Best Place to Buy Himalayan Salt Lamps in 2019

Himalayan Salt Lamps continue to be a best seller, and we see a lot of people online asking 'Where is the best place to buy Himalayan salt lamps in 2019?'

So we want to cover the key questions you need to take into account when buying Himalayan salt lamps near you.

You can also view our Himalayan Salt Lamp Review in 2019 where we run through the major Himalayan pink salt lamps to consider, including the bases, size and shapes.

Benefits of salt lamps in your home or office

Negative ions, absorbing water and improving air quality are three of the top health benefits talked about with pink salt lamps.

In addition, we often have customers tell us how they reduce allergy symptoms, improve their energy levels and help in purifying the air in their home.

You can read more about the negatively charged ions in the air and how they improve mood here.

But scientific studies aside, people love the warm glowing, natural look and feel of these beautiful salt lamps from the foothills of the Himalayas.

In particular, you may love the lamps for your home as a night light for the natural soft light sources it provides.

Is it best to buy Himalayan salt lamps near me?

For many, postage is a big factor when it comes to buying salt lamps online. If postage is a concern and you prefer not to pay postage, then buying salt lamps locally is your best option.

Himalayan salt lamps weigh at least two to four kilos, and for those with a bigger room, you're looking at four to six kilos, six to nine kilos or even nine to 12 kilos.

Having said that, we do specialise in large Himalayan salt lamps as well. We often get large salt lamps up to 35kgs in size. But we sell out of these almost as soon as we get them.

large himalayan salt lamps

If large Himalayan salt lamps are your preference then you will be pleased to know we are Sydney's top supplier of large salt lamps.

Below is a range of our normal size natural salt lamps and their respective prices.

Where to buy Himalayan salt lamps

If you want to buy a salt lamp, we've got good news for you. It has never been easier to buy a Himalayan salt online in Australia.

Not only that, but you can get it delivered directly to your home or place of business.

We have a wide range of salt lamps for sale at great prices including the upgraded onyx base.

Postage prices - How much is postage on a salt lamp?

Your postage cost for your salt lamp will depend on the weight of the salt lamp. We use three major postal companies within Australia to find the most cost-effective postage for you.postage on salt lamps

Our goal is to find the lowest price postage but also the fastest. That is our priority.

We ship your salt lamps Australia wide

As we choose from 3-4 courier options, the postage costs are pretty low, and we can post your salt lamps Australia wide.

But for those who prefer to pay zero postage, local pickup is available in Sydney and is the best option to buy your Himalayan salt lamp.

Your postage costs for your salt lamps are calculated on checkout automatically

  1. When you place an order and enter your postal address, our postage calculator will give you an exact price on postage. You will know immediately before you have to pay for your order.
  2. We DO NOT charge a 'handling' fee on your order. Whatever the postage quote is, we pass that on to you. We will always be transparent with our postage quote.
  3. You then accept and pay, and your item will be shipped the next morning.
  4. For those in major cities, postage is at best the next day and for most others, you will receive your order within 2-3 business days.

Generally speaking, if you buy a Himalayan rock salt lamp that might be six to nine kilos, that's probably a good weight ratio to get the best value out of your postage.

When all is said and done, it is important to consider the postage rates when it comes to buying your Himalayan rock salt lamps.

Included in your purchase you will receive a light bulb inside and a power cord as you will see when you click on more product information. You can even add a salt lamp dimmer cord if you like.

What about sites offering free shipping?

Now, you may come across companies who offer free shipping with the Himalayan rock salt lamps.

Try not to fall into this trap because you're paying for this one way or the other.

Bottom line is shipping is a hard cost none of us can 'get out of' so to speak. It will be factored into the price one way or the other. Either the retail price is $10 more, or it is added at checkout.

Should I buy salt lamps at a shopping centre?

Now, some of you may have the opportunity to purchase from a retail outlet in a shopping centre. Nearby us, there's a big shopping centre, and they have rock salt lamps. But they only stock the small ones. You will never find the larger size salt lamps in the local shopping centres or chemists.

The reason why you would not want to buy them from a shopping centre or a retail outlet is they put a significant markup on.

