Himalayan Salt Lamp Globe Tricks to Make them Last Longer

by Nicky Jessen

Himalayan Salt Lamp Globe Tricks to Make them Last Longer

Here is some helpful information you can use in regards to the salt lamp globes used in your Himalayan Salt Lamps. This applies to both normal salt lamps cords and dimmer cords for salt lamps.

The globes used in Himalayan Salt Lamps and in dimmer cords are incandescent globes. This means they are supposed to light up and emit heat. 

We use 12w globes in all our lamps.

This is essential for your salt lamps. You need a light which produces enough heat to warm your salt lamp.

Keep your salt lamp globe in a stationary position

Ideally, your crystal lamp should remain in a stationary position.

You don't want to have it where it could be knocked easily.

Filament style light globes (incandescent globes) can break if knocked.

So try your best to keep them in a stationary position to prolong the life of your salt lamp globe.

If you Himalayan salt lamp globes are moved suddenly or are exposed to vibration, they are likely to pop. High humidity can also cause salt lamp bulbs to blow.

If you have salt lamp globes popping (blowing) regularly, here are some things to take into consideration.

  • The average life span of a salt lamp (incandescent) globe is approximately 1000 hours (or around 42 days if left on continually).
  • You should check to see if the salt lamp globe is screwed in firmly enough to touch both contacts. If it isn't screwed in enough, then it won't work.
  • Please make sure you hold the bulb in a tissue to screw it into the cord. Oils from your fingers can cause the bulbs to blow.
  • Do not move the lamp if it is still warm and has been on for some time. Wait for the lamp to cool down if possible. You don't have to wait for it to cool down, but it is preferred if you can.
  • There is a large current drawing appliance on the same circuit that is turned on/off, and there is a momentary power spike; try plugging the lamp into another power-point and see if it will light up.
  • There is excessive ‘micro vibration’ nearby. A micro-vibration is when the lamp is too close to the TV and the sound is producing some vibrations. Again, this isn't a major problem, just something to keep in mind if your globes are constantly blowing.
  • If the lamp has been turned off and the salt lamp has ‘cried’ while been turned off and had not been wrapped up, salt may have cried onto the bulb which will cause it to blow.

Salt lamp globes can last when you look after them

So, unlike the old globes you place in your ceiling lights or in the oven that remains stationary, these globes are prone to more vulnerabilities due to the nature of where and how they are positioned.

As you can see, the information above contains some simple rules to keep in mind.

Common sense applies. The more you move and cause the lamp to vibrate, the greater the chance the salt lamp globe will blow.

I hope you have found this information helpful.

How to buy Himalayan salt lamp globes in Australia

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