Carved Egg Himalayan Salt Lamps on Onyx Crystal Base

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A carved egg Himalayan salt lamp is symbolic of everything great about nature

Have you ever owned chickens? It is truly remarkable how they are able to produce the perfect egg every single day.

Mother Nature is amazing and the egg shape we believe is symbolic of everything we love about it.

Carved Himalayan Egg salt lamp

As you can see by the images on this page, the carved egg salt lamp is just as perfect as the egg you grab to make an omelet. Writing this is starting to make me feel hungry ;-)

The main difference with our shaped Himalayan salt lamps is they come on a beautiful Onyx crystal base. All other cheaper salt lamps come on a standard wooden base. We review the bases here for you to find out more.

So not only do we complement the beautiful egg-shaped salt lamp, but all our lamps come on a natural crystal base.

You can also click play on the video below to see the difference between the standard wooden base and the Onyx crystal base we have.

The egg rock salt lamps are certain to be a talking point in any home. As you can appreciate, every rock salt lamp is unique, so sizes and colours will vary.

Here are the approximate details of the Himalayan carved egg salt lamp

  • Weight: Approx 2.9kgs
  • Height: Approx 21cm
  • Width: Approx 11cm

What is included with your egg-shaped salt lamp: An egg rock salt lamp on an onyx base, electrical cord (12V DC) and a light bulb 12watt (12V)

Postage Australia wide

We post all our items in the shop Australia wide and will use the fastest shipping service available. All our products are packaged the day the order comes in and then sent via post or courier the very next business day.

Most people can receive their salt lamp within 1-3 days.

Please Note

You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each Himalayan Egg Salt Lamp is a natural stone and will vary slightly.

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