Light Bulbs for Himalayan Salt Lamps 12 watt 12volt

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IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you have the correct Salt Lamp Globe for your power cord. This globe is only compatible with the new 12V DC power cord.

When ordering replacement parts, please take note of the voltage of your cord and / or salt lamp globes. The 12Volt and 220-240Volt cords and globes are not interchangeable. The voltage output of your power cord must match the voltage of the light bulbs.

Our light bulbs are perfect for all your Himalayan Salt Lamps (both natural and carved)

These replacement bulbs or globes are perfect for all situations.

Our E14 12-watt (12V) salt lamp bulbs are perfect for emitting a soft glow for all your Himalayan salt lamps and lamp lights so you can experience the health benefits of them. The globe is compatible with the 12V DC power cord.

Himalayan salt lamp light bulbs with a nice soft light

The key with natural Himalayan salt lamps is to not have a powerful light source beaming out of them, but instead a nice, soft glow that radiates throughout your home.

Whether you have a large Himalayan salt lamp or the 2-4kg salt lamps on the onyx base, we've tested these 12W bulbs to be perfect for all sizes.

Click here to view some care tips and tricks to make your white salt lamps and crystal salt lamp globes last longer.

If you need to replace the cord for one reason or another, you can view our replacement cord or Himalayan salt lamp bulb cord here.

Wattage: 12 watts (12V). Please make sure that you have the correct globe for your power cord. This globe is not compatible with the 220-240V power cord.

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