Top 10 Amethyst Crystal Gift Ideas for 2023 - Best Amethyst Crystals Reviewed

by Nicky Jessen

Top 10 Amethyst Crystal Gift Ideas for 2023 - Best Amethyst Crystals Reviewed

Amethyst has always been the most popular natural crystal for millions of crystal lovers around the globe. But today we are going to look into the best Amethyst crystal gift ideas to consider for you, your friends and family.

As a precious stone and healing crystal, people have come to love the purple amethyst stone for its colour, earthiness and metaphysical properties.

As the mother of three beautiful daughters, I cannot begin to tell you how much they all love Amethyst. My eldest daughter loves everything purple and the only thing that would top it would be a purple Amethyst unicorn.

Apart from the beauty, there are a number of positive healing properties of the purple Amethyst stone.

The most obvious is the ability to help protect you from negative energies as Amethyst is considered a top protective stone.

According to Judy Hall, Author of The Crystal Bible, 'Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. Amethyst has strong healing and cleansing powers, and enhances spiritual awareness.'

Every crystal book will write about the amethyst meaning, amethysts energy and the crystal properties of Amethyst. And it is for this reason so many come to love the healing properties of Amethyst.

A truly inspiring natural piece of Amethyst crystal

Click play on the video below. Have you ever seen such an impressive and stunning piece of natural amethyst? This one truly is amazing at every angle.

Remarkable Amethyst Crystal from Amatitlan, Mexico from The Arkenstone - on Vimeo.

Now that you are truly inspired by the beauty of the amethyst stone, let's jump into the top 10 Amethyst Crystal Gift Ideas for 2023 with hyperlinks to take you straight to each section on the page.

  1. Amethyst Crystal Hearts
  2. Amethyst Bracelet with Beautiful Shiny Beads
  3. Amethyst Cabochon Crystal Earrings in Sterling Silver
  4. Crystal Gem Tree on an Amethyst Base with Amethyst Leaves
  5. Amethyst Geode Point with Deep Purple - Impressive at 1.2kg
  6. Amethyst Crystal Cluster Heart in Deep Purple
  7. Amethyst Cluster from Brazil with Lovely Purples
  8. Amethyst Chip Necklace
  9. Amethyst Crystal Tealight Holders - Beautiful Crystal Points
  10. Amethyst Geode Cave 28.25kg Q1 Quality

Top 10 Amethyst Crystal Gift Ideas for 2023

1. Amethyst Crystal Hearts (Puffy Hearts)

There is nothing quite like a natural amethyst crystal heart. The one you see here is what we call a 'puffy heart' as it has some nice depth to it.

The quality of your amethyst heart is important and we source Q1A quality hearts from Brazil.

best amethyst crystal hearts

If you click on the product listing you will be able to see a few more pictures from the various angles.

You will also get to see the lovely inclusions and natural structures within the amethyst crystal heart.

If you love a lovely purple coloured crystal heart, then the amethyst hearts are the way to go.

Hearts are one of the most popular crystals as it is very easy to carry around with you. It also makes you think of love and gratitude.

Often people call them gratitude hearts. If you love to be thankful and grateful every day, the crystal heart is a perfect reminder to be grateful every time you see it.

You may like to use it as a gratitude heart to hold and then think of being grateful for all the loved ones in your life.

Kids also love hearts and in particular, teenagers.

2. Amethyst Cluster from Brazil with Lovely Purples

Nature is beautiful. It never hurries and it never 'tries harder', yet everything is accomplished in time.

If you find yourself stressed or overwhelmed, it is a handy reminder to think about the wonder of nature.

Amethyst crystal clusters

An amethyst cluster from Brazil is one of those pieces that can gently remind you of everything nature has to offer.

How many times have your truly stopped, moved your eyes away from the electronic device and then taken in all the beauty around you?

You may be surprised to know how long nature has taken to create the beautiful purple Amethyst crystal clusters you see on this page. These are formed over millions of years.

So having an amethyst crystal cluster allows you to stop, be thankful and truly appreciate the beauty and wonder in your life.

Also, they are sparkly and beautiful. Everyone who sees one has to pick it up and view the amazing points within.

3. Crystal Gem Tree on an Amethyst Base with Amethyst Leaves

Our world has some amazingly creative artists and fortunately, someone had the foresight to think up and create an amethyst gem tree with a cluster base and amethyst leaves.

A tree is a symbol of Mother Nature. Many meditation courses start off their visualisations with that of a tree.

amethyst gem tree gift idea

A tree is the perfect symbol of strong roots, being grounded and reaching for the stars.

If you find you need to be grounded whilst at the same time stretching your goals higher and further, a crystal gem tree is a wonderful symbol of that.

The gem tree is the perfect gift because of the intrinsic beauty of a tree. If you were to gift someone a tree, they immediately create a number of positive thoughts and positive energy around it.

We are not talking about needing to be a 'tree hugger', but just the idea of being around nature and surrounded by the beauty of trees is something special.

Try this experiment. Go and walk through a rainforest and try and not be inspired. It will be impossible.

You will find being surrounded by trees makes you think about strength, confidence, growth, optimism and love to name a few. Mother Nature is amazing.

4. Amethyst Geode Sphere with Deep Purple

You will not find very many of these incredibly unique and wonderful Amethyst geode spheres.

amethyst crystal sphere gift idea

In particular, this point has a combination of small, medium and large crystal clusters within.

There is no doubt this will be a talking point in any environment. The back part of it is polished and is absolutely stunning.

You can see the different angles in all the photos when you click on the product listing.

This is one of the rarest pieces we have and once it is gone, it is gone.

5. Amethyst Bracelet with Beautiful Shiny Beads

Ever wanted to bring a lot of joy to someone's face? The amethyst beaded bracelet will do just that.

