4-5kg Himalayan Salt Lamp with Cord & Bulb | Hand Carved with New Onyx Base

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Uplifting, energising and cleansing. Himalayan salt lamps are making their way into the homes of tens of thousands of Australians every year. Every one of our 4-5kgs Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps come on a crystal onyx base, making them more appealing to the eye and unique.

This means each salt lamp is unique in shape, size and colour. And they are unique in every way.

4-5kg Himalayan salt lamps are perfect for small rooms

Not only are the 4-5kg salt lamps beautiful, unique & natural, they are the perfect size for a small bedroom. In fact, they are by far our most popular size.

You may like to put a 4-5kg salt lamp in each of your bedrooms, especially in the kids' rooms. Many people find the beautiful, soft glow very pleasant as a night light in their room, with kids enjoying them the most.

Many people have a chest of drawers in the bedrooms and these sit nicely on top of those. 

Update to the Onyx base Himalayan salt lamps

You can buy a beautiful Himalayan salt lamp on a natural Onyx crystal base. You can see in the image below how much more beautiful the upgraded onyx crystal base is.

small himalayan salt lamp

The old style wooden bases corrode over time. It makes sense as it is just wood. 

When we researched all the options for Himalayan salt lamps, we knew those with an eye for quality would prefer the superior onyx crystal base.

As the image above shows, any moisture or leakage will cause a long-term change to the wooden base. We just didn't want this to happen to our customers.

So we searched high and low to find the best onyx crystal bases available.

Click play on the video below to see how much more appealing the beautiful and natural Onyx crystal base is.

Enjoy the soothing and peaceful effects of our natural Himalayan rock salt lamps in your bedroom, office, lounge or hallway.

Size and weight of your 4-5kg salt lamp

You may find the 4-5kg salt lamps fall into the small salt lamp bracket.

  • Weight: 4-5kgs
  • Height: Approx 22-24cm
  • Width: Approx 16cm

A salt lamp of this size is ideal for a small bedroom or standard sized office.

What do you receive when you buy a salt lamp from Earth Inspired Gifts? A 4-5kg salt lamp on an onyx base, electrical cord (12V DC) and a light bulb 12watt (12V)

Below is an image showing the difference in quality between the old style wooden base and the newly upgraded onyx crystal bases.

medium size salt lamp onyx base

Shipping Australia wide

You will be pleased to know we ship the 4-5kg salt lamps Australia wide. Every one of our salt lamps is individually packed with love and care. Shipping is a nominal fee and pretty standard around Australia.

You will notice when it arrives how much care we take in packing your salt lamps.

Please Note: As you can appreciate, every Himalayan salt lamp is a natural, unique piece. As a result, each one differs and varies slightly. We always pack and distribute the best one we have available for you. Three months warranty on power cords.

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