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Tiger Eye Angels are the perfect reflection of the beauty of Mother Nature.

You will notice by the images how they have a lovely dark brown colour, contrasted with the flashes of brighter yellows. This is how it gets the name Tiger's Eye.

In addition to the lovely contrast of browns and yellows, each Tiger's Eye Angel is a beautifully polished crystal. You will love to hold it.

The perfect sized Tiger Eye Angels

In fact, you will notice by the sizing and the images on this page, our tiger eye angels are the perfect size to keep in your pocket, handbag, bedside drawer or around the house.

You may like to place one on the kitchen window sill. They are great to have around as they have such a positive energy about them.

Consider the tiger eye angels as your actual angel or guide. They will help you manifest what it is you are looking for in life.

These angels are also renown for removing negativity in your surrounds and get you in touch with your higher self.

Each Tiger Eye Angel is a natural stone

You will notice each tiger eye angel is unique in colour and can vary slightly in shape. This is because the stone is natural and each one is carved from that unique piece of tiger eye stone.

Here is the approximate size of the angels we stock:

    • Height - Approx 5cm x 3.3cm

    Please Note: We have a number of tiger eye angels in stock and have taken a photo of one similar to the one you will receive. As each tiger eye angel is carved from a natural stone it is important to understand each piece will vary.

    Tiger's eye crystal meaning and uses

    Tiger's eye is considered one of the best Earth energy crystals. It draws its energy in from the sun and helps ground those working with this unique crystal.

    You may have some friends who feel they have been dealt some cruel blows in life and this energy keeps following them around. Tiger's eye is one of the crystals used in ancient times to help ward against curses and the feeling that someone else is dealing you a 'bad set of cards'.

    On a positive note and in conjunction with the above, Tiger's eye is brilliant in helping achieve your goals. It helps you draw upon your inner resources and focus your energy towards those areas you need to create success in.

    Positive attributes of the Tigers Eye crystal

    Tiger's eye is an excellent crystal to help those who are battling with depression.

    You may notice when you go to a beachside resort for a holiday and come back from a walk along the beach. You feel different. You feel a sense of being grounded and energised.

    You can feel the Earthy nature and transference of free radicals and positive electrons when walking along the beach.

    Tiger's Eye is said to help in grounding an individual and help lift their mood. You can see the Earthy nature of the crystal itself.

    Some experts suggest it can help those people with addictive personalities to make positive changes in their life.

    Press play on the videos below to find out more about the Earth Inspired Gifts story.

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