find them in Brazil, Western Australia, India, USA, and Burma. However, the largest quantity of Tiger Eye stones are found in South Africa.

How to buy Tigers Eye crystals in Australia

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