Have a look at how beautifully it sparkles. The amethyst bracelet will look stunning on any write and in particular, those who like to have a bit of colour in their lives.

amethyst crystal bracelet

If you have any young ladies you need to purchase something for as a gift, then you will be the favourite with one of these.

Also, at $15, you might want to purchase one for yourself and maybe a few of your nieces or sisters. Everyone lights up when they see the Amethyst bracelet.

It comes with a stretchy interior so it can fit on any size hand comfortably.

6. Amethyst Crystal Earrings in the Faceted Oval Shape and in Sterling Silver

Talk about stunning. These amethyst faceted oval shape earrings truly sparkle with their sterling silver adding a wonderful finishing touch.

best amethyst crystal earrings

Normally, you would expect to pay a lot more for a natural crystal within a sterling silver setting, but these come in at just $75. But we do have a limited supply and once they are gone, they are gone.

For those who like to bring some inner peace into their lives, a set of amethyst earrings is the perfect gift idea.

Amethyst is well-known as a stone to help bring balance and inner peace. So, whether these are for you or as a gift for a loved one, they are well suited for their purpose.

Many of your friends and family will remark on their beauty.

As amethyst is a top healing stone carrying some excellent healing energy, many like to wear the earrings when they have an earache. It isn't something that will make your headache or earache mysteriously disappear, but it is good to do everything you can to help relieve stress.

7. Amethyst Crystal Cluster Heart in Deep Purple

You are in love, I can tell. If you are looking at the amethyst crystal cluster in the heart shape, then I can tell you are in love.

If you ever wanted to give a gift that will amaze and inspire love, then the amethyst crystal cluster heart is the piece to do it.

Amethyst crystal cluster heart

These are very difficult to carve into a heart shape. A lot more time and effort goes into this style of crystal and every single one is a one-off piece. There are no factory carving places that generate these.

First, you need to start off with an impressive crystal cluster with lovely points. Only then can you start carving out his beautiful heart.

Keep in mind, natural amethyst crystals like this from Brazil are made over millions of years. You cannot manufacture these in a warehouse.

So if you are looking for a special piece that inspires love, will bring a huge smile to the face of a loved one, then grab one today. We rarely have many of these in stock as they go quickly.

8. Amethyst Chip Necklace

Do you like simple and elegant?

The amethyst chip necklace is exactly that. A beautiful necklace made from hundreds of amethyst chips.

I can only imagine how much time and effort each one of these takes to create as every little amethyst chip has a hole drilled into it so the necklace part can go through it.

An amethyst necklace like this is something that looks stunning on any colour background, but often the lighter colour the better.

If you were to wear it on a white or green or pale blue background, it will truly stand out in a lovely way.

Every young girl would love one of these in their jewellery collection. But to really impress, you might have to check out the faceted amethyst pendant or the smaller amethyst crystal pendant in sterling silver.

9. Amethyst Crystal Tealight Holders - Beautiful Crystal Points

One of the things people love about amethyst crystals are the unique points.

And it is the natural points that make some creative person decide to create a wonderful amethyst tealight candle holder.

amethyst tealight candle holder

Would you believe, every point is cut off a crystal cluster and then stuck on individually to create this little beauty? Yes, you heard that correct. Every point is cut from a cluster and attached to make the tealight holder.

You can see from the photos on the product listing that when the tealight is on, the amethyst shines in the full spectrum of lovely purple colours.

Some of the points are deeper and some of them are closer to quartz in colour.

When combined together, you get dozens of stunning purples in the one piece.

This is why many like to keep their amethyst tealight candle holder in an area they are always in. Say in the TV room.

The tealight doesn't shine too bright, so you get the lovely purple colours emanating from the holder as the candle flickers away.

So beautiful.

10. Amethyst Geode Cave Q1 Quality

Finally, our most impressive amethyst crystals are the geode caves.

If you are ever after a centrepiece for your home, a crystal geode cave is at another level completely.

amethyst geode caves

Some people love a beautiful piece of artwork in their home. While a lovely piece of artwork is nice, nothing compares to a natural amethyst geode cave that was made over millions of years and delicately extracted from the Earth.

Your friends will be mesmerised by this beauty. The crystal cluster points of all different sizes. The agate surrounds and incredibly beautiful inclusions.

An amethyst geode cave has it all.

From time to time we have a range of different sizes, but the smaller sizes (from 6kg to 20kgs) go very quickly.

One of the reasons is the lower price point and they are lighter to carry.

Perfect for any lounge room or main room in your house.

Another idea to consider is to have these placed in a corporate office as a centrepiece. Perhaps a dentist office, a physio office or a corporate office building. So many choices.

Other Amethyst crystals which never made the top 10

Of course, there are a number of other amethyst stones available on our site which didn't quite make the top 10.

Here they are in no particular order.

Some of the items we are looking to get in are the Amethyst ring, tumbled stones, natural rock crystals, crystal balls, green quartz and chevron amethyst.

Summing up the top 10 Amethyst crystal gift ideas for 2023

There is a reason amethyst is the most popular of all the crystals (especially for those using it for Feng Shui). The beauty is out of this world. Well, in actual fact, the beauty is within this world, formed over millions of years.

One thing is for sure, natural amethyst like you see on this page is in limited supply. At least the high-quality Brazilian amethyst we love to stock at Earth Inspired Gifts.

No matter if you like amethyst jewellery or natural amethyst crystal clusters, there are amazing pieces to whet every crystal lovers appetite.

And since Amethyst is the most popular crystals for healing, grabbing some of these as gift ideas is a lovely decision to make.

What amethyst pieces are your favourite?

To find out more about Earth Inspired Gifts and how we got started, click play on the videos below. They only run for a minute each.

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