Himalayan Salt Lamps Versus Selenite Tower Lamps

Over the last decade in Australia, both salt lamps and selenite lamps have continued to grow in popularity; and it is for very good reason.

himalayan salt lamps vs selenite tower lamps

Both of them have fantastic health benefits that people absolutely love and have reported in their own case.

But, it's not just about the health benefits of selenite or Himalayan salt, but it is the natural calming soothing effect that they both offer.

Both of them are perfect as bedside lamps. But, a lot of people love to place their salt lamps in every room at the house, including:

  • the lounge room
  • the TV room
  • the kitchen; and in particular
  • the bedrooms.

Selenite tower lamps, on the other hand, tend to be the perfect bedside lamp.

How do the benefits of selenite and Himalayan stack up against each other?

Himalayan salt lamps have the benefit of giving a breath of fresh air.

A lot of people suggest and feel the Himalayan salt lamps are able to remove the toxins in the air, and absorb them, and provide a lovely clean fresh air in each of the rooms where you have them.

One of the key benefits of salt lamps is said to be the negative ions they emit.

Now the negative ions are very plentiful out in nature.

When you are in or around a waterfall, there is a lot of negative ions there.

Himalayan salt lamp negative ions waterfall

If you're around the ocean and the waves crashing, there is a lot of negative ions there.

When you're out in nature, and especially on the beach, there is a lot of negative ions and there is a very good uplifting feeling when you're out and around those areas.

himalayan salt lamps beach energy

Picture yourself sitting under a waterfall with the water crushing down beside you or around you, and those negative ions, and you're breathing in the fresh clean air.

Or perhaps you would prefer imagining a lovely rainforest walk with a waterfall.

himalayan salt lamps positive energy

Unfortunately, most of the environments we find ourselves in; whether it be in the office, or just in or around the home, for most of the day, there are very little, if any, negative ions.

So, there is a fairly draining feeling being in those office environments.salt lamps reduce stress

This is one of the reasons why people like to put pot plants, or the Himalayan salt lamps to help freshen up the air; the air that you breathe and just the energy around the air around you.

Not only that but a lot of people feel quite uplifted when they see plants and beautiful Himalayan salt lamps in and around their office.

This is one of the reasons why a lot of corporate office spaces have beautiful flowers in their reception. It's very uplifting and it feels like nature.

It is a lovely feeling to have those beautiful objects around you in the workplace.

We are finding more and more business owners starting to add Himalayan salt lamps in their reception areas.

Many people will suggest they have more energy when they've got their salt lamps on and around them, more uplifting energy, and they feel more vibrant and alive.

Himalayan salt lamps also come in a variety of shapes, which are visually appealing. Here are the shapes available:

carved shaped salt lamps

Himalayan salt lamps and better sleep

Other people feel that the salt lamps help them with their sleep and are able to help them get to sleep a lot easier.

salt lamps help sleeping

The reason for this is the soothing orange glow of the salt lamp; puts your mind at rest and just gives a nice warm glow and a comfortable feeling.

This is why Himalayan salt lamps are so popular for young children.salt lamps kids bedroom

Those kids that maybe have trouble getting to sleep at night or are feeling a little bit anxious; the warm soft glow of the Himalayan salt lamp puts their mind at ease and lets them feel relaxed and ready for sleep.

In addition to being able to sleep, a lot of people suggest that their mood is improved by that soft ambient glow that comes from the Himalayan salt lamps.

This is why a lot of people like to have a large Himalayan salt lamp because of that ambient glow and that soothing relaxing atmosphere.

It can improve your mood, and even some people suggest it improves their concentration.

Benefits of Selenite tower lamps

Selenite tower lamps are deemed one of the most attractive, interesting, and inspiring crystals available.

They are made of the mineral gypsum and are softer crystal even though they're quite hard to hold and difficult to break.

However, they are a softer crystal.

In fact, if you were to leave it in water, it would slowly dissolve over time.

Not immediately, but it will slowly dissolve over time.

In fact, with our own personal selenite tower lamps, we do clean them running them under water. But you need to dry them straight away and let them sit to dry as well.

Selenite tower lamps have a number of benefits

Of course, they emit a beautiful soft glow that is very ambient, and soothing, and peaceful.

The main benefit of selenite is that it is a stone associated with mental clarity.

benefits selenite tower lamps

So, for those people who are looking for a clearer thought pattern and just clarity of thought, selenite is the perfect crystal for you.

You'll find many of the world's best energy healers recommend selenite over every other crystal available.

Selenite and meditation

Selenite tower lamps and mini towers are perfect for those who love meditating.

selenite for meditation

It's the clarity of thought and meditation that enables you to get a lot more thoughts and ideas popping into your head.

You are able to relax a lot faster and get to your alpha brain wave, meditative state a lot quicker. You can then relax and think about what you want to achieve; giving you clarity of focus, and giving your intention are an arrow like focus it needs.

Click play on the video below to see the three different size selenite lamps we have in stock.

Selenite is often used as a protective stone, and to ward off the negative energies.

Many people like to place selenite crystals in the four corners of their home.

