Himalayan Salt Lamps Review 2024

by Nicky Jessen

Himalayan Salt Lamps Review 2024

Himalayan salt lamps continue to get glowing testimonials about their wonderful health benefits. For starters, they are mined naturally from the Earth. As a result, we wanted to do a Himalayan salt lamp review for 2024, so you know the different types available.

Did your father play a sport like mine? I remember when I was a child, my Dad would come home after playing sport and when sitting down for dinner, sprinkle a whole heap of salt on his food.

Of course, I used to mention that lots of salt can't be good. But he would always counter with how much salt he had lost in sweat and how he needed to replenish it. Ok. What would I know as a 10-year-old?

It turns out, he was right.

Of course, you need to make sure you do everything in moderation. The beauty of salt is that it is made by nature.

To read one of the best books on the benefits of health, check out Dr James DiNicolantonio's book here called The Salt Fix.

Himalayan salt is the purest form of salt around

In particular, you have the Himalayan Rock Salt, which is considered the purest form of salt.

When dining in a Japanese restaurant in Sydney, Australia recently, I noticed the restaurant only uses Himalayan rock salt on their premium Wagyu beef for a more mouth-watering taste.

See the image below. The text highlights that pure Himalayan Pink Rock Salt contains 84 minerals and trace elements essential to good health.

Himalayan salt lamps review

Three different types of Himalayan salt lamps reviewed

In this blog post, I wanted to spend some time studying the various types of Himalayan rock salt lamps. In particular, I am talking about the bases they come on.

1. Himalayan salt lamps on a natural Onyx crystal base

The first Himalayan crystal lamps to review for 2024 is the Crystal Onyx base salt lamps.

Unfortunately, many of the older styles of salt lamps come on a wooden or marble base as reviewed below. They just aren't as beautiful, and each Onyx base is also unique just like your salt lamp.

Himalayan salt lamp onyx base review

At Earth Inspired Gifts, we only stock the Himalayan salt lamps with a natural onyx crystal base. After all, we are all about nature.

The benefits of the onyx crystal base salt lamp are:

  1. They are a natural crystal to complement the natural Himalayan salt.
  2. They are a huge upgrade to the standard wooden bases used previously.
  3. If any water or moisture (remember to care for your salt lamp as they sweat) gets on the wood, it will alter the colour. 
  4. If the onyx crystal base gets any moisture on it or becomes wet, you just wipe it clean. View our salt lamp care instructions here.
  5. The onyx crystal base is more beautiful. Just ask yourself, what would you prefer? A beautiful crystal base or a standard wooden one.
  6. Imported wood should be fumigated before it comes into Australia. As you know, wood products should be sprayed before they are accepted into Australia. You are heating the lamp up so you must be careful the wood isn't spreading the fumes which have the spray on it.

onyx salt lamp review

2. Himalayan salt lamps on a Wooden base reviewed

When Himalayan salt crystal lamps were first brought into the country many years ago, they came on a standard wooden base.

Nowadays, the premium salt lamps come on an upgraded onyx crystal base as you can see below.

upgrade to onyx base salt lamps

The wooden base salt lamps have always been the standard as they are cheaper to buy. But they also look a little cheaper too.

But the good news is the new onyx crystal bases do not cost any extra. In fact, the premium upgraded base is often the same price or even lower. We are proud to be the first company in Sydney, Australia to retail the Onyx crystal bases.

Reviewing the wooden base salt lamps versus the onyx crystal base salt lamps

You can see the massive difference in quality with the wooden base salt lamp below versus the beautiful onyx crystal base salt lamps. Quite remarkable isn't it.

So when you do your Himalayan salt lamp reviews, be sure to ask yourself which base you would like.

reviewing wood base salt lamps vs crystal base

3. Himalayan salt lamps on a marble base reviewed

The marble bases do the job, just like a wooden base. In fact, the marble base would be considered an upgrade compared to the wooden base salt lamp because it is much easier to wipe if moisture gets on it.

You can see in the video below, around half way through we show all three salt lamps together

Press play on the video and then pause it when all three are shown. Then make sure you have the video in HD and full screen. Make the image as clear as possible. To make life easier, we also created the blog post header image with the three of them shown together.

When you review the three different salt lamp bases together, you can see the natural Onyx crystal base wins hands down.

You will love the onyx crystal base. We know it.

Reviewing the key benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

There is a lot of talk about the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps. So much so, we wrote a dedicated blog post about it, which you can view here.

You will notice a salt lamp in nearly every yoga studio or massage place, as they are such a beautiful, decorative lamp.

One of the greatest benefits we keep hearing from our clients is the positive influence it has on their sleep patterns.

Nearly all of us are bathed in unnatural blue lights from our phones, PCs and laptops all day. 

Having a salt lamp in your office, bedroom and around your home, offers a lovely ambient orange light that soothes your mind and eliminates the harsh blue lights in our homes and offices.

Why not try it yourself.

Instead of having normal lights on around your home at night, turn on a salt lamp and experience the difference. This is especially important within 2-hours of going to sleep each night.

