5 Amazing Gift Ideas in 2024 Under $30

by Nicky Jessen

5 Amazing Gift Ideas in 2024 Under $30

We all love to give wonderful gifts to the beautiful people in our lives, especially in 2024. The only problem is that finding the perfect present can be challenging.

Now, some people have the impression that the right gift has to be expensive, but this is not always true.

Today we aim to inspire you with 5 amazing gift ideas under $30 in 2024, which are all created by mother nature.

1. Selenite candle holders

If you are thinking of buying the ultimate gift for romantic people, you should consider selenite candle holders. What lady doesn't like a beautiful candle holder?

These gifts come in 2 colours, which are orange and white.


Buy these gifts for your friends, and you will make a positive contribution to their love life. Guaranteed ;-)

Coming in at just $16 each, selenite candle holders are unique and beautiful at the same time.

Selenite is renowned for its calming and soothing nature, bringing a deep peace and tranquillity. 

An excellent choice for those looking for a great gift idea on a budget.

2. Amethyst chip necklaces - $15

Amethyst chip necklaces are great gifts because they have a natural and beautiful appearance.

These necklaces are made from purely natural materials. Apart from the aesthetic beauty of these necklaces, you get to enjoy some spiritual benefits as you wear them. In this case of a gift, your recipient would get the benefits ;-)


This is because amethyst is considered a crystal of nobility, inner peace, balance and selflessness.

Also, this crystal enhances your intuition, and it is an excellent stone for meditation. Amethyst chip necklaces are ideal for simple and sophisticated people. They are also excellent for people with a spiritual inclination.

3. Crystal earrings - From $15

Crystal earrings are remarkable gift ideas.

These earrings have one thing in common. They are made from natural stones, and they have beneficial qualities.

Crystal earrings come in different varieties like:

Bloodstone is the ultimate "stone of courage". It brings happiness and helps heal a broken heart.

Rose Quartz is called the "love stone". It emits strong vibes of love, joy, healing and warmth.

Banded Agate is the stone of strength. This stone attracts wealth, longevity, security, courage and acceptance.

Carnelian is the action stone. It boosts energy and gives you the courage to embrace a new path in life.

Quartz is one of the best healing stones on planet earth. It gives you positive energy, and it is perfect for people involved in creative processes.

Buy any of the earrings above because they are fantastic gift ideas.

4. Agate butterfly - $25

Agate butterflies are excellent gift ideas for anyone who loves nature and one of our most popular gifts in 2024. A butterfly is one of the most natural and beautiful insects on the planet with so many varieties. Butterflies signify change, joy and colour.

These products are simple in that they focus on the natural agate slice to be the highlight of the item.

They come in different colours like green, purple, blue, pink and natural brown.

Agate is an excellent stone and it is noted for strength and durability. Buy Agate Butterflies for your friends because they will appreciate the kind thought.

5. Crystal gem trees - From $15

Crystal Gem Trees are beautiful and decorative gifts.

These trees come in different colours, and they are made of:

  • Carnelian
  • Amethyst
  • Quartz
  • Citrine
  • Rose Quartz
  • Hematite; and
  • Sodalite.

They stand on a beautiful amethyst or wooden base, adding to their beauty.

Instead of buying just one or two varieties you can buy the whole forest for your friends.

Crystal Gem Trees are ideal for Zen gardens, but you can also use them to decorate different areas of your home. 

Final word on the 5 amazing gift ideas under $30

Buying great gifts never goes out of style.

You can always get the perfect gifts for the people that matter to you if you think outside the box.

Note that the most expensive gifts are not necessarily the best ones.

Look at the list of amazing gifts above and inspire and surprise the beautiful people in your life this Christmas.

Nicky Jessen
Nicky Jessen


Nicky is the proud mum of 3 beautiful girls and Owner of Earth Inspired Gifts. Earth Inspired Gifts is an online retail store specialising in gifts inspired by Nature, such as Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps, Geodes, Crystals, Jewellery and other beautiful items. In addition to running Earth Inspired Gifts, Nicky has been building and managing many websites, including some of the largest online stores in Australia. Feel free to reach out to Nicky via her Facebook page or Twitter.