This creates somewhat of a grid to create more peace and serenity in your home, and to ward off those negative energies.

In order to place the selenite towers in the four corners, you don't need the Selenite tower lamps.

Instead, you have selenite mini towers.

There are other selenite items you can choose from too, including:

selenite crystals variety

The most common to put in the corners of your rooms are the selenite mini towers.

Selenite and better relationships for love

Selenite is also considered a powerful relationship stone. Rose quartz is the number one love and relationship stone. But, selenite is also known to contribute to the positive energies of establishing a strong relationship.

This is why a lot of people like to have the selenite in their bedroom, selenite for their relationships, and also they tend to do a lot of meditating in their bedroom as well.

selenite tower lamps bedroom

This gives you clarity of thought around your intentions when you're meditating in and around your bedroom.

For those who are looking to focus on love and relationships, the selenite towers are a brilliant crystal to have on your bedside tables.

Once again, selenite is one of those stones that help remove the negative emotions.

So, when you're trying to gain clarity about your future relationship goals, you want to get clarity of mind and remove those negative emotions.

Click play on the video below to see the different types of Selenite lamps we have in stock.

Selenite is a very powerful crystal that will help you remove those negative emotions and now allow you to focus on what you want to attract and bring into your life from a relationship point of view.

For those in a relationship, they might be a little bit stuck or there is a little bit of negative energy, the selenite is one of those crystals that will help clear the path for your relationship and those energies to be cleared.

It's very difficult to be negative in and around areas where selenite is positioned.

This is why Selenite is used in the bedroom to make sure when you and your partner are in there, that you have positive energies. You want to be clearing the air, and all the negative energies are out of the room.

Selenite helps bring truth and honesty

Part of this process is the focus on truth and honesty in the relationships.

You'll find with the selenite around you, that tends to facilitate the process of having truth and honesty around you. It will enable you to have an open and clear relationship and to have clear communications between both partners.

Clearing the negative energy from a busy day

As far as an energy is concerned, a lot of people like to use selenite wands in order to clear the negative energy from their day.selenite for energy clearing

People have them at the front of their door when they walk in their house. They use them to get rid of the negative energy with their selenite wand from the day's activities.

Many people who work in a difficult or tough workplace where it's a little bit of a grind, love to be able to come home and clear the energy as soon as they walk in the door.

So, they leave that negative energy behind, and the selenite cleanses the emotions and cleanses the energy so you've got a fresh evening ahead of you.

At this point, you'll feel a lot more vibrant and energetic as a result of clearing out those negative energies.

The differences between Himalayan salt lamps and Selenite

The main difference between the two is Himalayan salt lamps will attract moisture and they need to be on in order to remove the moisture from the air.

If you turn the Himalayan salt lamp off, that moisture will pool, and or run down the salt lamp.

With the Himalayan salt lamp, you want to keep them on at least 16 hours a day to keep them dry.

Otherwise, they will absorb moisture. They'll get wet, damp, and leak.

If you have your salt lamp on 24 hours a day, you will never have a problem with a leaking salt lamp.

You'll have no residue, and there will be no issues there.

Our crystal lamps also come on a beautiful onyx crystal base instead of the old style wooden bases.

salt lamps on crystal base

We have upgraded from the wooden bases, which get very moist and wet and get colour stains on them as a result of the moisture dripping off the lamp.

The onyx crystal bases are beautiful. They look appealing, they look shiny, and they're easy to wipe and clean down if your salt lamp does happen to leak a little bit of moisture.

Click play on the 1min video below to see the difference in quality of the onyx crystal base versus the wooden or marble bases.

When it comes to selenite lamps; you can have them on or you can turn them off. People like to use them as their night light, and they turn them on leading up to bed, and then they turn them off when they go to bed.

The purposes of the two are somewhat different.

People like to have the Himalayan salt lamps on in order to emit the negative ions to cleanse the air and to help them breathe easier.

People suffering from asthma enjoy having the salt lamps on around them.himalayan salt lamps breathing asthma

In fact, there are many salt lamp rooms where you go and sit there, and clear your sinuses and clear your breathing tracks as a result of sitting in a Himalayan salt lamp room.

The selenite lamps are beautiful at night, but you can turn them off.

They're very soothing and relaxing, give mental clarity, and help you cleanse the energy, and provide a lot of positive energy in and around the space where you have them.

So, which is better? The Himalayan salt lamps or the Selenite tower lamps?

We certainly are not biased one way or the other, and we have salt lamps in every room in the house, and we love to have our selenite lamps on as well.

Selenite lamps look absolutely striking on at night.

There are some amazing displays that people have done with selenite tower lamps that will just blow you away.

Click on the video below to see an example of an amazing selenite light display that someone has created and you can create if you follow the steps in this video.

We would highly recommend having the Himalayan salt lamps in and around your house, and probably best to have the Selenite tower lamps in the bedroom.

You might also want to get the mini towers and have a collection of four mini towers and put them in each corner of the room where you feel you would like to have the most positive energy and to rid the negative energy.

Feel free to browse around our website to see the range or Selenite tower lamps, and the best selenite crystals we have available.


large himalayan salt lamps


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