Why not purchase a salt lamp and an Earth Inspired Gift for someone else. That way you'd be spending the same amount of money, but you'd have another gift. We have many gifts around the $10-$15 to consider.

New Himalayan Salt Lamps with Stainless Steel, Metal Base Review (The USA only)

There is a Himalayan salt lamp which is not available in Australia. It is available exclusively Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lampon Amazon in America right now.

It is called the Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp, and the selling point they have is that it is on a stainless steel base.

The reason they have the steel base is for leakage and to drain the fluid that 'flows' down.

But if you know how to care for your Himalayan Salt Lamps then you should never have it moist or dripping at all.

If your salt lamp is dripping, you are doing it wrong.

So just to confirm, salt lamps that are left on in a typical environment, will not leak or run or drip. There is truly no need for a stainless steel base salt lamp.

Unless you live in the tropics and don't keep your lamp on all the time, then it might be an option.

The steel base salt lamp by Levoit takes away the natural appeal

If there was one criticism about the levoit salt lamp it is the silver coloured base just doesn't look natural. 

You have something as beautiful as a Himalayan salt lamp turned on and then you have a 'commercial' looking base

Obviously, I am going to be biased, but what do you think? Would you prefer a natural onyx crystal base or a stainless steel one?

The whole purpose of bringing Mother Nature into your home to make it look more beautiful is to bring more nature, not man-made materials. Otherwise, it will end up looking like your kitchen.

We've all got enough stainless steel kitchen appliances. The last thing I want to look at when I am going to bed is something looking like a kitchen appliance.

The best benefit of the Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp

What they do have which is quite nice, is a touch sensor dimmer light for the salt lamp. They have produced what appears to be quite an elegant solution to dimming the Himalayan salt lamp brightness.

It is a pity their dimmer switches are on a US-based power cord. You cannot even order them in from the states as the cost of these is much more than what you pay here. Plus you would have a huge shipping bill to contend with.

You would also need to be careful about the electrical specifications. All our Himalayan salt lamp electrical cords are tested and approved for safe use here in Australia.

Let's face it; it is an attractive modern version of a beautiful Himalayan salt lamp. And we love the idea. Not sure how long it will take get to these in Australia. Our review of the Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp is a thumbs up. Excellent work Levoit.

Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamps Reviewed

We aren't going to turn this into a Himalayan natural salt lamp versus the aesthetical appealing carved salt lamps but they are the two main lamps to consider.

When customers visit our salt lamp display, they are immediately 'oohing' and 'arghing' over the carved salt lamps.

By far the most popular is the fire bowl. Not sure for cleaning the air but it is very mesmerising.

The Himalayan Fire Bowl has natural Himalayan salt crystals placed in a beautifully carved bowl.

The next most popular is the sphere carved salt lamp and the pyramid shaped salt lamp.

If you like the beauty of a carved lamp from natural Himalayan salt crystals, then the range of lamps below will suit your needs.

They are also a very popular gift idea.

Himalayan salt lamp candle and tea light candle holder review

As you may have seen, you can purchase Himalayan salt lamp tea light candle holders.

These are a chunk of beautiful Himalayan salt with a tea light candle section carved out. We love them.

But for this review, we have to be honest. We just don't believe you can get the same health benefits as you would from a salt lamp.

The reason we feel they will provide less benefit is the tea light candle cannot warm the salt up enough. I mean it is just a tea light candle after all. 

Compare putting a 12w light bulb plugged in from a 240v outlet, and you begin to see the difference between the two of them. One has a little bit of heat, and the other has a lot of heat.

So to review the salt lamp tea light holder, we have to say yes for picking up a beautiful candle holder, but no to getting the increased health benefits from a proper salt lamp with a 12w light bulb.

In case you missed it, here are the 9 benefits of natural Himalayan salt lamps.

For those who are even more curious and wanting to know more, check out our 11 interesting facts about salt lamps here.

Himalayan salt lamp accessories review

A review of salt lamps wouldn't be complete without discussing the various accessories you can get with your lamps.

1. Himalayan salt lamp globes

You can purchase extra 12w Himalayan salt lamp bulbs from us. Every single salt lamp we sell comes with a free bulb. If you smile real nice, we often throw in a bonus globe as well.

We do have some tips to make your salt lamp globe last longer, but eventually, they will pop. It is just the nature of light bulbs.

Therefore, you are always best off by having some salt lamp globes as backups at all times. It doesn't take much to add a few globes to your order.

Most people who purchase from our Sydney display buy a couple of extra ones, so they have enough for the rest of the year.

Himalayan salt lamp review 2024 Conclusion

We love Himalayan salt lamps. We have them all throughout our house.

Hopefully, you have found this Himalayan salt lamp review helpful. We are very passionate about these and want you to have the best in your home, for your family.

Don't hesitate to touch base with us via live chat or via our contact us page.

If you already own a salt lamp, then be sure to check out our Himalayan salt lamp care instructions here.

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