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It’s the hand-carved, beautiful and detailed amethyst angel that is so very special. These angels are made from the finest and most beautiful material - amethyst.

The angels are hand-carved with exquisite detail and beauty and are beautifully polished. The angels are perfect for any room or as a lovely gift for a good friend.

Everyone would like to think they have an angel watching over them, and for many, a natural crystal amethyst angel is symbolic of a loved one who may be doing just that.

You can use the Amethyst Angel as your spirit guide

Many meditation courses teach you to create your own angel guide or guardian angel. Someone to watch over you to offer guidance and support. But many first-time meditators find it difficult to visualise their angel. So to help them out, holding a physical angel or having one nearby can help make the connection easier.

Amethyst Angels are known to have inspiring energy about them. If you are looking to solve some challenges or working to manifest something in your life, then keep these on your person at all times. The second most popular is the rose quartz crystal angels.

The perfect sized Amethyst Angels

In fact, you will notice by the sizing and the images on this page, that our amethyst angels are the perfect size to keep in your pocket, handbag, bedside drawer, or around the house.

We have a number of these on the kitchen window sill. They are great to have around as they have such a positive energy about them.

Consider the crystal angel as your actual angel or guide. They will help you manifest what it is you are looking for in life.

These angels are also renowned for removing negativity in your surroundings and getting you in touch with your higher self.

Each Amethyst Angel is made from a natural stone

You will notice each amethyst angel is unique in colour and can vary slightly in shape. This is because the stone is natural and each one is carved from that unique piece of amethyst stone.

Here is the approximate size of the amethyst angels we stock:

  • approx 5cm x 3cm

What is Amethyst used for?

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals. It is considered a crystal of protection, selflessness, nobleness, spiritual consciousness, meditativeness, balance, and inner peace.

Amethyst has a lot of healing energy and is considered one of the best healing stones or healing crystals.

Amethyst is a great stone for meditation and enhancing your intuition. People love to have the purple amethyst around their house in the form of crystal clusters, tumble stones, amethyst free forms, geode caves, palm stones, and basic crystal kits.

Are you thinking of traveling?

Another reason people have Amethyst angels is for protection when traveling.

Amethyst is a brilliant crystal to help with psychic attacks but it is also used for protection from thieves and unscrupulous people.

For those who are thinking of traveling overseas say to the United Kingdom or South East Asia, Amethyst is an excellent crystal to keep in your handbag.

If you ever feel worried or anxious, you can always hold the carved stone angel in your hand for reassurance. You may want to consider a piece of chevron amethyst as well.

Amethyst Angels as a wonderful gift idea

As angels are so symbolic, buying an amethyst angel as a crystal gift for a loved one will be remembered for a long time.

Angels are considered pure love, so the person receiving your gift will be very happy. A connection with the angel will be made immediately, creating their own symbolism that fits them. You won't have to say or suggest anything. It is a gift out of love.

Shipping your amethyst angels

As you can appreciate, our angels are quite small in both size and weight. As a result, your shipping costs are minimal.

We can ship your amethyst angels anywhere in Australia. So no matter if you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide or Cairns, we can ship them to you, fast.

Please Note: We have a number of amethyst angels in stock and have taken a photo of one similar to the one you will receive. As each amethyst angel is carved from a natural stone it is important to understand each piece will vary.

We hope you like our website Earth Inspired Gifts. Feel free to watch my two videos below to find out more about who we are and what we specialise in.

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