9 Benefits of Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

by Nicky Jessen

9 Benefits of Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

Having a Himalayan rock salt lamp in your home or workplace provides a number of wonderful benefits. Today we'll run through the ambience they provide, the beauty in your home, hygroscopy, and helping with sleep to name a few.

But a lot of people ask 'So what do salt lamps do?'

The benefits of salt crystal lamps are numerous. In this post, we'll take a look at the 9 benefits of Himalayan salt lamps.

Click play on the short video below to see the new and improved salt lamps we stock. All our salt lamps come on an onyx crystal base instead of the basic wooden base.

1. Breath of fresh air

One of the main advantages of Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps is they offer a breath of fresh air, almost as if you had opened a window and let in the natural light of the sun.

Have you ever experienced the wonderful feeling of sitting under a waterfall? This can be attributed to the negative ions in the air. 

salt lamps negative ions

According to the scientific studies, negative ions are oxygen ions with an extra electron attached which are found in water molecules.

Unfortunately, most homes and office environments contain little to no negative ions, which are beneficial for your health and help negate the positive ions. Whereas the negative ions around waterfalls and the ocean waves crashing down are plentiful.

One key benefit of salt lamps is said to be from the negative ions. You may hear people refer to pink Himalayan salt lamps as negative ion generators.

2. Cleansing the air you breathe

They are also renowned for their ability to remove dust, pollen, dirt, cigarette smoke, and some other types of contaminants from the air that is being breathed in.

Common sense does apply and we recommend doing everything you can to improve the quality of air in your home.

Here are 5 helpful steps you can take to improve the indoor air quality in your home.

  1. Bring some nature into your home. Invest in a few quality, low maintenance pot plants. Plants have the same effect plus they help clean the air you breathe.
  2. Create a positive circulation in your home. You must allow the air to flow through your home to get the cleanest air in. Clean air in, stale air out.
  3. Keep a clean home. Run the vacuum cleaner through your home regularly. Don't have enough time? Hire some help from Air Tasker.
  4. Keep your furniture clean. In particular, your couch. The cleaner your furniture, the better the quality of the air in the room.
  5. Regularly clean the air filters and air vents in your home. This is one of the fastest ways to accumulate dust. Pull those dirty vents down and give them a good clean every few months.

3. Purify the air through hygroscopy

Himalayan salt crystals can help purify the air through the power of hygroscopy. This means they attract water molecules and water vapour from the environment and then the crystal salt absorbs those molecules into the salt crystals in the lamp.

As the lamp warms up, the absorbing water evaporates back into the air, and the trapped particles remain locked in the salt.

Because rock salt lamps can help remove microscopic airborne air particles, placing a Himalayan crystal salt lamp in the rooms where you spend the most time can significantly reduce allergy symptoms.

One of the main reasons people get the salt crystal lamps is for air purification,  improving air quality and reducing air pollutants.

Below is our range of natural Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Can Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps help those with Asthma?

It goes without saying, any medical condition you or a friend may have, like asthma, always needs to be treated by medical professionals. 

Having said that, there have been asthma sufferers who have noticed a difference in their asthma symptoms after a week or two of having a salt lamp in their room.

Always seek professional medical assistance with any condition you may have or knowingly have. As you can appreciate, we are not providing medical advice and highly recommend seeking professional medical assistance as you see fit.

4. Helps your body filter air more efficiently

As a result of salt lamps helping remove 'dirty' particles from the air, you will have less of these particles to inhale.

Basically, our job is to help cleanse the air in as many ways as possible, so the air we breathe is as fresh as possible. The cleaner the air, the healthier our bodies.

salt lamps air purifier benefits

5. More energy

Another one of the benefits of rock salt lamps is how people feel more energised around them. People often feel more invigorated by seeing them.

Because of this, if you constantly feel tired and aren't sure why, you should try placing a Himalayan rock salt lamp in the rooms you spend the most time, such as a bedroom, living room, or dining room.

Once you have placed the rock salt lamp in the room, you may begin to notice a difference in your energy levels within a week or two.

To truly increase your energy, moving is the number one way to do this. Try for two weeks to go for a walk, bike ride or do some yoga within 5-10 minutes upon waking. Ideally as close to sunrise as possible, so you can also benefit from the natural light a lovely sunrise offers. See how much of a difference it makes.

Remember, our bodies are different and we respond to different environments, medications and stimuli in different ways. Nothing wrong with that, but we all need to find what works best for us through experimentation. 

6. Help with sleep

We live in a society which is flooded with all types of energy fields and artificial light. Because of this, blood flow and oxygen supply to the body and brain can be significantly diminished.

Due to this, many people experience irregular sleep. And you likely already know why sleep is important.

Himalayan rock salt lamps are reported by tens of thousands of people to have a wonderful soothing effect.

Have you ever been near a campfire? Have you noticed how people stare intently at the flames? A Himalayan salt lamp has a soothing effect in the same way a campfire has on people.

It seems like human nature, but we are drawn to lit objects, especially in a dimly lit room. Not only that, but Himalayan salt lamps are warm to touch. They feel great.

Our carved Himalayan salt lamps below are ideal for the bedroom or in the main living room.

We get a number of positive comments from people who have been able to enjoy more restful sleep as a result of having salt lamps in their bedroom. One couple stayed at a place that had salt lamps in the rooms and had such great sleep they ordered straight away from our store.

Those who buy salt lamps for their bedroom tend to buy the darker coloured salt lamps. You are welcome to put a note on your order along the lines of 'this is for our bedroom, could you select a darker salt lamp for me?'.

Please note all our salt lamps come on a natural onyx crystal base instead of the basic wooden base. 

See the difference in the image below.

benefits of onyx base salt lamp

7. Improve mood

Being a mood booster is another one of the Himalayan salt lamp benefits.salt lamps improve mood and confidence

The warm, natural orange glow of the salt lamps has an uplifting effect. You will hear people tell you how just having them on in your home reduces stress and provides beneficial effects.

At the same time, these lamps are great for improving concentration.

I love mine sitting on my office desk. The natural soft glow is nowhere near as harsh as a normal desk lamp. A Himalayan salt lamp wins hands down as an office light source.

Some say they can help with skin care in reducing the pollutants in the air, which will, in turn, improve your mood.

8. Improved concentration

In addition to lifting your mood, they are great for improving concentration. If you are looking for a crystal to help with mental clarity, check out our Selenite Tower Lamps.

So whether you are looking for a salt lamp for your home or office, the salt lamp benefits of increasing your concentration are ideal.

9. Environmentally friendly

These lamps are designed to reduce static cling and to be environmentally beneficial. One of the positive effects of rock salt lamps is they can be advantageous to the environment.

Because they were designed to use a small amount of energy and run at a low temperature, the lamps do not consume much energy.

Not only does this positively impact your utility bill; but the number of health benefits provided by these lamps will more than make up for any money spent on energy usage.

You may be pleased to know that caring for your Himalayan salt lamps is very easy. Keep the bulb inside turned on at all times or at least 16 hours a day. A standard 12w light bulb will last 1,000 hours.

Himalayan crystal tea light candle holders are not as effective as the crystal salt lamps as the tea light candle cannot heat up the salt rocks enough. As a result, you will find they cry more and don't generate negative ions as much as the larger salt lamps.

So do Himalayan Salt Lamps work?

Hopefully, you now get an appreciation for the many salt lamp health benefits, the benefits of salt for natural health, natural living and their air purifying properties.

Further to this, I hope I have been able to answer the question of 'Do Himalayan salt lamps work?' with the 9 benefits listed above.

They are a beautiful addition to any home or workplace.

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