If you shop around, you'll find they sell it for at least $10 more than what you see here at Earth Inspired Gifts.

We have some of our customers who will be at a local shopping centre. When they see the prices in the store, they do a search online and find our Sydney crystal shop.

You can see in the image below, a price chart from a local shopping centre in Sydney. We've written up a post on the best price for Himalayan salt lamps which is well worth reading.

Save $10, $15 or $40 immediately

They realise they're going to save $10, $15 or maybe even as much as $40 depending on the weight of the salt lamp.

As a result, they give us a call and drive straight over to our Sydney display. We've got ample parking and make it super simple for those in Sydney looking for the best place to buy Himalayan salt lamps in 2019.

Double check what base your salt lamp comes on before buying

The quality of the base your rock salt lamp is made on does make a big difference. Many are on an inferior wooden base.

If your salt lamp sweats and it is on a wooden base, it will leave a residue, and it is not nice.

A leaking salt lamp is similar to when you have a cold drink, and you let it sweat, but you don't have a coaster. If it is on a wooden table, you will know it leaves a mark and discolours the wood. A salt lamp on a wooden base is exactly like that.

best himalayan salt lamp base

Should I buy a real Himalayan salt lamp on a marble base?

The other type of base available is a marble base and, to be honest, they're okay but not fantastic. We noticed they are selling natural Himalayan salt lamps on a steel base but only in America. We believe it defeats the purpose of the natural feel and benefits of Himalayan salt lamps.

How to buy a salt lamp on the best base

All of our Himalayan salt lamps are earth-inspired gifts. As a result, they come on an onyx crystal base.

These are beautiful bases. It doesn't make any difference from a health point of view. They are just much more beautiful, simple as that.

onyx crystal base salt lamp is best

When you are looking for the best place to buy a salt lamp, stick with the onyx base. Every single one is unique and beautiful.

Click play on the video below to see the difference in the quality of the bases from wood to marble to onyx.

Every single one of our salt lamp bases is a crystal, so they're beautiful in presentation. They're much shinier, and they're much more appealing.

It's sort of like buying a real diamond ring versus a zirconia. They sort of look similar, but one is way more attractive. Buying crystal salt lamps on an Onyx crystal base is like buying the diamond ring version. You deserve the best.

When you have a look around for the base, just have a look at the video on our page above to see the different styles of salt lamp bases. Notice how different the finish is?

buy the best salt lamp base

People are always impressed with the onyx crystal base for the very reason they just are a beautiful base.

In conclusion - The best place to buy Himalayan salt lamps

When it comes to the best place to buy Himalayan salt lamps in 2019, we hope you can see why it is best to buy here at Earth Inspired Gifts.

If you live in the Sydney area, if you live anywhere in Sydney, then it's great to make the trip out to our display. We are based in the Hills District in Baulkham Hills, NSW.

You can view all our rock salt products on display. We've got an extensive selection of various natural salt lamps from 2 to 4 kilos all the way up to our large pink salt lamps up to 40 kilos.

Carved Himalayan Salt Lamps

We also have seven different hand carved salt lamps to choose from. Our full range of carved salt lamp stock is listed below.

All of our Himalayan salt lamps come on an onyx crystal base, and they're beautiful to look at.

We have eight different carved Himalayan salt shapes for you to choose from including:

  1. Carved Himalayan Fire Bowl
  2. Carved Himalayan Flame
  3. Carved Himalayan Heart
  4. Carved Himalayan Pyramid
  5. Carved Himalayan Cage
  6. Carved Himalayan Sphere
  7. Carved Himalayan Egg
  8. Carved Himalayan Teardrop

By far our most popular shaped salt lamps are the Fire Bowl, Pyramid and the Teardrop.

People seem to love the fire-like appeal of the fire bowl and so many people are captivated and mesmerised by the shape of the pyramid. If you are buying a gift for a boy or man, the Pyramid shape is always well received.

You can view our best price for Himalayan salt lamps or read through our salt lamp care instructions. We have a range of beautiful tea lights and candle holders here and our selenite lamps here.

If you have any questions, please get in touch or drop in to see our display in Sydney. We'd love to help you find the perfect salt lamp for you and your loved ones.